Fishing Adventures

April 27th Rogue River

I got that call im always looking forward too. Charlie wanted to know if I wanted to float the river again, im sure he knew my answer before he called. I met Charlie and his brother Bart at Rogue Elk Park around 515am. Bart was up from California visiting his brother, think they are doing some camping and white water rafting right about now. We got down to Sandy Bottom and were the first ones there as usual. We set up both rods with plugs and waited for the blood pumping take down that usually happens not long after you set the rod in the holder. And it happened minutes before 6am on Barts rod. This fish hit the plug then proceeded to go ape shit. Once it got hooked it performed a little dance routine for us on top of the water, it jumped over 30 times in less then a minutes time. After we watched it do its little dance, i grabbed my camera and started to get the fight on film. So here ya go, my 2nd ever youtube fishing video! The tunes are Courtesy of the band Primus.

It was a some what slow day for Steelhead. Although we did get into a few. But Bart did get his very first Steelhead this day and even got his limit of real nice chromers to take home to Cali. I got to fight and release a real big native steelhead, no pictures were taken of her though, quick release. But ill end you with the picture of Barts 2nd ever steelhead! Thanks for reading, and tight lines! Oh BTW. It’s now Salmon season on the Rogue River, and there’s still some steelhead left. So book a trip with my friend Charlie Brown contact him at

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