Fishing Adventures

First Fishing Trip Of 2014 – Blue River Reservoir


This was the first time I fished in the new year and the second time Iv fished this lake, the first time being spring time last year.  We got to the lake around 7:30am and our friend Jon showed up not long after. The lake is really drawn down as reservoirs usually are this time of year but I think the lack of rain and snow we’ve experienced has an effect on the levels too. Fishing wasnt near as good as I thought it would of been, it’s stocked quite heavily and during the spring and it’s hard not to catch them then. 

100_1849 - Copy

I wound up catching four and missed a few other bites, but it did take about an hour before having a bite and it was the first one out of the three of us. After releasing my first one the bite died again, it took about another hour before I landed another. This one was decent for a stocker rainbow trout probably a hold over at 13″. I was getting my fish on a Thomas Buoyant Lure and a Countdown Rapala in blue and white. Five of my seven bites came on the Rapala and I had it and the spoon in the water just as much. I fortunately had much more luck then my two friends who were fishing with me, Jon got the skunk and Ted ended up with one.  Still a fun day with friends even if the fishing wasnt as good as we expected it to be.


As always thanks for reading and tight lines! 

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