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Not a Fishing Report?

If you’ve read my blog at all before you can probably tell the way my posts are formatted. I like to write  about my fishing experiences, show photos, and quick reports. Some times it involves fish other times it doesn’t, i am doing a fishing blog, not a catching blog. So with all that said. This post wont be about my amazingly awesome fishing adventures, it’ll be about other cool and great stuff 😀

First thing id like to let y’all know about is a cool online business selling very affordable fishing flies. They have tons of flies, they’re local to Oregon, they have free shipping, usually flies are only .50 cents each. But right now they’re doing a memorial day sale until  the 4th of June, Flies are only .45 cents a piece and shipping is still free! Iv made more then a few orders from them and shipping is always here in a good time. Iv only caught one fish with the flies but iv only used them a couple times. They definitely look very fishy and im sure ill be catching a lot of trout with them later in the year. So I recommend for some good affordable fishin flys!

Secondly Id like to shout out to a local business from the Rogue Valley, but don’t worry they are also online, The Reel Tech. John Strenk of The Reel Tech is the best out there in the servicing and repairing of reels in my opinion. I know what its like to have a high end reel that you expect to perform wonderfully but something happens and the reel doesn’t preform at the best of its ability’s. Salmon fishing wears and tears on reels, my friend Charlie Brown of can attest to this. He had his two back bouncing reel serviced with John and now the Abu Garcia Reels work great. And we’ve landed some really nice salmon since the works been done on them. Get a hold of John of The Reel Tech for your Reel needs, I’m super glad i took my my Shimano Symetre to him. PS. He gets the work done on them in a very timely manner, a big plus!

Thirdly I want to thank my friend and fishing partner Phil Trip. We haven’t been friends for a long time, but I’m glad we met and became such good fishing pals. Iv had lots and lots of good fishing memories with this guy, and most of our fish are on video and pictures, which is sweet! So do your self a favor and go over to his youtube video channel and watch this guy and his friends catch some amazing fish!! Thanks for all the boat trips we’ve done Phil, its always a good time!

Fourthly. Is the rafting stuff I briefly mentioned a couple posts back. My friend and fishing buddie Charlie Brown. As you probably know hes a fishing guide, he’s also a white water rafting guide for Rogue Klamath River Adventures. Three or four weeks back Charlie invited me to come along with all the guides that were doing a trip for fun on the Scott River in California. This trip was a blast and was only the second time that I had done white water rafting. So I got to talking with the owner of the company, and we worked out a deal where he let me attend his rafting guide school in return id do work for him at his property. Great trade on my end. I had an absolutely awesome time, learned a bunch and met great folks. Hopefully this will be something I can do for more then just fun in the future!

And another thing! Fishing Forums. A lot of my readers come from them, a link in my signature gets them here. Oregon Fishing Forum was the first one I joined. It was before I even started blogging, I mostly lurked but i did an occasional trout report. Not long after joining OFF i began blogging about my fishing trips. I mostly did it so i could post my pictures of the trips so people not from my area could see Oregon. I then over the years would join the occasional fishing forum, some i would be a regular for a bit then id drift away and stick with OFF. Now I mainly only post at OFF and give short post’s and reports on Ifish. Ifish is a bigger community and with that comes with a lot of varying opinions which is a great thing and also a not so great thing some times. But iv read a lot of great stuff on there and i continue to be a member. There’s a couple other places i post at just not very frequently, one is Small Stream Salmon Fishing and the other is North West Outdoors. Both are good forums and have things the other two don’t have. It’s a lot to take in but if your a Pacific Northwest fisherman id suggest checking out some of these forums and maybe even joining some.

Well there we have it! Ill be getting back to the fishing reports so stay tuned for the good stuff. FISH PORN!!!!! 😀

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