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Before i get to the fishing reports I want to announce the new page on my blog. The new page is dedicated to my friends who make youtube fishing videos. So if you got some time and want to see some cool videos check out the new page! It’s at the top titled “YOUTUBE FRIENDS” enjoy!

Saturday i had some shopping to do at Big R in White City, needed to spool up my new reel and get some fishing supplies. After shopping i decided to do some bass fishing at the pond located behind the store. I had never been there, you can see part of the pond from the road and until i got to the pond i had no idea how big it really was.

As you can see the pond is a really nice sized one. I dont know how the bass fishing is there, as i think it was too cold. Also bank access is very limited, which means im gonna have to bring my pontoon. I didnt fish for very long did more exploring, and after i got my brand new buzz bait stuck in a tree i didnt feel like doing much fishing. Gonna have to come back in the spring.

This is a different pond in the back end of the bigger one.

The next day i met up with Colby Pearson at the Expo ponds to do some bass fishing. We’ve been getting rain lately so the river is really high and brown, so thats’s why i ended up at these ponds if anyone was wondering. At the pond i got a strikes on my first two casts with my 5″ yum dinger bass worm. I told Colby and he said it was probably the trout hitting it. Before i came to the pond i had stopped at Sportsmans Wharehouse, and i bought a few things including my two rod license. So i rigged up my Ultra Light rod with a worm i found the night before after it rained. I put a simple rig on, 2 split shots about 2 feet above a treble hook that held the worm. Caught my first trout not too long after, and since it was gut hooked i kept it. Not too long after that i put away the bass worm and put on a Wyld Edge Berzerker Spinner, Cutthroat color in size three, 1/8 oz. First cast hooked up with a nice little feisty stocked rainbow trout. I kept that spinner on for the rest of the time i was there. Caught countless trout on it. Only kept the fish i was catching with my worm on the UL rod, since most were gut hooked. After my 5th trout, i just used my spinner and let the wind drift me back to where I put in at. Called it a day not too long before dark, was a much needed day of catching, getting skunked day after day at the river can take a toll on you. I got some confidence in me and ill be ready to slay the steelhead midweek, after all steelhead are only big rainbow trout that went to sea and came back. It was also my first time using Wyld Edge spinners in still water, and the one spinner i did use this day worked marvelously! The single hook was great as it was much easier to release the fish with, and i released alot of fish that day. Your gonna have a hard time finding a better trout spinner for 2.50 in my opinion. Small local company from Bend Oregon, i know i like spending my money locally so make sure you guy’s check their stuff out! One last thing i almost forgot to add. Colby made a video that day a hour or so before i got there, so you can kinda get a feel on how the fishing was through video. Check it out here Stocker Trout Mania.

Until next time… Tight Lines!

Expo Pond 10-22

Today i needed to do some fishing so i went to the local watering hole, the Jackson County Expo Ponds. These ponds are nice since they’re so close at about 2-3 miles away, and offer trout and warm water fishing. I myself dont prefer one fish over another so this place is great for me in the spring and now the fall.  Well today i fished for a couple hours from the bank, i threw senkos and panther martins. Caught and released one 12 inch trout and released a little one pound bass. Trout fishing is probably better then the bass bite right now with the cold weather, but you can still manage a few bites.

To my surprise they scraped out alot of the vegetation with a tractor.

Cinco De Trouto at the Expo

I spent a few hours yesterday at the local Expo Ponds, its nice coming here because its right down the road pretty much just a couple miles. Talked to a high school kid and he said his class just went on a field trip to the hatchery, and the hatchery worker told them when they were stocking the pond this week and they accidentally left the gate open and they over stocked the pond lol. Looking at the stocking schedule it says the pond was due to have 1,300 legals stocked and the kid said they put in 5,000. But for some reason the fish werent really biting, i caught and released 4-5 smaller trout about 8-9 inches is my guess. The other day Colby was fishing the ponds and did quite well catching a 6 and half pound bass and a few other ranging from 4 to 2 pounds, i recommend checking out his you-tube channel for some bass videos from southern oregon and northern california. My plans are to learn how to catch bass some time this year, iv been talking to my step sisters boy friend for a long time about going fishing with him and hes a great bass fisherman. But as of now trout is just fine and what ever else that decides to take my offerings 🙂


Expo pond

Thursday i fished in the rain, hail, and some snow, also sunshine, Oregon is weird like that. I brought my camera but didnt take any pictures at the pond, but i do have a few from a month ago i never posted. I fished from 4 til 730, and caught around 10 trout. First one came on a red Blue Fox spinner, then i started catching them on a gold kastmaster. During the rain an older lady who i later found out was from the Philippines, came down to the spot next to me and started fishing using a wedding ring, and was catching them. Ended the day catching a couple more on a panther martin and powerbait under a bobber 🙂



Medco and Expo Ponds 4-4-10

I spent saturday helping some of family move into a new house so i didnt get to fish, and it didnt rain the whole day. Sunday i didnt care it was easter i wanted to fish. I was gonna fish Lost Creek Lake it was recently stocked with 25,000 legal rainbow trout, and they say the hold overs are around 16′ inches, when i got up there it was raining pretty good. So instead i kept on driving and ended up at Medco Pond. I fished there for a little more then an hour, when i got there it was barely raining and a littly windy. I fished with just 1 rod and used a few differnt spinners, i caught one small rainbow trout about 6’inches on a panther martin, may of had other bites or may of been the bottom. Then the snow started to come down hard, i watched the snow for a little bit to see if it would stop and i could continue fishing, nope. I dont have chains or studs so i took off, the road were fine for the first 5 miles then the snow was sticking to the road, i had no problem except for once i locked up my tires right before u come to Butte Falls. I got to the Jackson County Expo Ponds at around 5pm and ended up catching 3 keepers. first one came on a blue fox spinner, red body with a gold spinner, other 2 came on powerbait under a bobber. I hooked one on a gold kastermaster had him on for a couple seconds then it jumped and the lure came flying out, was quite cool to see.

Next two are of the Expo Pond