Fishing Adventures

Rogue River

Spring King

June 6th I went fishing with the famous Charlie Brown of We had a new passenger on this day Ryder. Ryder was a very cool dude who had done some salmon fishing before so it made it a lil easier to not have to explain how to do some of  the stuff were doing. Ryder is related to one of Charlies buddies and was trading him a fishing trip in turn for some help on finding some Morels. Morels are very delicious and some times hard to find kinda like Spring Salmon! This day started off pretty well. We were in the first hole anchored up and using a mix of wrapped plugs and eggs on a diver. No more then an hour into fishing I felt one single bite and immediately afterwards set the hook like Kevin Van Dam. Afterwards the line went slack and for a few seconds I thought that I missed the hook set, but then while reeling in the salmon surfaced and let me know i had done good! About five minutes earlier a guide had pulled right up next to us and was fishing our same hole. When fighting the fish it decided it wanted to leave the hole and go down to the next, so we had to go after it. The guide told us that’s the best way to leave a hole, with a fish on! We got down to Chief Hole a good spot for bankies, and we were able to land and net the fish in a short amount of time, let the bank guys get back to fishin. Found out it was a keeper and made the rest of the day go by real nicely! Got some awesome dinners out of that one! On our way down the river Ryder spotted some Oyster Mushrooms growing on a tree near the river. Charlie is a mushroom lover and pulled the boat over right away and climbed up the tree to cut the shrooms! I ended up getting the only Salmon of the day, but we all got some mushrooms! Thanks for the sweet fishin trip Charlie! Visit him at his website or on facebook Good times to be had!

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I did it!

So after the last  trip Charlie was giving me crap about back bouncing, and how i havent hooked a salmon yet doing it myself.  Iv landed a big one he hooked into back bouncing not long ago, but doing something on your own is alot different. It takes a little bit to understand how to back bounce, i had it down for awhile now, i just think the fish werent biting mine for what ever reason lol. Well that all changed on May 31st. Charlie called me the day before and said he wanted to do some fishing, and i was more then ready! We didnt go as early as we usually do, which i didnt mind the more sleep. Got to the boat ramp around 730am and started to fish for the elusive spring chinook! On the drive to the river I knew it could be a cold wet day or it could be a nice sunny day out. It looked like it had rained on all night, and there were still some nasty clouds in the sky but part of the sky was trying to clear up. It ended up being a great day fishing and weather wise, we only got rained on for a tiny part of the day. Half way through our float we hadnt had a fish to the boat but it was looking good as we got to the Pump Hole. Charlie gave me some new eggs to put on and not long after I felt something a little fishy and set the hook.  After setting the hook the reel made that crazy sound, guess i almost birds nest it. Luckily it didnt and i reeled in and engaged the drag on the level wind abu garcia reel. And the fight was on! During the fight I looked over toward Charlie and said ” Told you i could do it” haha. I fought this silver beast for a few minutes and Charlie was able to net it. After netting it we discovered it was a wild salmon and had to be released. Charlie got in the water and released it for me but right before we got a quick picture. Thanks to the Salmon for making my day! And thanks to Charlie Brown for having me come along fishing with him! Book a trip now for a chance at a fish like this one!

Slammin The Salmon

I got back from Rafting Guide School on Tuesday the 21st of May. The next day I planned to go salmon fishing with Phil. My alarm went off before 3am and I was super wore out and tired still, and it was raining hard. So I unfortunately had to cancel on Phil, I felt really bad because he didn’t want to go by himself. It’s really hard to fish for salmon in a boat by yourself. So the next day Thursday the 23rd we arranged to go again now that i was rested up, but this time we brought a special guest to sit up front with me, Charlie Brown! We all met at the Shady Cove boat ramp  super earlier and headed up to the hatchery after we loaded up Phil’s boat with our gear. It was a slow morning, but being slow isnt uncommon when fishing for salmon. We were about half way through our float when Charlie decided to try different eggs that he had brought. Not long after he hooked into this awesome salmon back bouncing roe.

Charlie was using one of his older rods which is only six foot six inches. Buts its rated for 18lb line, it probably was meant to be bass rod. But on this day he landed this hawg of a hatchery chinook salmon on it. This fish wore Phil out on the oars, we fought it for a third of a mile going down stream. Was quite the spectacle. When Charlie was finally able to get it close enough to the boat, I netted the beast. Then we found out it was a hatchery fish, so it made it a even sweeter catch! After netting it, Phil brought the boat to shore so we could bleed and photo the fish. We got out and a bankie come over and wanted to see our catch and we got him to take a photo with the three of us and the fish!

Now that’s a big keeper!!! And it tasted wonderful! Thanks for the fillet buddy. From then on the day went soooo much smoother like it alway does once we get a fish to the boat! Later in the day we were anchored up in a spot talking. When Charlie said something like “It would be nice if we were able to get more then one Salmon a day”  Each time we’ve got a salmon this year it has only been one a day, nothing to complain about but two is always better! Well id say not even an hour later we were back bouncing in the last hole of the day before the take out. And wouldnt you know Charlie Brown hooked into another Salmon! This time he handed it off to Phil and and they switched posistions, so Phil could fight one! It wasnt a big one but it was another keeper! And we finally got our two salmon day! Thanks to Phil of YGA on Youtube. And Charlie Brown of for having me come along for another great day of fishing!

Tight lines, and be safe!

Day 3

May 17th: The third day started out with me picking up Phil from his house well before sun rise. We were meeting Charlie at the take out to go Spring Chinook Salmon fishin for my third day in a row. When we arrived to the boat ramp i said something along the lines of ” oh damn, we got beat to the boat ramp” Luckily it was Brady and he’s our friend and he was waiting for clients so we were first anyways! We made it down to the first hole even before we could start fishing, legal fishing time is one hour before sun rise. So we waited a few minutes then put our lines in the water when it was legal time. Not long after Brady made his way to the hole with his late arriving clients. Then soon after we were greeted in the hole with a couple bank anglers. But all of that was fine becasue soon after the bankies got down there Charlie hooked into a real feisty Jack Salmon. Eggs were the goto bait once again. It was a nice keeper fish and Charlie got to reel one in for him self for a change!

