Fishing Adventures

Medco and Expo Ponds 4-4-10

I spent saturday helping some of family move into a new house so i didnt get to fish, and it didnt rain the whole day. Sunday i didnt care it was easter i wanted to fish. I was gonna fish Lost Creek Lake it was recently stocked with 25,000 legal rainbow trout, and they say the hold overs are around 16′ inches, when i got up there it was raining pretty good. So instead i kept on driving and ended up at Medco Pond. I fished there for a little more then an hour, when i got there it was barely raining and a littly windy. I fished with just 1 rod and used a few differnt spinners, i caught one small rainbow trout about 6’inches on a panther martin, may of had other bites or may of been the bottom. Then the snow started to come down hard, i watched the snow for a little bit to see if it would stop and i could continue fishing, nope. I dont have chains or studs so i took off, the road were fine for the first 5 miles then the snow was sticking to the road, i had no problem except for once i locked up my tires right before u come to Butte Falls. I got to the Jackson County Expo Ponds at around 5pm and ended up catching 3 keepers. first one came on a blue fox spinner, red body with a gold spinner, other 2 came on powerbait under a bobber. I hooked one on a gold kastermaster had him on for a couple seconds then it jumped and the lure came flying out, was quite cool to see.

Next two are of the Expo Pond

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  1. What a day! Those are the days when it feels so nice to get back to the warm house. Glad to hear you caught a few keepers. Looks like they will be good eatin’.

    April 5, 2010 at 8:27 PM

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