Fishing Adventures

Rogue River May 6th

Another old report… I know i know. Ill try to get on top of writing them the day of the trip. But an old report is better then no report, so enjoy! Today i fished with a couple cool guys who happen to both be guides. Charlie Brown from and Brady Rogers of Bradys Guide Service (ill get his website address soon). We all met up at Sportsmans really early almost two hours before sun rise. Brady and Charlie are good friends and you could tell by the way the jokes were flying around. Fishing was slow this day. But on the bright side I learned how to back bounce for Salmon. And it was also the first time Brady had taken his boat out with his new motor. The whole new motor thing became hairy a few times, mostly because Brady was learning how to run it. We only went into the trees a couple times and almost sank. Quite an adventure! But we made it out of all the sketchy situations unscathed. Like i said it was a slow day. We didnt get into any real fish until hours into the float. We dont count the smolts/trouts. My rod got the first steelhead of the day near Rogue Elk Park. Turned out to be a spawned out hatchery steelhead that we released so it could come back as a bigger fish in the future.

Then it died off again for another  hour or two. Charlie got a nice little steelhead late into the day. Or it could of been a native trout. Who knows, i dont. Both of our fish came on plugs. Was a great day fishing with friends. A slow day of fishing wasnt that bad because we all had some great laughs. I did film a small clip of Charlies fish so ill throw that up on here and call this report good!

Thanks for reading and tight lines


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  1. Nice chinook Shane! During the Great Lakes salmon run, large spoons and spinners do the job. They really piss them off and there’s no question of them biting.

    May 19, 2011 at 5:15 PM

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