Fishing Adventures

June 6th

Sunday me and my pal Sunny wanted to find more Morels and do a little more fishing so we went up to Hyatt Lake. On our way to the fishing spot on the dam we ran into some other morel hunters who had some success, so that got Sunny pretty excited, we got to the dam and sunny put his fishing gear down and scampered down the dam in search of mushrooms. I stayed on the dam and threw all the spinners i had, on my other rod i had a bobber and night crawlers, caught nothing on the spinners and 2 small bass on the bait. After a couple hours i gave sunny a call, luckily we had phone reception, i guess he found a nice patch of shrooms because he had about a few pounds in the bucket when he returned. I decided i wanted in on the mushroom action so we packed up and went over to the area we were the day before, but this time we searched different areas. We ended up finding quite a bit of morels, probably some where around 5-6 pounds, I ate them for the first time ever the next day and i must they are quite delicious. After we decided we had enough mushrooms we went over to Howard Prairie for a little bit of fishing before we left. I ended up catching a few small bass on spinners, and sunny got a little bluegill on a worm. Was another good day of fishing and mushroom hunting 😀

This is where I fished at Hyatt Lake

These are only some of the Morels we found


Finally got one on a spinner


I got 2 of these guys before heading home, they are fighters!!



One response

  1. Mel

    Teaming up on the Morels and the fish, now that is a way to have a great day! Thanks for sharing.

    June 11, 2010 at 11:51 PM

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