Fishing Adventures

Rogue River 16th and 18th

Wednesday i got to the river and it was brown and high. I stood there in the water for a minute or two trying to decide what i should to. Fish the choclate milk water? Walk back to the car and drive up the river and try find clear water? I decided to pick up some of the trash that had floated down with the high water.  I went to some of the holes i dont fish and found a plastic bag and began to pick up mostly mono and ciggaretee butts but there was plenty of other trash too. I picked up crap for about an hour and deicided to tie on my biggest spoon and give it a go. I only tried for 15-20 mintues, it was hard getting it to the bottom. So then i left, with a bag full of trash, two cool pieces of wood that had drifted up on the bank and a neat looking rock that i think might be petrified wood.

Friday the water was much clearer but still had some color to it, also the water was still high. I fished for a few hours in the evening but had to leave 20 minutes before i wanted to. Becasue i slipped and fell in some shallow water and got really wet some how. Other then falling and getting wet wasnt a bad day at the river. Should be fishing good in a day or two or three 🙂 Tight Lines!



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  1. Neil Selbicky

    According to the USGS data the flow has dropped to around 1700 CFS. Should be fishable tomorrow. Weather might be a bit cold. Driftfishing roe could be the best option. At that flow if it clears well other methods should produce too.
    I’m glad to see someone else picking up the trash. Sometimes in from my driftboat I fill up a plastic bag with cans. My wife likes to gather the fishing line. Sometimes she finds gear still tied on at the end. Good photos. I haven’t fallen yet out on the ledge rocks at the top of that run…but I’ve come pretty close to doing so. Felt soles with studs…the way to go!
    Hatchery Hole and Sandy Bottom could be receiving some fresh winter fish. I wonder if anyone has been up there?

    February 19, 2011 at 7:04 PM

    • I was out today for a hour or so but slipped again and got soaked. Looking forward to tomorrow though. Iv heard about some fish being caught that far up but im not gonna fish up there unless the water gets blown out again. The water is getting better by the day, monday should be awesome unless it rains alot. I figured i might as well do something productive at the river if i cant fish it. Since this is my first year fishing the river im sticking with spoons until the summer on the rogue, so no roe for me 🙂 im either going to Cantrell Buckley or the ledges tomorrow so maybe see you! tight lines!

      February 19, 2011 at 7:46 PM

  2. Coming home with a bag of collected trash and some nice pics is preferable to not getting out at all. There’ll be fish tomorrow. Good post Shane.

    February 19, 2011 at 7:28 PM

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