Fishing Adventures

Carp Fishing

Friday I fished a private pond with my friend Ted and his buddy Dale. We have access to a few private ponds, and we were fishing for bluegills on that day so we could relocate them to a different private pond so the bass could have some food. While fishing for the bluegills something big ate Teds night crawler, turned out to be a carp, it put up a great fight on 4lb line. Later that day we fished for bass and it was super slow. So the next day Ted and my self went back to the pond where he caught the carp at, and we targeted them! I had never caught one before, and I think iv only fished for them once before with out any luck. We were just using night crawlers with little to no weight. And the carp were hammering the worms! Check out the video I made.

Ted had the hot rods for the day. Every Carp bite came on his two rods, while my two rods didnt have a single carp bite, it was strange. But I did fight two of them on his rods. The first I broke off after it got snagged up on something under the water. The second one which I landed and was my first ever carp was a very light bite, Ted was re tying and we both watched the carp nibble at it and I asked him if he wanted to see if it was a bluegil or carp doing the nibble nibble, he said go for it. Turned out to be a carp, and my first one to boot!

Thanks for reading! And Tight Lines!!!

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