Fishing Adventures

Emigrant Lake

Emigrant Lake 5-11

Ill try to make this post short like my fishing trip was tuesday. I fished Emigrant Lake which is in the town of Ashland, when coming up Interstate 5 from california this is the first town you come to in oregon. I fished off the dam  for a couple hours with out catching anything, maybe i had a coule bites or it could of been a rock hitting the spinner. I seen 2 fish jump while i was there, which made me stay fishing a little longer. I didnt leave the lake empty handed though, packed out a few beer cans, some bait containers and a miniature propane tank.

In this one u can see some Ashland HS students carrying their row boat to the water.

Also on mothers day i fished for a few hours at the local expo ponds, i brought 2 small trout in on spinners, also had a decent trout take my lure about 7 feet from shore and shook it free right after. Didnt take any photos that time. Thanks again for reading my blog and tight lines!!!!

Emigrant Lake 3-31-10

I had the urge to fish wednesday, the past 3-4 days were really crappy depressing weather. But yesterday was a nice day there were lots of big clouds but there was plenty of sun too. I got to Emigrant Lake around 3pm and fished for about 3 hours, had to get home at 7 to watch the blazers game. I only had 1 bite and it felt like a good one, but most fish do on my 4’6 UL rod. It came on rainbow powerbait and some shrimp scent added to it, had it on for a few seconds then the hook came out. I used a variety of spinners and kastmasters along with Powerbait on the 2nd rod, im so glad oregon came out with the 2 rod permit this year. The lake was actually stocked with 3,500 legal sized rainbow trout a couple weeks back, i think either the weather messed up the bite or theyre not spread out yet. Ill try again at this lake, i think iv never caught a trout here before, but i havent fished it very much. Its mostly a warm water fishery and a swimming and water slides recreation during the summer. Also there is a health advisory at Emigrant Lake for all speices of fish except for trout, high mercury levels are the cause. Now for some pictures.




YES! That is a helicopter



Update: The next day 4-1-10 I fished the local Expo pond and caught a small bass on my first cast, came on a panther martin. I fished the big pond in a handful of different areas, i only caught that 1 bass, but i put on gold kastmaster and again on my first cast with that lure i hooked into a nice fish but it got off shortly after. There still are some nice trout in there iv seen jump, and the crowd wasnt near as bad as a week or two ago. The Expo ponds are only a couple miles from where i live so its nice to fish there a couple hours in the evening, didnt bring my camera the place is kinda filthy… It felt good to kill the skunk 😀

Emigrant Lake 2-22-10

So monday was the final day of sunshine that we’ve been having for about a week now so i had to hit the water. I havent fished this lake in ages, last time i was there it was for the water slides. I only fished for about an hour and half but i still had a couple bites no fish banked though. Bites came on night crawlers and rainbow powerbait.  Still got lots of great pictures of some geese, the HS boat team, the old grave yard and Emigrant Lake.