Fishing Adventures

Eugene Area Ponds

Some Recent Bass

Bass fishing has been slow lately for me, but here’s a report anyways! A couple Wednesdays ago I took my pontoon boat to Triangle Lake for the first time, it’s a pretty sweet lake that isn’t too far from Eugene. I fished it for about five hours before taking my pontoon out and leaving. The bass were not cooperating there, I found a 3-4lber swimming around and it didn’t want anything to do with my offerings, even after 20 casts right to it. I should of brought my trout/kokanee gear because I seen quite a few of them jumping, oh well.

Mermaid of Triangle Lake

After leaving the lake I called my friend Dave and seen if I could come over and fish his backyard pond. Fishing there was even slow. We fished longer then we usually do and we only ended up with one small bass a piece. Mine came on a senko and he got his on a flying squirrel. I got both on video. And also got a little bit of video of my friends personal best small mouth bass that he got at Dorena Lake.

Fishing at Dorena was super slow, we only had a couple bites a piece. It wasn’t looking good for Ben’s first time there, until we started to head back to the boat ramp. Ben spotted a downed tree and decided to try one more spot before heading home. Luckily he did stop because he hooked into his biggest Small Mouth Bass ever! That one fish made up for the lousy day of fishing, crazy how just one fish can turn around a day. Here’s the fish just in case you don’t feel like watching my cool video.

Last week me and Ted went to a small reservoir to try to catch bass and some cutthroats. The fish weren’t cooperating on this day, but I did manage to catch on small bass. And Ted got skunked. But we still had a good time in our pontoon boats. The bass ate a Melon Pie Yum Dinger that day Texas Rigged with no weight.

I fished Foster Reservoir for the first time a couple weekends ago with Ben in his nice smoker craft boat. We were fishing for Small Mouth Bass and the bite was kinda tough, but we did manage probably around a dozen bass for each of us. Most came on tubes and small senko worms. But I did get one on a spinner when I decided to try to catch a trout, we could see the trout swimming on the bottom of the lake and they would chase ourĀ  bass gear some times, it was cool to watch. Here’s a picture of the smallie that hit the spinner.

Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!!!

Junction City Pond

Yesterday I purchased myself a brand new toy, a Kodak Playsport camcorder, apparently its waterproof, shockproof and dust proof, and for 80 dollars at Best Buy it was a pretty sweet deal. Then today my mom got her fishing license andĀ  in the afternoon we decided to fish the local trout pond, Junction City Pond. This pond is stocked regularly with trout and has a ton of bank access, also it’s only about five miles from the town of Eugene, which is very convenient! When we got there the banks were lined with powerbait chuckers and a few fly fishermen. I brought my Pontoon so i could troll a woolly bugger, which always works for stocked places and even at places that arnt stocked. I dont know how to fly fish yet, but i still enjoy trolling flies on my ultra light spinning set up. On this day I managed to bring two stockers to the boat, but i had countless bites that didnt stick. The bankies from what i seen didnt have much luck, and my step dad and mother were both skunked using night crawlers on the bottom and under a bobber. We werent there for too long but still had a good time.

I filmed a few clips of the Ospreys and also one of the pond. I didnt edit the clip or anything just tossed them up as is. Ill be getting a hat mount soon so ill be getting action shots and all that cool stuff! Didnt video the fish they were your ordinary stocked rainbow trout. But since a post isnt complete with out some fish porn ill add a picture of a 3lb bass I caught earlier in the week at private pond my friend Dave has in his back yard!

As always tight lines! And Thanks for reading!