That’s a Jack Salmon. Jacks are Salmon but are under 24inches. You can keep 5 Jacks a day, that’s the only difference with their bigger counterparts. The limit for full size Salmon is two, which is ALOT of meat. But on this day we only got the one jack. It was some what slow but the weather was super nice! On a side note. When we got done fishing I talked to Charlies rafting boss about the Rafting Guide School that was happening a couple days later. He confirmed that I was going and i had and absolute blast for five days. So thanks again Charlie!!!! Book a trip with Charlie to go fishing on the beautiful Rogue River, or book a rafting trip with the bussiness I did Guide School for, it is summer after all! and for some Rafting fun goto Rogue Klamath River Adventures. Thanks for reading and be safe out on the water!

Lunker Salmon

The next day Charlie and my self hit the Rogue River even earlier then the day before. But this time we weren’t rewarded for our early efforts like the day before. We did have a couple nice take downs on the plug rods but neither one stuck. But the weather made the fishing much more enjoyable, no rain. We seen some salmon caught, one was by Pavati Boat Rep. Steve, who is also one of Charlies friends. Steve is a very cool guy i got to meet at the boat ramp when we were done fishing. We seen him get his clients into a real nice salmon, it was a real show. It took our boat longer then we expected to get into a salmon but the one we did get into this day was a dandy! It was around 11am and we were anchored up in the pump hole. We had one rod out with a wrapped plug, and Charlie was back bouncing roe with the other rod. And this was the moment that changed my mind about that technique. He set the hook like you would see a pro bass fisherman do on TV but this wasn’t no bass. Charlie handed me the rod not long after he hooked into it and pulled anchor and got on the sticks. I fought it in the same hole for quite some time, the fish wanted to stay on the bottom. It was pretty cool to feel it finally leave the bottom but when it did the fight wasn’t even near the end. I have no idea how long i fought it for, you kinda lose sense of time when your fighting a huge fish, but id say around 6-7 minutes. It took a couple runs when it came near the boat but about the third time i brought it near Charlie was able to net it. And when it was netted the line snapped! Kinda crazy. I thought i lost it at first but Charlie said it was in the net! It was a big ole wild Chinook Salmon so we had to let it go, but after we got a couple pictures! It was the only fish of the day but it made the whole day very worth it! Book a trip with Charlie Brown of to catch awesome fish like this!

The biggest fish iv ever caught!

Phil’s First Rogue River Springer!

Iv been super busy lately. Also my laptops keyboard  has been on the fritz. So my fishing reports have been put on the back burner. The coolest reason iv been so busy lately was the rafting guide school I took part in recently. It was 4-5 days of learning, camping, rafting on new waters, and meeting some great folks. So before i went on  that adventure, i went Salmon Fishing three days in a row on the Rogue River. This report is the first day of the three, May 17th.

The day started out bright and early. Me and Phil got to the boat ramp a little after legal fishing time because we could hear the bankies on the hatchery wall catching fish and slinging lead. We were  some what intimidated to launch the boat because we heard a couple splashes near us that we swore were them tossing stuff. We eventually decided to brave the bankies and when we got past the big line of them we both let out a breath of relief. From then we thought we would be in the clear to get to our spot and anchor up and fish by our self’s in peace. That changed when we floated down towards the spot and we seen headlights up on top of the cliff above the first spot to fish. We got down there just as the bankie managed to descend the cliff so we had to share the hole. We sat there with two plugs out and proceeded to watch the guy fishing on the bank rip the hole up. Its kinda weird watching a guy try to snag fish that are jumping right in front of him every two minutes. At one point he pretended he had a shot gun and said he’d rather shoot one haha. So me and Phil were waiting there for a take down to occur, when the inevitable happened. He crossed one of our plug lines. So he reeled in one of our plugs and tried to untangle the mess, while this was happening we looked over to the other rod and seen a fish was on it! Phil grabbed the other rod and proceeded to muscle in this hawg. He had 75lb Braid for the main line and 25lb mono for the leader, so this fish was landed in record time! Before I knew it the fish was near the boat and Phil was handing me the rod so he could net it, guess he didnt want me to lose it lol. The net job is very important with big fish like Salmon and Steelhead we’ve been catching lately, one little mishap and you can kiss that fish good bye with out ever laying a finger on it. So we got it in the boat and started high fiving each other we looked at each other in amazement, like “did that just happen” ? It was an awesome fishing moment that happened so quickly its hard for me to write it all down. I don’t think we had been there for more then an hour but we had a big fish in the ice chest! Other then that, the day was kinda lousy, mainly because of the weather. Id been perfectly happy if Phil only wanted to fish for 3-4 hours, but we stayed out there for well over 11. And it rained 85 percent of the time. I definitely would of hinted to Phil that i was ready to go, but in those times i just sucked it up. Mostly because i know he doesn’t get to get out to the river much with school and having a kid. So he spends more time out there then most, and i don’t want to lose my seat on his boat by complaining lol. Well thanks for reading and look forward to many more reports/stories. Tight Lines and Be Safe! PS. This fish was the only bite we had for the whole day. Salmon fishin is tough!!!

