Fishing Adventures

2-4-10 Upper Rogue River and more

Well i bought my Steelhead tags and headed to Casey park on the upper Rogue for some steelhead action. The flows from the dam were reduced so the water was really low, maybe that was why i got skunked? Well i wasnt the only one who didnt catch fish, a couple fly fisher men were having the same luck as i, and the trout were rising quite a bit. I seen one fish caught while i was there,  on a spoon, a nice little rainbow trout, i would of been happy catching it. I left right around 2pm after getting very frustrated losing my gear and tangling my line. So i headed up the road to the hatchery and the holy water for some pictures and relaxation. I cant fish the holy water yet because i havent learned how to fish fly fish yet, after watching the old guys yesterday i sure do want to learn. After leaving their i noticed i still had some day light left and some extra gas so i decided to take a drive to Willow Lake just to see what it was like, havent been there in ages. What an awesome lake even though the water was really low it still looked great. Next time im out there im definitely gonna drown some worms. Enough with all these words time for some pictures 😀  First two are of Casey park on the Rogue, the place i lost all my gear.

Next few are of the Holy water and the dam

Next two are of Willow Lake, near Butte Falls, Or.

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