Fishing Adventures

Applegate Lake

3-13-10 Applegate Lake and Buncom

Today was a much nicer day then yesterday so off to the lake i went. First though i stopped at the only actual ghost town in southern Oregon, Buncom. Some say Jacksonville is a ghost town but i dont, it is a old gold mining town but thousands of people live there. Buncom is a couple miles up Little Applegate road and you cant miss it, the road comes to a fork and its right there. So i fished the Hart Tish area again where it points out into the lake. I caught 6 and kept 4 with two coming off before i could get them to the bank, I had tons of bites most coming on worms with some on powerbait too. I only got one big one almost 13 inches rest were kinda small, but ill go back tomorrow so ill have enough to smoke.


Applegate Lake and bigfoot trap 3-7-10

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Southern Oregon, no football so i had to go fishing!! I Went to my favorite lake and when i got there i noticed it was quite windy, so before i went fishing i took a few pictures and went on a short hike. I took Collings Mtn. Trail no. 943, most of you dont know this but this trail goes to a non functioning Bigfoot trap that was built in the 70’s. If you ever do fish applegate lake it is defiantly worth taking the short hike up there, its only about a half mile along a tiny stream, really beautiful area in the woods. After that i went down to the Hart Tish campground area, its closed right now so you have to park on the road and walk in, or take a trail down to the water which is what i did. Also if you decide to take a trail up to the road after the sun has gone down, i wouldn’t recommend it, walking trails while its dark is no fun. I did catch two nice rainbows on live worms, the first was a nice chunky 12 inches and the other was 13inches and very nice. Hope you enjoy the pictures i had a great day in the woods and on the water 🙂

In this one you can see where i was fishing from. On the right side where it points out into the lake.

Here’s what it looks like looking the opposite side of the trail sign.

Notice the foot on the sign 😀

Here’s the bigfoot trap

Next ones are of when i was down at the water at my new fishing spot.





12-16-09 First photos with new camera at Applegate Lake, OR

I bought the camera im using right now midway through december, and shortly after went to Applegate lake for some pictures and no fishing. Looking back at the pictures i remember why, since the water was so low it was mud every where.

First one is of the spill-a-way on the dam.

This one is of the French Gulch boat ram acroos from the dam.

Here’s one of Copper Boat ramp. You can see its all dry right there. Copper is also a former town.

Here’s another of Copper boat ramp, but from the other side of the lake on the dirt road.

Seattle Bar. During the summer i fished under the bridge while people jumped from the bridge.

This is usually a lake…

Years ago i fished in between those tress from a boat.

In this one you can see the bridge that goes over Carburry Creek. This again is usually a lake…

2-13 & 14-2010 Applegate Lake Oregon

On saturday i went up to Applegate Lake for some trout fishing. The lake is really filling up quick, the rock i sat on the previous day was under a foot of water. I was suprised when i got there to find out about 9 cars at the french gulch boat ramp, most days if theres 2-3 cars thats alot. The fishing was good for me i got my limit right before it got dark. But for some reason everyone else left before the bite got hot, which is usually a hour before it gets dark.

I went back on Sunday to try to catch more so i could have more fish to smoke. I only caught one more but still had a good time. I got there after 3 and there was only one other car at the boat ramp. The weather was awesome, and the water was like glass almost the entire time. I stayed til it got dark, with only getting one bite the whole time i was there.

2-12-10 Applegate Lake Oregon

Today i wanted to kill my 2 trip skunk, so i headed to Applegate lake for some slaying. I got there around noon, and i had the lake to my self. It was quite windy and the rain was off and on. I didnt catch anything for the first couple hours, then went to my car for a snack and to listen to the donkey show for a little bit. I come back to my pole to find a fat trout on, boy was i happy. I caught a couple more fatty trouts, and 1 skinny, then it  started to get dark and i had to leave…. I cant wait til the days are a few hours longer..

2-6-10 Applegate Lake with Izreal

So on saturday i woke up early and wanted to do some fishing, either on the river or the lake. I decided on the lake because the river is too frustrating. My good buddy also wanted to do some trout fishing so off we went to Applegate around noon. We got there and headed right to the french gulch boat ramp, thats where iv been having some good luck. When we got there we could see the trout surfacing and jumping so we knew we were in the right spot. After about a hour and a half with out any bites, we decided to try the other side of the lake. So we  went to the dirt road were the creek enters the lake and try’d our luck there with no avail. After a half hour we packed up once again and went to the copper boat ramp and headed down the hill to try once more. Once again we had no bites and the rain started to pick up, so we decided to pack up and head to the truck to head home. Once at the truck we decided to have a little fun and shoot my friends potatoe gun. After we ran of potatoes we started to go home, while singing eazy e. All in all it was a great day even though we didnt catch a fish or even have a bite. Now for some pictures, i only took a few at the last place we fished.

Here’s one of my friend and fishing buddy Izreal.




Applegate Lake 1-28-10

I made another trip to my favorite lake for some morning fishing. Got there around 830am and left around 130 with my limit. Fished mainly with night crawlers  which to seem to work great floated on top. I know some of you might be getting tired of seeing Applegate Lake so often on here, hopefully that will change soon. I plan on fishing the Upper Rogue and Applegate rivers for some winter steelhead reall soon. Also i plan on fishing Lake Selmac for the first time in a week or two so look forward to that. I thank u all for stopping by my blog and reading my lousy reports but hey atleast i have pictures right?

Applegate Lake 1-25-2010

Well this morning i woke up early and decided to goto my sanctuary for some trout fishing. On the way there i noticed quite a bit smoke. I guess there was a controlled burn over the weekend that got out of control. I got some pictures of the fire on my way out. Also got pictures of the fish and a couple of the areas i was fishing by.

French Gulch boat ramp.

Applegate Lake 1-18-2010

Last monday i went to applegate once again. It was kinda shitty out with rain coming and going. I fished right by the french gulch boat ramp with worms and powerbait. Got my limit and smoked them a day or two later.

I decided to park on the road and walk down to the lake bad idea LOL

the last shot is a bit blurry but it was the only picture i got of my fish from this day oh well 😀

1-16-2010 Applegate Lake

So on saturday before playoffs started i decided to go get my limit of  trout at my favorite lake. With 2 rods i got my limit in 3-4 hours which wasnt bad. The bite was on real good at first but died off as the sun started to break through the clouds. My bait of the day was worms and i fished off the dam because the rocks were dry. Weather was awesome no wind or rain for the first few hours then and it started to get windy right before i caught my final trout.