19lbs of awesome meat

My first Salmon

My laptop has been acting up so i wasn’t able to write this as soon as i would of liked. But here goes my report from May 11th on the Rogue River. My day started out at 530am two hours after my alarm went off, oops. Luckily i wasn’t meeting Charlie at the boat ramp that day, instead i met him at one of our favorite holes. We had fished the night before and he had decided to camp out on the river to save on gas and to be out in the hole bright and early. I got in the boat and he informed me that a guide had shared his same hole and pulled a salmon out of it. When i got in the boat i could see the boat down in the next hole fishing. Then we seen them hook into their second salmon of the day. Kinda disappointing for us. But then right around 8am it happened! Charlie was busy wrapping a kwik fish or something, when i noticed his rod doing something different and i told him to look at. We had two rods out, mine had a wrapped kwik fish and his had a diver with eggs. The fish had been biting it for about 10 seconds before Charlie set the hook and the fight was on!He fought it for about 15 seconds before the fish headed down the rapid and he had to jump in the back of the boat in get on the oars, so the rest of the fight was all me. And this fish fought like no other fish iv ever had on the end of my line. We got down pass the rapid and we got the boat up on shore and Charlie got out so he could try to net it. But the salmon had other ideas. The drag wasn’t loose but it really seemed like it was, the way the salmon was pulling out 15lb line. I eventually had to say get back in the boat and lets chase this beast down, i wasn’t making any ground on it. By then it had been more then a few minutes and my arm was tired. Luckily we went down the river after it and not too long after we got it in the net. Turned out to be a small Spring Chinook Salmon, 26inches. I didn’t care though. It was my very first Salmon from a river and it was also the hardest fighting fish i ever caught! A couple other cool things about this salmon was it was the first one of the year in Charlies boat and also the first one hes got on a diver.Turned out third day in a row chasing the salmon was the charm. I must say fishing for salmon is way more frustrating then steelhead. These fish are famous for having lock jaw. Most people say they don’t bite. Ninety percent of the bank anglers fishing for them arnt getting them to bite when they hook one. Which makes it even sweeter when we get one to bite our offerings, because every day of salmon season you’ll see the banks lined up with yankees. And by yankees i don’t mean the baseball team. People on the banks arnt fishing in my opinion well most people, id say they are harvesting the salmon instead of fishing for them. A tiny bead, hook, and some weight is all they need to get into a beast of a fish. I guess if i wanted to feel the tug and put fish on the table id be out there lined up on the banks by the hatchery with the rest of them. But that’s not my crowd, combat fishing is what its called. And i have no desire to do it. All my salmon fishing will be done from a boat away from the masses. I have nothing against those who floss the fish or line them in the mouth, what ever you want to call it. But id much rather go bass or trout fishing where i know i can convince the fish to bite. So here’s to a fish that was caught the “right” way, he was a biter! Oh and before I go id like to give major thanks to my favorite fishing guide out there! Charlie Brown of

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April 26th Rogue River

Charlie Brown, from gave me a call on Monday when he got back into town from visiting family for Easter. He wanted to fish the river bright and early the next day, which i was really excited about, I think the river has become my favorite place to fish. We met up at 5am and began fishing not long after. We had a couple take downs early but it took about a half hour at the first hole before one stuck, and it came on my rod! It was a real nice bright hatchery steelhead hen, so it was a keeper. Almost didnt keep it though, it was still some what dark out when we caught it, so the first time charlie tried to net he missed and i thought he was gonna rip the lure out of its mouth be it didnt and after it made a another short run we got it in the boat!

These guys came along not to long after we caught our first one of the day, there’s even one more boat you cant see at the bottom of the rapid. The boat closest in the photo stuck around right next to us for quite awhile, about an hour. It was pretty annoying bet hey what can ya do. The funny thing was about 10 minutes after they left, Charlies rod got a take down and he reeled in a really nice bright hatchery steelhead. It wasnt big but the chrome’ness made up for its lack of size. It was only 22inches but since it was hooked in the eye and was a good one to eat he tagged it, he usually releases the small ones i guess. So we had two real nice steelhead in the box from just the first hole!  We gave the group of boats plenty of time to get down river before we started fishing the lower holes. But when we did get a couple holes lower one of the rods got a massive take down! It was hard to get out of the rod holder even. This fish was crazy! I fought it for a couple minutes then got it close to the boat. Then something amazing happened that ill never forget! I was pulling the fish near the boat so Charlie could net it, you could see it getting nearer and nearer. Then it jumped! A few feet out of the water, only a foot or so away from the boat. Charlie only had to move the net forward about a foot and the fish pretty much flopped right into it! If we would of had one more person in the boat we would of had some of the best fishing footage ever! But the way it happened only me and Charlie were witnesses.  I know this whole thing probably seems hard to believe but ill never forget the whole event, it was incredible!

Thats the one that jumped into the net!

There’s me and my limit of real nice chrome Steelhead, 28 and 29 inches. The first one had made it to the hatchery once already this winter, because there was a hole punch on her cheek. They do that at the hatchery so they know how many times the fish has swam to the hatchery. Pretty cool to catch one that made it to the hatchery then got trucked down river and swam back up and i got her before she could return again. The rest of the float we only could use one rod because i had my limit. We still got into a bunch of fish. One Steelhead we released, and another Steelhead that was a nice sized one but got off, because charlie was anchored in the wrong spot and couldn’t go down river after him. We also released a handful of trout that hit the plugs. A pretty good day of fishing on the wonderful Rogue River. Cant complain when you go home with two real beautiful Steelhead. Thanks to Charlie Brown for inviting me to come along again. Make sure to tell him you heard about his guiding business from my blog and he’ll give you a nice discount.

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April 15th?

This report is from either the 14th or 15th I dont remember exactly lol. Lately iv been doing really good when i go out after the steelheads, mostly because iv been fishing with a couple really good guys who know what they are doing and they are doing great at putting me on the fish! Thanks Charlie Brown and Phil Tripp. On this day I fished with both of them for the first time! Me and Phil planned on floating the river by the hatchery, then i got a call from Charlie saying he wanted to float from Dodge Bridge to Touvell Bridge. I hadnt done this float before and neither had Phil so we both were pretty excited to see some new water.

