Fishing Adventures

Rogue River 20th, 21st and 22nd

Sunday the 20th. I only fished for about two hours mostly because my waders were wet and i had to use my old hip waders and they were actually still moist from when i took a dip over ten days before when i caught the one that got away. The only thing i caught besides some twigs was the two weighted fly set up i lost the day prior on a snag. When using these big spoons im trying to run them as close to the bottom as possible. So the the treble hooks usually end up snagging up other peoples gear or in this case my old gear.

Monday the 21st. It was such a beatiful day i didnt even take any pictures because if i did i doubt any of you would believe that its winter in Oregon. Winter Steelhead fishing in a tee shirt doesnt get much better, well hooking a fish would make it better, but that’s just icing on the cake. Wasn’t a bad other then when i fell in the water. When fishing the river iv learned you cant take your focus off of anything, unless u want to get snagged or take a dip in the water. I was snagged up so what i do when that happens is, i walk to shore then i walk toward the snag. This time as i was walking back to shore some one was walking through and decided to ask me how i was doing. Well right after he asked that, i slipped and fell in while i had spectators watching, the guy on shore, and three people on a drift that wasn’t too far away. One of the guys in the boat actually yelled when i fell, at least some one got some excitement out of it. Luckily I had decided to bring extra cloths this day so i went to my car and changed cloths so i got to fish out the rest of the day.

Tuesday the 22nd. The day before i got a call from Big R saying my shipment of all brass spoons had arrived. Last week i was in their store and had mentioned to their employees that what i wanted was out of stock. So he looked up the inventory and found out their Redmond store had ten of the spoons i wanted and he ordered them for me! Id like to let you all know iv been reading two fishing books lately, the first was Bill Herzog’s book on Spoon fishing, the second book is Jed Davis’s book on Spinner fishing. Pretty soon ill write reviews for these books on my blog. In Jed’s book he mentions that when fishing the river you need to have about 8-10 of the same lure that your really confident in. That way when your fishing your not fishing to save the lures but fishing the way you should be. Because when fishing the river if your not losing a few lures each trip your not fishing the right way, the fish are gonna be at the bottom of the river so that’s where your lure should be. On this day i arrived to the river around 230pm and this day sure felt like winter, cold and windy! I fished by myself for most of the time, then my sisters boyfriend came down with my nephew around 5pm and we fished until it got dark out. The first thing my friend Louis said when got to where i was fishing was “Damn! it feels like its 5 degrees out here!”  That didn’t surprise me because he’s mostly a bass fisherman, and bass bite during the spring/summer when the weather is nice. I didnt catch anything other then a size 15 Panther Martin, which happen to be Louis’s spinner that he had lost about two weeks prior. Wasn’t a bad day at the river. I’m really glad March is almost here. They say March is when the steelhead fishing is on fire on the stretch of the river iv been fishing at. Tight Lines!

Spoon of confidence


2 responses

  1. Seth Duncan

    Those are some great spoons, I like to change the treble hooks for a single siwash hook with the point towards the concave side of the spoon. Seems to snag less and hold a hookset better in a fishes mouth. Looks like you fish the Touvelle area quite often, that is one of my spots I tend to fish most often, maybe I’ll see you there one of these days. Until then, tight lines!

    February 24, 2011 at 9:43 PM

    • I plan on doing that with my spoons soon. And i have the Bill Herzog spoon book, he goes over everything u could think of for spoon fishing steelhead. If u see me say hi 😀

      February 24, 2011 at 9:46 PM

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