Fishing Adventures

April 7th

Usually I write my reports in order as they happen. But lately iv been fishing so much iv been back logged on writing reports and stuff.  So today im skipping a couple that i will get to later and get right to Thursdays fishing adventure on the 7th of April on the magnificent Rogue River. My day started out 20 minutes after my alarm should of went off, maybe it did and didnt wake me up. I met Charlie at the boat ramp at 530am for the first light bite, which is supposed to be the best time of the day to fish. Well on this day it wasnt the case. We stayed at the first hole for over a hour then we decided to go lower, the very top hole usually produces that’s why we stayed for so long. We got down to the Crater Lake Highway hole and the snow started coming down like a blizzard for about a half hour. Our only take down occurred in this hole but it didnt stick, it happens that way some times. Charlie had to call it a short day around 930am im pretty sure his wife needed to use their car. But that was fine with me. My friend Phil was gonna come up with his boat after he got out of college and he met me up there a little after 1130.

It was slow for Phil and I at first through all the top holes. But when we got down to the Pump hole we finally had a take down. I fought it and got it in the net. Then while the fish was still in the net we came off anchor and started floating down. During all this commotion Phils rod got knocked out of the rod holder some how, we didnt notice until after we released the fish and we began to wonder where his rod went. This was very devastating the reel was a Shimano Curado a 180 dollar reel, the rod was a nice Fenewick too. We looked for it for a little bit then decided there wasn’t much we could do to get it back, so we got in the boat and fished the rest of the day with one rod. About a half hour later the rod got slammed, a real nice take down. I got the rod out of the holder then immediately handed it over to Phil, he deserved to catch this one. We then got one of his cameras rolling so we could get the action put on youtube. And we got some great footage during this second fish. So enjoy the video!

So ill end this post by letting you guys know how the rod debacle ended. A few days later on Saturday, my friend Charlie of had just finished fishing for the day and was at the boat ramp talking to a guy and the guy said a boat earlier had caught a couple steelhead and also one of the guys on the boat had caught a Fenewick rod! Charlie knew who that rod belonged to so he gave me call. He told me the person who owned the boat was a guide and his name was Jimmy Dunlevy. So the next day i gave him a call and left a message with his wife. Later that day i got a call from Rick the angler who caught the rod and he said he would let us have it back! What a nice guy and what a lucky break we had.

thanks for reading and tight lines!


2 responses

  1. Phil_Bud

    Nice Shane Awesome recap of the day

    April 12, 2011 at 12:16 AM

  2. Sometimes your luck holds. Glad you got the rod back. Good job on the camera, too.


    April 12, 2011 at 7:09 AM

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