That would be Dodge Bridge. Phil got the first fish probably less then 15 minutes into the float. A real nice Half Pounder Steelhead, it hit a plug. The interesting thing abuot this fish was, when phil was reeling it in an Osprey was circling right above us waiting for a quick snack. It was pretty cool to see this bird 20 feet above us! We seen alot of really good looking water but since the water was higher then usual it was hard for us to fish it. We only got three fish to the boat this day, Phil got 2 real nice half pounders and a little trout. I got skunked, it happens to me some times, believe it or not. It was still nice to be out on the river and me and Phil got to see a bunch of new water, and he got to see how to take the rapids on this stretch. So it was a good learning experience.

Thats the second half pounder Phil caught, he got that one side drifting yarn and eggs.

This is my future house. Yeah right! lol

And that would be Touvelle Bridge, the end of the float. Thanks for reading and tight lines!

April 9th Rogue River YGA

I met Phil and Kenji at the boat ramp around 7am, we had another morning slay ride planned! It was another great day with the YGA ( Young Gun Anglers) We passed Charlie at Sandy Bottom, he had a couple clients, we actually knew the clients, they were from Phil’s home town Happy Camp, CA. We waved when we went by and we only seen them a couple brief times the rest of the day. One of them took this photo when we went by in the morning at Sandy Bottom.

We got down by the Slide Hole and anchored up and were chatting when my rod got the first take down of the day! It was a nice little native steelhead that we released so he could come back another day to be caught! We then took the side channel and sat next to one of the nicest houses on the river. Most people dont run plugs in this area. But in trips past we caught trout here and the water looks really good. This day we got our first steelhead in this hole, and it came on my rod again. But this time it was Phils turn to reel one in. It was another nice wild steelhead that we let go in hopes of catching again next year. Our third steelhead of the day was one we were waiting for. A real nice chrome hatchery fish. And it came on Kenjis rod, so the 2 day license paid off once again for him!

Not far from where we got this one my rod got the final take down of the day. I brought in a real nice chrome wild steelhead. We released it right away so no pictures were taken of it. We did get video of all four of the steelhead caught this day. But when Phil put the files on his computer he some how lost 2 of the clips or deleted them on accident. But he did get video picture stills of the fish before it happened. So watch the video and enjoy! Ill try to do my reports in more of a timely manner but iv been busy puttin a hurt’n to these fish! Tight Lines!

Monday the 18th Rogue River

Met Phil and his buddy from Happy Camp CA, Mario to do some fishing on the Rogue River. We met at the hatchery around 11am. We got down to the first hole and wouldnt you know Charlie Brown was anchored up in it plugging away. Before he seen us I yelled out ” Get out of our hole!!”. We anchored up 40 yards away so we could get our rods ready and chat and wait for him to leave the hole. He said he would get out shortly. But about 4 minutes after he said that they had hooked up on a nice chrome hatchery hen! Phil was pissed, i thought it was funny!  They netted it and got out of the hole so we could fish it, they tagged it and took pictures and that was the last we saw of them that day. We stayed in the hole for over an hour then we finally had a take down. It came on my rod and I fought the beast for about 15 seconds then handed the rod over to the guest Mario, iv been catching alot lately so i dont mind when other people get to catch them too! This fish was pulling out a ton of line, it was a hawg. It went almost all the way down the rapid but then stopped. It must have seen the tree. I told Mario to try to pull it away from there then it was all over. Oh well. The big ones are hard to catch some times. After that all we could bring to the boat were half pounders and trout. I lost a great opportunity at a big one on our 3rd run of the day. Guess next time we’ll have better luck! No pictures this time. But i did do my first ever fishing video! I Used Windows Movie Maker to edit some clips i took with my camera. Since it also does ok  video along with great pictures im gonna start making fishing videos! Gives you a better look into our fishing then just a picture. So enjoy and tight lines!

April 11th and More

Charlie called me and told me he had one client and wanted to see if i wanted to come along to fill the boat. I’m sure Charlie and Phil both know by now i wont turn down a offer at fishing the Rogue River in their boats! Last time out fishing with Charlie i mentioned if he only had one client and i came along i had no problem handing over my rod if it gets the first take down. Iv handed off steelhead a few times to Phil, but i usually reel most of them in. We all met at the boat ramp at the hatchery at 530am this Monday. We fished the very top hole also known as sandy bottom for about an hour. We were surprised we didn’t pull at least one steelhead out of there, Charlie says usually you can get two in that hole. So we floated down to the next hole known as the chief hole. First pass through my rod got slammed and had a fish on for about 10 seconds, until it surfaced and jumped then broke the leader. Darn! But only about 10 minutes later my rod had another take down but this time it stuck on good and i was able to hand off the rod to Kim. He brought in a awesome 6.5 pound hatchery steelhead. We then proceeded to pick up another steelhead right after that one but this time on Kim’s rod. It was a wild hen so instead of keeping it and calling it a day less then 2 hours into fishing, Kim let it go in hopes of more fish! We got down to Casey Park and we got our final fish, luckily it was on my rod because it was a hatchery steelhead. And lately iv been really wanting to get a fin clipped one so i can smoke some up. We floated down to Rogue Elk Park with out much action when we got pass casey park. But was still a good morning very action packed for awhile there in the morning. I think Kim had a good time, he booked a trip for the next day when his relative came up to visit and i heard he did pretty good again.

