Fishing Adventures

Day 3

May 17th: The third day started out with me picking up Phil from his house well before sun rise. We were meeting Charlie at the take out to go Spring Chinook Salmon fishin for my third day in a row. When we arrived to the boat ramp i said something along the lines of ” oh damn, we got beat to the boat ramp” Luckily it was Brady and he’s our friend and he was waiting for clients so we were first anyways! We made it down to the first hole even before we could start fishing, legal fishing time is one hour before sun rise. So we waited a few minutes then put our lines in the water when it was legal time. Not long after Brady made his way to the hole with his late arriving clients. Then soon after we were greeted in the hole with a couple bank anglers. But all of that was fine becasue soon after the bankies got down there Charlie hooked into a real feisty Jack Salmon. Eggs were the goto bait once again. It was a nice keeper fish and Charlie got to reel one in for him self for a change!

That’s a Jack Salmon. Jacks are Salmon but are under 24inches. You can keep 5 Jacks a day, that’s the only difference with their bigger counterparts. The limit for full size Salmon is two, which is ALOT of meat. But on this day we only got the one jack. It was some what slow but the weather was super nice! On a side note. When we got done fishing I talked to Charlies rafting boss about the Rafting Guide School that was happening a couple days later. He confirmed that I was going and i had and absolute blast for five days. So thanks again Charlie!!!! Book a trip with Charlie to go fishing on the beautiful Rogue River, or book a rafting trip with the bussiness I did Guide School for, it is summer after all! and for some Rafting fun goto Rogue Klamath River Adventures. Thanks for reading and be safe out on the water!

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