Fishing Adventures

Rogue River – 1-17-11

Monday I got up and decided to fish the Rogue River in hopes of a Steelhead. The only fishable water right now that isnt too high and brown, is up in between Big Butte Creek and the fish hatchery, approximately 28 miles away from Medford where I live. I got to the Bridge hole around 10am and started tossing my spoons. Didnt hook anything but  i snagged some ones old line and a gold little cleo was on the other end, score! I fished on a old bridge pillar for awhile before deciding go to up river and try a different hole. Before leaving that pillar though i took out a plastic grocery bag and started picking up all the worm containers a monofilament that was all over the hole i was at. I probably picked up atleast a couple thousands yards of mono and  a dozen worm containers, but digging through all that trash i found another spoon and some hooks and swivels and also about a dollars worth of beer cans. I then walked up the river to the Cheif Hole. When i got there i heard some one from across the river yell ” is that you Thobbit Shane?” I yelled back it is I Throbbit Shane. Throbbit Shane is my screen name over at the Oregon Fishing Forum and also a few other websites. Shortly after I met Chad aka The Salmon Kid from OFF and his fishing buddy David, they’re nice kids and i look forward to seeing them on the river again. Me and david threw spinners at the Cheif Hole for awhile i even watched him throw a steelhead jig with no float. They took off after about a hour and i headed to my car not long after they left to go eat lunch. After eating lunch and listening to a little talk radio i drove up to the hatchery. There were about 6 fly anglers standing in the water, and before i got to the water i watched one land a real nice steelhead. I fished below them for a bit with spoons and jigs with out any luck, but the water was much shallower there. Around 4 i decided to try a different spot once again. Casey State Park was my destination, its below the bridge hole and also below where Big Butte Creek dumps into the Rogue River, so the river is a little brown there. I tromped around in the water there until dark tossing spoons. When it was starting to become a little difficult to see i began walking back to where my tackle was on shore and some how my digital camera jumped out of its case that was around my neck, the case was unfortunately unzipped, and luckily the camera didnt get swept down stream. I have the camera in a bowl of rice right now, the rice is supposed absorb the moisture. The photos were saved and im waiting to find out if the camera is ok. but other then that i had a great 7 hours on the river. tight lines!

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  1. Mel

    Hey, Shane, glad to hear you were able to get some pictures off the camera! Really good ones of the river and sets the tone for your post. I have spent a lot of time over the years chasing Steelhead. (Mostly when I was younger.) Many days were spent like yours. Taking in the scenery and chasing the fish around, but, it was fun trying.

    January 20, 2011 at 8:07 PM

    • Thanks Mel! Well the wet camera in a bowl of rice worked! All the rice absorbed the moisture from the camera, and its good as new i think…

      Catching steelhead is alot harder then their rainbow trout counterparts, which i must say im kinda good at lol

      Hopefully i can put some more ink on my tag soon. Or else im gonna go back to fishing the lakes/ponds 😀

      January 21, 2011 at 1:29 PM

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