We also got video of the fish from this day and Charlies wife edited up a really cool video. The first part is Kim’s nice buck, then it goes to a clip of me fighting a 10lb hatchery steelhead, then the very last clip is the fish i caught that is pictured above. Very sweet video, and you can see some of the river we float when we fish the upper rogue river. Thanks to Charlie at for letting me come along and fill the open seat and catch some great fish! Give Charlie a call or email if your interested in fishing the world famous Rogue River. Tell him you heard about him from my blog and you’ll get a discount!

thanks for reading, and tight lines!

April 5th

The day before on the 4th, I fished with Charlie and his wife Rochelle, it was a really slow day for steelhead except for one take down that had to been at least a 15 pound steelhead. It was on for about a minute before it broke her off under a bridge. But before it had broke the leader it ran alot and jumped alot. It actually jumped completely out of the water sideways so we had a real good visual of it. Then when it did finally break the line it gave us one last look at it, when it did a victory jump. Charlie was really upset at losing such a big fish, but the big ones are hard to catch, so it happens some times. The next day he felt alot better about the whole situation and wasnt disappointed like he was the day before. We had to get back out there the next morning to get some redemption.

We had only been in the first hole 5 or so minutes and my line had only been in the water for 30 seconds when my rod started doubling over while still in my hand. I had a huge fish on! The fight only last about 15 seconds. The fish got to the surface and started thrashing around and that was the end of that as my leader snapped. I didnt check the drag on my reel as it was way too tight, lesson learned and also one of Charlies favorite plugs lost! Major bummer. About 40 minutes later my rod gets slammed again in the same hole, it felt like a real nice one. Charlie grabbed the other rod and proceeded to reel it in to get it out of the way. But when we got it in the line was tangled around mine, so he had to do some quick thinking and cut the line off of mine really quick. While this was happening my line went limp like the fish got off, but it must of been just laying in the hole chilling. Because when the line was off and i started reeling in he came back alive and started jumping in the middle of the rapid and the fight was on again! But we had to pull anchor and go after him. While we were floating down the rapid the line went limp once again and thought again that i had lost it. Moments later the fight was on again! We got anchored up at the bottom of the rapid and i fought the steelhead for a few more minutes until we were able to land him. It was a real nice wild steelhead buck, probably about 29inches and real healthy looking. We let him go after we got a quick picture or two, hopefully he found a mate and made some baby steelheads. That ended up being our only fish of the day. We floated to Casey Park twice and the second pass through big butte creek had cleared good enough to where we could of floated to Rogue Elk park. But we had to call it a short day at around 11am. Was another great day fishing with Charlie from If you want a good fishing trip contact Charlie and mention my name/blog for a really nice discount. Thanks for reading and tight lines!

April 7th

Usually I write my reports in order as they happen. But lately iv been fishing so much iv been back logged on writing reports and stuff.  So today im skipping a couple that i will get to later and get right to Thursdays fishing adventure on the 7th of April on the magnificent Rogue River. My day started out 20 minutes after my alarm should of went off, maybe it did and didnt wake me up. I met Charlie at the boat ramp at 530am for the first light bite, which is supposed to be the best time of the day to fish. Well on this day it wasnt the case. We stayed at the first hole for over a hour then we decided to go lower, the very top hole usually produces that’s why we stayed for so long. We got down to the Crater Lake Highway hole and the snow started coming down like a blizzard for about a half hour. Our only take down occurred in this hole but it didnt stick, it happens that way some times. Charlie had to call it a short day around 930am im pretty sure his wife needed to use their car. But that was fine with me. My friend Phil was gonna come up with his boat after he got out of college and he met me up there a little after 1130.

It was slow for Phil and I at first through all the top holes. But when we got down to the Pump hole we finally had a take down. I fought it and got it in the net. Then while the fish was still in the net we came off anchor and started floating down. During all this commotion Phils rod got knocked out of the rod holder some how, we didnt notice until after we released the fish and we began to wonder where his rod went. This was very devastating the reel was a Shimano Curado a 180 dollar reel, the rod was a nice Fenewick too. We looked for it for a little bit then decided there wasn’t much we could do to get it back, so we got in the boat and fished the rest of the day with one rod. About a half hour later the rod got slammed, a real nice take down. I got the rod out of the holder then immediately handed it over to Phil, he deserved to catch this one. We then got one of his cameras rolling so we could get the action put on youtube. And we got some great footage during this second fish. So enjoy the video!

So ill end this post by letting you guys know how the rod debacle ended. A few days later on Saturday, my friend Charlie of had just finished fishing for the day and was at the boat ramp talking to a guy and the guy said a boat earlier had caught a couple steelhead and also one of the guys on the boat had caught a Fenewick rod! Charlie knew who that rod belonged to so he gave me call. He told me the person who owned the boat was a guide and his name was Jimmy Dunlevy. So the next day i gave him a call and left a message with his wife. Later that day i got a call from Rick the angler who caught the rod and he said he would let us have it back! What a nice guy and what a lucky break we had.

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10lb hawg fin clip steely buck!!

I met up with Charlie below slide hole Thursday morning, got into the boat shortly after i slipped and fell into some mud. I got in the boat and he said he had 2 on in the morning but they both got off and both felt like real good fish, what a bummer. He said alot of boats had gone through and most with motors and they pounded the holes hard. We fished the the first hole i met him at for a bit then we made our way down river. We got to pump hole and were anchored up when a fellow guide came down and started hitting the hole below us hard with bait. Then he came to the top one last time and asked Charlie if it was cool to run plugs through one pass. This isnt very cool, but charlie is a nice guy and let him go right on top of us. Charlie then said it would be sweet if we could hook up right after he passed through the same hole as us, using the same technique, he said it would be a “burn”. And wouldnt you know we hook up as plugging down the hole, not long after we had just got done saying how cool it would be to show them up. I fought the fish for awhile, it had to been at least 7lbs and it was really bright. Most of the plugs we use have two treble hooks on them. And during the fight the hook that was in the mouth some how popped out and the other hook got caught near its cheek. This really pissed it off and it made it fight five times harder, and alot harder to bring it to the boat. I tightened the drag a couple times and did it one last final time before the fish broke me off, we could see it swim off with the plug still on it. I felt soooo bad. And i think Charlie felt worse, since it was the 3rd nice one lost in the boat that day.

