Fishing Adventures

Slammin The Salmon

I got back from Rafting Guide School on Tuesday the 21st of May. The next day I planned to go salmon fishing with Phil. My alarm went off before 3am and I was super wore out and tired still, and it was raining hard. So I unfortunately had to cancel on Phil, I felt really bad because he didn’t want to go by himself. It’s really hard to fish for salmon in a boat by yourself. So the next day Thursday the 23rd we arranged to go again now that i was rested up, but this time we brought a special guest to sit up front with me, Charlie Brown! We all met at the Shady Cove boat ramp  super earlier and headed up to the hatchery after we loaded up Phil’s boat with our gear. It was a slow morning, but being slow isnt uncommon when fishing for salmon. We were about half way through our float when Charlie decided to try different eggs that he had brought. Not long after he hooked into this awesome salmon back bouncing roe.

Charlie was using one of his older rods which is only six foot six inches. Buts its rated for 18lb line, it probably was meant to be bass rod. But on this day he landed this hawg of a hatchery chinook salmon on it. This fish wore Phil out on the oars, we fought it for a third of a mile going down stream. Was quite the spectacle. When Charlie was finally able to get it close enough to the boat, I netted the beast. Then we found out it was a hatchery fish, so it made it a even sweeter catch! After netting it, Phil brought the boat to shore so we could bleed and photo the fish. We got out and a bankie come over and wanted to see our catch and we got him to take a photo with the three of us and the fish!

Now that’s a big keeper!!! And it tasted wonderful! Thanks for the fillet buddy. From then on the day went soooo much smoother like it alway does once we get a fish to the boat! Later in the day we were anchored up in a spot talking. When Charlie said something like “It would be nice if we were able to get more then one Salmon a day”  Each time we’ve got a salmon this year it has only been one a day, nothing to complain about but two is always better! Well id say not even an hour later we were back bouncing in the last hole of the day before the take out. And wouldnt you know Charlie Brown hooked into another Salmon! This time he handed it off to Phil and and they switched posistions, so Phil could fight one! It wasnt a big one but it was another keeper! And we finally got our two salmon day! Thanks to Phil of YGA on Youtube. And Charlie Brown of for having me come along for another great day of fishing!

Tight lines, and be safe!

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