Fishing Adventures

Rogue River February 8th and 9th

Tuesday i arrived in the afternoon around 1pm, once again to the Denman Wildlife area. On this day i used a new product from Eagle Claw, some mono line called Bioline. I guess it’s 100% biodegradable, regular mono takes hundreds of years to decompose, and on the packaging of Bioline it says it only takes 5 years for bioline to decompose. On facebook they did a little give-a-way and i happen to win, so i choose the 10lb line so i could try it out in the river for Steelhead. The line worked great, has alot of stretch to it and not a whole lot of memory.  But if you do happen to break off the line becomes very frail and you have to cut off a few feet. I probably should of got the 12lb because of all the snags where iv been fishing at. I fished my spoons the entire time, my sisters boyfriend came down later in the evening to try for a bit with spinners, their kids also tried some some spoons and spinners. No one from my party caught anything. But the fellow fishing right up river from us, only about 50 yards away caught 4, three of which i seen caught. I guess he was using some kind of nymph fly and bobber. Im gonna have to give that a try some time soon 😀

Wednesday i fished the same spot the guy in the photos above caught his fish at the day before. But my luck was the same as the two days before i didnt catch anything nor did i see anyone else catch any. Although my fishing buddy and his son came down for a hour or two before it got dark, and Jeremy had one on for a little bit, he said it was a 2-3lber but after a few head shakes it got off. I used spoons, spinners, and jigs with a bobber that day. I had a couple bobber downs but im not sure if they were fish or not, still learning on how to fish steelhead jigs. I only took 4 photos the past two days mostly because if your taking pictures your line isnt in the water where the fish are. So ill leave you with the only picture i took yesterday. Im almost positive that’s Jeremy in the photo, if not its his son Aaron. Great guys to fish with. Until next time… Tight Lines!


One response

  1. I love the sky in the top photo. Looks like a beautiful place and weather to fish in.

    February 10, 2011 at 8:05 PM

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