Fishing Adventures

Columbia River

Columbia River Wobbler Fishing

More detailed report to come after I get done Camping at Trillium Lake.

Went up to Rainier to hop on a open seat Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday the fishing wasnt great but not bad either. We ended up with 2 Chinook and a jack in the boat, and missed one other bite. Thursday nothing, and not many of the other boats were doing well either. I got mine while Justin was trying to untangle his nook and wobbler from the net. I was actually holding his rod with my left hand helping him, and had my rod in my right hand, it had only been in the water a minute or two when i noticed a little nibble nibble. So I looked at the captain and said “that’s a bite aint it?” Sure enough it was so I reeled down and set the hook! Didnt get any measurements but it was a nice one! Cut super good. And the Jack was delicious. Many first’s on this trip. And I even ended up going to the Lamiglas factory and picked up a Salmon blank that will be a sweet rod when Combat_Chuck gets finished with it!