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Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake 3-19-10

I was lucky and got offered an open seat from Jed a Ifish member from my area. So we left town friday at 530am in hope of some mackinaw trout also known as lake trout. This was my first time to Crescent Lake and also my first fishing for macks, first time fishing from a boat in a long time too. It was a beautiful day in central oregon, very little snow on the ground and lots of sun. We had 2 downriggers out with rappalas and 2 side planers out for brown trout. We trolled around for a few hours with out any bites, marked a few fish on the finder. Then some time in the afternoon we noticed the rod bending like a bite but it didnt come out of the down rigger kept on going and noticed it again, ended up being my first mackinaw ever, not a keeper but still freaking awesome !!! About a hour later we get another take down this time it takes it right off the downrigger another nice one but not a keeper. We left around 4pm had one of my best fishing trips…. ever.   Thanks again Jed.

And here’s the first one. Hence the goofy look on my face lol

Heres the second one of the day and the last.

The last one needed a little reviving, he came up sideways, from over 1oo ft down.