Fishing Adventures

Sunday Fishing Fun

Sunday was another great day here in Southern Oregon, lower 80’s gotta love it. I went out fishing with some of my family that also enjoys fishing, my step sister her boyfriend and the their kids Raymond and Tahleena. We first met up at catfish cove at Lost Creek Lake, since the lake recently  got full and the water is still pretty cold for bass, we decided to go up the road to where i fished Saturday at Rivers Bridge Campground on the far Upper Rogue River. Four of us fished for a couple hours there with out any takers, we were using spinners and Raymond was using powerbait. We still had a few hours of daylight left so we decided to go some where were we could catch fish, Medco pond was our destination. At Medco i didnt do near as well as last time i was there, i threw spinners for a couple hours and i only caught 1 small bluegill that felt like a monster because he had a bunch of weeds attached to him and the lure. After awhile i decided to switch up to what the kids were using worms and bobbers, this set up slayed the bluegills 😀 Their parents did ok fishing for bass, they didnt catch any that were real big but a couple 2 pounders, they went off and fished the other side of the lake so i didnt get any bass pictures this time. Thanks for stopping by and TIGHT LINES !! 😀

One response

  1. Mel

    Always nice to take a little time off from a “passion” to spend some quality time with the family and some kids. Looks like all went pretty well.

    May 19, 2010 at 4:20 AM

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