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Id like to give a little recognition to a few web sites out there. First id like to mention one of my very few sponsors. X-Factor Tackle. They are based out of Grants Pass, Oregon. Jeff runs the business and is a really nice guy! He actually made me a pro staffer. So im gonna have to catch some nice fish on the tackle he gave me. They make baits for bass and salmon/steelhead. I think im gonna really like the artificial egg clusters. Using real eggs isn’t my favorite thing. It gets messy and the eggs don’t like to stay on the hook for very long. The bass worms look really good too, cant wait to put them to more of a test. Thanks for the baits and sweater Jeff! Also thanks for donating bass worms for the prizes for the little tourney we had up north with Oregon Fishing Forum members.

The next link i want to show some love to is my friend Stevens fishing blog, Southern Oregon Fishing. Steven has been fishing the Rogue River for quite some time, and you can tell by his videos and pictures, hes quite successful! On his blog he writes about his fishing reports and also lately he’s been doing a weekly fishing report for our region which is great! So check out his blog and watch the videos they’re pretty cool! He also got a limit today of real nice big spring chinook salmon on the Rogue River. Check out the X-Factor Tackle sweater he’s wearing! We both got one yesterday and he got pictures of fish with it today! Good job Steven!

The next person i want to congratulate and give major props too, is my friend Colby Pearson. Last weekend him and his buddy drove 4 hours north to the Columbia River, a place neither had fished before. They had entered a State wide high school bass tournament. The winning duo goes onto west coast regionals, then the winner of that goes to the national finals which is held in Arkansas. Colby and his buddy Jacob got first place last Saturday. They caught some hawg small mouth bass. I think he said they won by over 2lbs which is pretty dang good!  Colby also makes really awesome youtube fishing videos, and has been doing it for awhile now. So look out for this young guy on the pro circuit soon, or maybe the World Fishing Network tv channel!

The next person i want to give thanks to. Charlie Brown. Charlie is the owner and guide for If you’ve been reading my blog lately you probably seen the link and name before. Charlie is an awesome guy and a pretty good fisherman, as you can tell from all the fish iv been catching lately. If you goto facebook type in and like the page and you can see a bunch of picture and videos! Also Charlie is giving readers of my blog a discount on fishing trips. So book a trip and mention this blog for a good deal! Here’s a picture from last time i went fishing with Charlie and his Brother Bart. 4-27-11

thanks for reading and tight lines!


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