A boat was behind us the whole time watching so it felt even worse, kinda embarrassing. We were just glad the boat that had jumped right in front of us didnt see me lose it haha. We were really really bummed the rest of the day. Until. Right about noon id say, we were anchored up out by Rogue Elk Park, we were eating lunch and talking when we noticed one of the rods get slammed. Charlie reeled in the other rod as i grabbed the rod out of the holder and proceeded to fight a monster! Charlie pulled anchor and took the boat to shore so we could try to land the fish easier. I fought it there for over 5 mintues id say and i couldnt really get it to come up river. So finally i told Charlie to pull anchor and lets go after him! I fought him for a few more minutes before we were able to net him, the hardest and longest fighting fish i ever caught!

It ended up being a hatchery fish! We thought it was gonna be a wild one since it was so big, but nope it was a keeper. It measured 32 inches and weighed 10lbs, it would of weighed more had it been a female fish full of eggs. It had some really awesome meat too, great color and tasty. This was our only fish for the day, but we were happy, since the morning had gone so wrong. And my personal best fish made it really special, not many fish grow to that size, and i caught one! I want to thank Charlie from Every time I fish with him I do really well, he knows how to put you onto the fish. He’s a great net man too 😀

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Double Chromers!!!

Tuesday night Charlie “Steelhead” Brown, told me he was going fishing all day Wednesday and camping out and fishing Thursday too, since the weather was nice and his wife was busy with work. We met up at the boat ramp Wednesday morning around 730am and there was already a bunch of boats in the water. Not many bankies though, so we were able to run our plugs through chief hole pretty good. We were sitting plugging away in the middle of the hole, when a boat fishing bait at the top hooked one and the fish ran down past our boat. So we had to bring the rods in, after i got the first one in we looked at the other rod and we had a fish on our self’s! They were fighting the fish like it was a monster floating all the way down the hole, we achored up the boat and landed the fish real quick i think they even saw us do it really quick. The fish ended up being a real nice chrome hatchery hen, 7lbs.

We took our time fishing the holes after we got that fish in the boat. We did this because we couldnt shuttle back up to the top and also since so many boats were on the river the holes were beat to death. We made it down to Casey Park only a hole or two above where Charlie planned on camping for the night. Quite a few bankies were fishing here its a pretty popular spot. But we still managed to pull one out on plugs!!! This one was a real beautiful fish, and it was another hatchery hen, so charlie got himself some more bait! And i got my limit by 2pm.

Was an awesome day on the water as you can see. Fishing in a boat with a great guide, wearing a tee shirt and limiting out by 2pm. It dont get much better! I was walking back to my car and the ex police chief of Shady Cove actually gave me a ride to my car. Lots of nice people out here in the great state of Oregon. Ill leave you guy’s wit one last picture from this day. I was leaving and stopped off at the top of the slide hole and see Charlie at the bottom. I shouted to him and took his picture. He shouted back that he had just released a nice buck that he caught on roe! Make sure you check out Charlies site. If you book a trip with him make sure you mention my name and or my blog. And you will get a really great discount!

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30 Inch Chrome Rogue River Hatcehry Hen

Monday I met up with Charlie Steelhead Brown again. Charlie is a fishing guide and a white water guide. If you contact him about getting a fishing trip make sure you mention my blog and you will get a pretty good discount. Fishing The Rogue Guide Service. We met up before first light and were the first boat out but a couple bankies were out on the fishing deadline. A hour or two into the morning we had a take down but missed it. Then not long after we got another take down on the plugs that stuck this time. The fish ended up being an awesome bright chrome hatchery Winter Steelhead 8lbs and 30inches. A hawg! After that alot of boats with motors came down and the bite died off for us. Around 9am we were anchored up above the Crater Lake Highway bridge eating snacks and watching a fly angler on the bank. I had actually said “wouldnt it be nice to see him land one on the fly” only minutes later he hooked up with a steelhead. We watched him fight it for a minute before he yelled over at us to see if we would help him net it. Charlie is a nice guy and obliged, guess it was his first steely this year. I took his picture and told him to google me and my blog.

Charlie invited his friend Andy to come along too, but couldnt get there til a little before 10am. We didnt do alot of catching after andy got in the boat. I ended up catching my first fish while side drifting roe with yarn in the afternoon. I got 2 half pounders and my first Cutthroat trout ever, all while side drifting. Andy didnt have much luck this day, he only caught one fish a small salmon smolt, on a fly and bubble. When we got to Shady Cove near the end of the float we were pulling plugs and got one more take down on my rod. It was a little native steely we quickly released after a photo.

So i caught 2 steelhead and 3 awesome trout, the halfpounders were barely under 16 inches. Had an awesome day fishing with Fishing the Rogue Guide Service, if want a great day on the water contact Charlie. Thanks reading and Tight Lines!


Opps I meant Sunday. Me and Phil met up at 630am sunday to float the river and hopefully catch some steelhead. He had seen how well me and charlie did on Friday and wanted to go out again but he wanted to do the stretch we did, from the hatchery to Rogue Elk Park. He had never done it before and wanted just me in the boat so it would be lighter and easier to take the rapids. We made the float twice and both times werent too bad, the first time down we did wear life jackets though. We had a good time fishing, no catching though. We had two take downs and both didnt stick, the second one was only a half pounder we seen it come out of the water right before it came off. It was a good day of learning though for both of us.

Thanks again Phil! We’ll knock them dead next time.

