Fishing Adventures

I did it!

So after the last  trip Charlie was giving me crap about back bouncing, and how i havent hooked a salmon yet doing it myself.  Iv landed a big one he hooked into back bouncing not long ago, but doing something on your own is alot different. It takes a little bit to understand how to back bounce, i had it down for awhile now, i just think the fish werent biting mine for what ever reason lol. Well that all changed on May 31st. Charlie called me the day before and said he wanted to do some fishing, and i was more then ready! We didnt go as early as we usually do, which i didnt mind the more sleep. Got to the boat ramp around 730am and started to fish for the elusive spring chinook! On the drive to the river I knew it could be a cold wet day or it could be a nice sunny day out. It looked like it had rained on all night, and there were still some nasty clouds in the sky but part of the sky was trying to clear up. It ended up being a great day fishing and weather wise, we only got rained on for a tiny part of the day. Half way through our float we hadnt had a fish to the boat but it was looking good as we got to the Pump Hole. Charlie gave me some new eggs to put on and not long after I felt something a little fishy and set the hook.  After setting the hook the reel made that crazy sound, guess i almost birds nest it. Luckily it didnt and i reeled in and engaged the drag on the level wind abu garcia reel. And the fight was on! During the fight I looked over toward Charlie and said ” Told you i could do it” haha. I fought this silver beast for a few minutes and Charlie was able to net it. After netting it we discovered it was a wild salmon and had to be released. Charlie got in the water and released it for me but right before we got a quick picture. Thanks to the Salmon for making my day! And thanks to Charlie Brown for having me come along fishing with him! Book a trip now for a chance at a fish like this one!

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