Fishing Adventures

6-9 :D

Wednesday i wanted to get out and try to find some Morels by my self , and do a little fishing. Went up to Hyatt Lake to hunt for mushrooms, took me awhile to find the real ones, i found a couple false ones before i got some of the real deal. Found my first one right after i looked up and seen a  pack of deer walking by in the distance, must of been good luck. After 2-3 hours of hunting and only coming up with 6 morels i decided it was time for some fishing, so i went down the road to Howard Prairie. I first went over by the dam, fished there for a little over an hour, with no bites, i was using powerbait on the bottom and spinners on my second rod. I had enough of the wind there so after packing out a bunch of cans and bottles i packed up and went over to the spot i usually fish by Grizzly Campground, by the cove. At the cove i got my skunk killed, caught  a little bass on a spinner and not too long afterwards i took off for home. Was another awesome day in the woods and at the lake.

This is where i seen the pack of deer.

This is near the dam at Howard Prairie

Back by the cove

First and only fish of the day



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