Until next time… Tight Lines and be safe!


Thank God It’s Steehead. Friday I went fishing with Charlie Brown. Not the one your probably thinking of but Charlie “Steelhead” Brown of Southern Oregon. Charlie is the owner of Fishing the Rogue Guide Service. And I must say fishing with him is a blast. I got a call from him friday morning saying to meet him at Rogue Elk Park at 3pm out on the river where the boat ramp is. When we got to the hatchery boat ramp i seen Phil’s truck and trailer there and knew he would probably be anchored in his favorite hole and when we got down there i was right. We passed them by then floated to the next stretch and I seen a couple more guys i knew but were fishing from the bank, it was raining good so most of the guys out were hardcore and i knew most of them. We got down past the slide hole, which is one of the last holes bank anglers have public access too. Down past there the fishing got better for us because the pressure is way less, up higher it gets hammered from all the bankies. Probably around 430 we got into the first steelhead a bright chrome hatchery hen. It gave me a great fight, went all the way down then stopped at the rapid and i reeled her back up so Charlie could net the beauty.

It felt great getting that fish. My first steelhead in about 5-6 weeks. The last one came on Valentines Day. But this was probably my most bright fish so far this year ( the brighter they are the better the meat they will have) That 27inch chromer was the best tasting steelhead iv had yet. Not long after catching that one we were plugging the river coming up on a rapid so i grabbed the rod and started bringing it in when a steelhead slammed the plug, my friend charlie didnt beleive it at first that it was a fish. He pulled over and dropped anchor so i could fight the fish like we did last time. But this time the left oar hit a rock and popped out and started floating down the river while i was fighting a fish. These drift boat oars arnt cheap so charlie pulled his spare oar out and I tightened the drag on the reel so it would be a quick fight. We fought the fish on the run, floating down the river, we got it netted quickly and then we switched our attention to finding the oar. We spotted it in the middle of the river then it ended up getting stuck in a eddy for a little bit and we eventually got it when it came out of the eddy. After i tagged that 28inch hen we only fished one more hole with one rod because i was limited out and couldnt fish anymore. We wound up getting one last take down on a plug but it didnt stick seemed like a good strike too.

Wound up being an awesome short day on the river. Got my first limit of steelhead and my first fish on a plug, also was my first time using baitcasting set ups. I suggest if you want a good day on the river and want to learn alot, and be put on the fish. Get a hold of Charlie! He’s a great guy and an awesome guide. He has more white water experience then he does steelhead experience so you will be more then comfortable going down all the rapids on the river. And he even has a propane heater in the front! Make sure you check out his website and if your interested in a trip make sure you let him know soon. It’s almost time for spring salmon, and winter steelhead is great right now!

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Being a member of online fishing forums sometimes pays off with open seats on boats. This is really awesome because my boat has only been in still water so far. So any time i can get the chance to fish from a boat i take it! Wednesday was actually the first time iv fished from a drift boat. Phil Tripp aka Phil_Bud on the Oregon Fishing Forum offered me a seat on his really nice Fish Rite drift boat and we met up at 630am at the boat ramp. His buddy Kenji had drove up the day prior from California a few hours away to hang out and fish during spring break. We got to hole below the hatchery called corner pocket or sandy bottom im not sure what it is lol. Anyways Phil started out with his fly rod and not long after we got there he hooked up with a real nice steely, but the fight only lasted about 8 seconds before it broke him off, but by the bend in the rod it looked like a fatty. Not long after that Kenji hooked up with a half pounder steelhead on a spoon and released him. Then we fished for a long while before hooking up again, it wasnt until about 430pm. We were anchored up pulling plugs from the same hole but we only had one rod in the water at the time. About 20 minutes prior we had spotted a beaver so Kenji was looking for it and Phil was eating sardines so when the take down happened i was the only one watching the rod and shouted out “fish on!, fish on!” and then Kenji grabbed the rod and the fight was on! Phil brings two video cameras every time he fishes so not long after the fight started i started filming it and Phil got in the water so he could net it. So watch the video and experience it. Also watch Phil’s other videos on youtube he has some great videos, some even have the take down on film which is awesome.

Phil and I didnt catch any fish that day but even if we did we still wouldnt of had as much fun as watching Kenji catch his biggest fish ever, probably most beautiful fish ever too. I want to thank Phil again for taking me fishing. I had an absolute blast fishing with you two. Thanks to my readers as well id also like to thank the fish and the great state we live in! Tight Lines!

Sucker Fish

Iv lost my magic touch or the fish just arnt there, I thinking its the latter. As of February 23rd only 80 Winter Steelhead had made it to Cole Rivers Hatchery, the last stop for salmon and steelhead on the rogue river. So i guess the ones i had hooked in February were lucky ones. Since i fish the Upper part of the river, alot of the people dont fish up here until March and April. The spot i mainly go to is about 16 mile round trip so its easy on the gas tank. Iv been fishing the river almost daily even if its only for a few hours. Spoons are still my goto but iv added some spinners to my arsenal. I havent been taking pictures lately, usually what i base my blog posts around. Taking pictures takes up too much time, id rather have my line in the water. So with all that said I bring you two pictures from the last two trips i made to the river. The first is my fishing net, filled with trash. There was a discussion on The Oregon Fishing Forum recently that was about trash some say we shouldnt pick up after others and others including myself do pick up trash after other people.

