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Christmas Day 2013 Fishing Trip


This is another trip from my back log, got quite a few more that ill get to.

Christmas to me is just like any other day of the year. Also my family has celebrated the holiday on Christmas Eve for many years so me leaving to go fish on X-Mas day was no big deal. Me and my friend Ted decided to fish a small river that feeds into a near by reservoir in the Eugene area. This was my first time fishing here and the first time Ted fished here in many years. This section of river is very cool especially at the level we floated it at, we could row up and down steam of where we put in at without any difficulty. And not long after we put in I had caught a nice little trout on a Rapala.


The trout on this stream are real beauties, nice and scrappy too, that’s a wild trout for ya. I caught a few on this day all on  that Rapala and sent them all back on their merry way. Ted landed a couple as well think he got them on a Thomas Buoyant Spoon. It’s a real interesting piece of water that I definitely want to come back to in the summer and see if I can’t pull some bass out of here.


This river is in a metropolitan area even though the pictures look like it may suggest different. It’s also not stocked at all with any type of fish, so for those two reasons I’m not disclosing the name of the water. Would hate to see see this river fished out and full of people. We explored quite a bit of water and some of it we had to go over logs, and even portaged once. But we did get to one point of the river where we could go no further. A big ole log jam, we probably could of gone around if put in some work and got out on some private property. But that wasn’t worth it for us, so we turned around.


As always thanks for reading and tight lines!


One response

  1. Seems like a successful Christmas day fishing trip. A little bit of country in an urban area is always a pretty good find!

    March 3, 2014 at 7:01 AM

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