Fishing Adventures

Lunker Salmon

The next day Charlie and my self hit the Rogue River even earlier then the day before. But this time we weren’t rewarded for our early efforts like the day before. We did have a couple nice take downs on the plug rods but neither one stuck. But the weather made the fishing much more enjoyable, no rain. We seen some salmon caught, one was by Pavati Boat Rep. Steve, who is also one of Charlies friends. Steve is a very cool guy i got to meet at the boat ramp when we were done fishing. We seen him get his clients into a real nice salmon, it was a real show. It took our boat longer then we expected to get into a salmon but the one we did get into this day was a dandy! It was around 11am and we were anchored up in the pump hole. We had one rod out with a wrapped plug, and Charlie was back bouncing roe with the other rod. And this was the moment that changed my mind about that technique. He set the hook like you would see a pro bass fisherman do on TV but this wasn’t no bass. Charlie handed me the rod not long after he hooked into it and pulled anchor and got on the sticks. I fought it in the same hole for quite some time, the fish wanted to stay on the bottom. It was pretty cool to feel it finally leave the bottom but when it did the fight wasn’t even near the end. I have no idea how long i fought it for, you kinda lose sense of time when your fighting a huge fish, but id say around 6-7 minutes. It took a couple runs when it came near the boat but about the third time i brought it near Charlie was able to net it. And when it was netted the line snapped! Kinda crazy. I thought i lost it at first but Charlie said it was in the net! It was a big ole wild Chinook Salmon so we had to let it go, but after we got a couple pictures! It was the only fish of the day but it made the whole day very worth it! Book a trip with Charlie Brown of to catch awesome fish like this!

The biggest fish iv ever caught!

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  1. Dude, Shane…knock it off. You’re giving me a complex about catching 10″ trout.

    May 29, 2011 at 9:18 PM

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