The next picture is of a Sucker fish also known as squaw fish. This was one of the weirdest times iv brought a fish to bank. I was using a big Wyld Edge spinner when i felt something on the other end of my line. It felt like a stick at first but after a few seconds it didnt fight like a stick at all. I got my spinner to the tip on my rod and some ones line was attached to the hook. I started to pull on the line and realized there was a fish on the other end! At first i thought it was a little Steelhead, a half pounder is what they’re called on the Rogue River. It wasnt. Turned out to be a one pound 14 oz squaw fish also known as a sucker fish. It had a pink and red yarn ball stuck to his lip. Pink yarn is a popular thing to use for steelhead as it imitates eggs. So i guess the bottom feeders eat eggs too. So what i did next wasnt the most friendliest thing nor was it PETA friendly. I found a big rock right around 10lbs. And dropped it on the fishes dome. He wont be seeing any more salmon or steelhead eggs 😀

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Update Post

So i was gonna pick a winner to the contest last night at midnight. But fishing the river sure wears a guy out. So i didnt get to pick a winner until i woke up this morning. And the lucky winner is Brandon Hill of Dallas Oregon. Brandon is a young enthusiastic angler, and i know this spinner will be put to good use! He even told me he might start up a fishing blog in the spring, so look forward to some small stream cutthroat trout fishing from our winner! Next contest will have some better prizes, and it will be geared toward the steelhead fishermen.

Little Butte Creek: And some backwater im gonna try for bass later in the year.

As far as fishing reports. SKUNK. Thats really all i got to say about the last four times iv been to the river. Im not gonna let that discourage me, as i know fishing for steelhead is not easy. I went to the Sportsman Show this past friday, first time iv been to one. And it wasnt bad. Four dollars for admission for a few hours of entertainment and some good deals on fishing gear well worth it in my opinion. If your wondering what i bought i got 4 packs of Zoom bass baits at 2 bucks per pack (more then half off) one Krocidile 1/4 oz spoon for 2 bucks. Some UV Yarn for steelhead (will be part of my next giveaway) Backlash Tackle shop from Grants Pass Oregon, had by far the best booth. The coolest thing i bought though was a Survival Water Bottle for $20.00 This water bottle will save me money and lighten my load when i go camping and fishing. It filtrates 500 gallons of water. The pamphlet says its great for when you visit other country’s and you cant drink the water. Ill be using it at my local rivers and lakes.

Upper Table Rock

They said they had a couple “missed opportunities” when it came to the steelhead that day.

All the pictures from this post were from Saturday the 26th

Thanks for reading and participating in my contest. Tight lines!

BTW I just added a new page to the blog. Its called Fish Porn! Check it out!

Rogue River 20th, 21st and 22nd

Sunday the 20th. I only fished for about two hours mostly because my waders were wet and i had to use my old hip waders and they were actually still moist from when i took a dip over ten days before when i caught the one that got away. The only thing i caught besides some twigs was the two weighted fly set up i lost the day prior on a snag. When using these big spoons im trying to run them as close to the bottom as possible. So the the treble hooks usually end up snagging up other peoples gear or in this case my old gear.

Monday the 21st. It was such a beatiful day i didnt even take any pictures because if i did i doubt any of you would believe that its winter in Oregon. Winter Steelhead fishing in a tee shirt doesnt get much better, well hooking a fish would make it better, but that’s just icing on the cake. Wasn’t a bad other then when i fell in the water. When fishing the river iv learned you cant take your focus off of anything, unless u want to get snagged or take a dip in the water. I was snagged up so what i do when that happens is, i walk to shore then i walk toward the snag. This time as i was walking back to shore some one was walking through and decided to ask me how i was doing. Well right after he asked that, i slipped and fell in while i had spectators watching, the guy on shore, and three people on a drift that wasn’t too far away. One of the guys in the boat actually yelled when i fell, at least some one got some excitement out of it. Luckily I had decided to bring extra cloths this day so i went to my car and changed cloths so i got to fish out the rest of the day.

Tuesday the 22nd. The day before i got a call from Big R saying my shipment of all brass spoons had arrived. Last week i was in their store and had mentioned to their employees that what i wanted was out of stock. So he looked up the inventory and found out their Redmond store had ten of the spoons i wanted and he ordered them for me! Id like to let you all know iv been reading two fishing books lately, the first was Bill Herzog’s book on Spoon fishing, the second book is Jed Davis’s book on Spinner fishing. Pretty soon ill write reviews for these books on my blog. In Jed’s book he mentions that when fishing the river you need to have about 8-10 of the same lure that your really confident in. That way when your fishing your not fishing to save the lures but fishing the way you should be. Because when fishing the river if your not losing a few lures each trip your not fishing the right way, the fish are gonna be at the bottom of the river so that’s where your lure should be. On this day i arrived to the river around 230pm and this day sure felt like winter, cold and windy! I fished by myself for most of the time, then my sisters boyfriend came down with my nephew around 5pm and we fished until it got dark out. The first thing my friend Louis said when got to where i was fishing was “Damn! it feels like its 5 degrees out here!”  That didn’t surprise me because he’s mostly a bass fisherman, and bass bite during the spring/summer when the weather is nice. I didnt catch anything other then a size 15 Panther Martin, which happen to be Louis’s spinner that he had lost about two weeks prior. Wasn’t a bad day at the river. I’m really glad March is almost here. They say March is when the steelhead fishing is on fire on the stretch of the river iv been fishing at. Tight Lines!

Spoon of confidence

Cold Day Afternoon

I had some some stuff to do this morning so i didnt get to the Rogue River until after 330pm. The water was much clearer then the day before and the water was a little lower. I fished spoons most of the time, and even tried some weighted flies i found in the river last week. I put the flies on because i was watching so many trout or smolts rise up and eat bugs off the surface. At one point i was watching a little bug float by in the river then next thing you know a trout comes up and eats it!! All while i watched, very cool! After about an hour of fishing i got hung up with my spoon, which is very common. So i waded down stream to try to get a better angle at the snag. And i slipped once again on the rocks and took a plunge into the cold water. Called it a day after that, i was soaked! No pictures, didnt feel like taking any after i got all wet. Until next time… Tight Lines!