Fishing Adventures

Rogue River

Rogue River 16th and 18th

Wednesday i got to the river and it was brown and high. I stood there in the water for a minute or two trying to decide what i should to. Fish the choclate milk water? Walk back to the car and drive up the river and try find clear water? I decided to pick up some of the trash that had floated down with the high water.  I went to some of the holes i dont fish and found a plastic bag and began to pick up mostly mono and ciggaretee butts but there was plenty of other trash too. I picked up crap for about an hour and deicided to tie on my biggest spoon and give it a go. I only tried for 15-20 mintues, it was hard getting it to the bottom. So then i left, with a bag full of trash, two cool pieces of wood that had drifted up on the bank and a neat looking rock that i think might be petrified wood.

Friday the water was much clearer but still had some color to it, also the water was still high. I fished for a few hours in the evening but had to leave 20 minutes before i wanted to. Becasue i slipped and fell in some shallow water and got really wet some how. Other then falling and getting wet wasnt a bad day at the river. Should be fishing good in a day or two or three 🙂 Tight Lines!


Rogue River february 11th and 13th and 14th


So instead of doing three posts, im doing three reports into one post.

Friday the 11th: I got to Denman Wildlife right around 1pm and right after i got my waders on at my car, my friend Jeremy pulled up and he had his fishing buddy Joe with him, and Joe’s buddy Heath came along too, just to watch us fish and have a good time. Joe hooked a nice little hatchery steelhead on his first cast surprisingly. I brought my net this so time, so i got to use it right away. It was a wild spawned out summer steelhead that had one eye. It was probably swimming downstream on its way back to the ocean. But since it was over 24 inches Joe decided to keep it. No one else caught a steelhead that day but i caught plenty of prehistoric rock fish on the botttom of the river. Ended up losing more spoons  then id like to remember. But overall wasnt a bad day at the river met some cool folks and i got to watch a steelhead get caught.

Sunday the 13th. I pulled up to the parking lot of Denman in the afternoon and noticed more cars then usual, so i was kinda hoping there wouldnt be a bunch of people fishing my favorite hole. I was surprised when i got to my hole that no one was fishing there. So i fished the hole with various spoons for about 3-4 hours before i felt that magic tug. This steelhead shot out of the water like a rocket right after taking my spoon. And shortly after was unhooked and on its way up the river to spawn. The only time this little wild steelhead was out of the water was the one it jumped, i took special care to keep the fish in the water while i released it, so no pictures of this fish. I fished with and talked to many anglers that day and no other steelhead were caught except for a boat that floated by they said they had some luck. Another great day was had and was topped off with a fish about 4 hours into it. Met alot of people and everyone has been really friendly and helpful. Sundays have been good the past 2 weeks.

Valentines Day. Monday i got a call from my friend Louis. He said he missed work and fished all morning at a few different spots along the river and had no luck. So when i got to his house to pick him up to go back to the river at around 3 in the afternoon, he had decided he was too tired to go back and give it another go at the river. Around that time i was contemplating whether i should go fishing or not, then i got a call from Jeremy saying that his son Aaron and his buddy Dillon were down there fishing. So i said my good byes and was on my way to the Rogue River at the Denman Wildlife area. So when i got there i only had a couple hours left of day light, so i cut off the spoon that was tied on and put on a chartreuse and silver spoon on that i thought might be good. I had made probably about five casts when i got a strike, and like the last couple steehead i hooked into this one was another acrobatic steelhead. The thing with spoons is when the fish hits it they really hit it. Unlike drift fishing where its hard to tell the differnce from a bite and tapping the bottom. Spoon fishing is either a snag or a fish, no mistaking the bite, at least this is my understanding of it from the little time iv been spoon fishing for steelhead. Aaron and Dillon ran over to where i was and had grabbed my net, and they waited for me to bring the fish over to them so they could net it. The fish got close to them probably about five times and each time when it close it would make a run and peel a bunch of line. Well finally Aaron was able to net it and i got to tag another fish! This one went for 7lbs and 2 oz, the length of this Wild Rogue River buck was 28 inches. After bleeding and tagging the fish i wasnt too excited to keep on fishing, did alot of talking with some other anglers that came by. Gave some pointers to Aaron and i let him use the spoon i caught the steelhead on. No one else caught a steelhead that i seen. Guess im starting to get either good at fishing spoons or really lucky, either way im a very happy guy. Tight Lines!

The One That Got Away

I fished the Rogue River today thursday the 10th. I got to Denman Wildlife area at 230pm and was throwing spoons shortly after. My fishing buddy Jeremy and his son arrived some time around 4. They started out by using bait, worms and shrimp. I seen Jeremy catch some small trout. Im kinda glad some times that my spoons dont catch little fish, but other times i wouldnt mind catching something no matter the size.  Me and Jeremy were talking while fishing and he mentioned something about the day before something along the lines of his brother seeing a bunch of fish jump in the Grants Pass area, i replied by saying “well i hope at least one of us catches one today”. About 10 minutes later a steelhead hammered my spoon!!! Immediately after engulfing my spoon this steelhead went air borne, it was spectacular. I yelled out “DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!  My friends seen it, the fish was so big it was hard to miss. After hooking into it i had to get back to the bank to land the fish. Since i had my hip waders on, I was standing on a piece of land in the water that u had to zig zag in order to get to with out getting wet. So i didnt have time to look down to see where i was stepping, so i just went straight for the bank and ended up soaking both of my waders and pants and socks. The fish fought like none other iv ever hooked pulled so much line and jumped about 5 times. After a few minutes i had it wore out enough where it was pretty close to the bank, thats when things turned for the worse. I was trying to horse it up the beach so i could grab it and take it home for dinner, when suddenly my spoon came flying out of its mouth and as quickly as that, the fish was set free to live another day. So i had wet pants and no fish, but i felt awesome! Having not hooked into anything the past few days this felt incredible especially seeing the fish do some acrobats. It took me about five minutes to gather myself before deciding if i wanted to keep on fishing while wet. Luckily Jeremy had brought a extra pair of pants that he let me wear so i could keep on fishing. We fished until dark no one else hooked up with a steelhead. Was an absolutely great day on the river, one i will remember for a long time. Thanks for reading. No pictures today, next time though. Tight Lines!!! oh btw we estimated the fish was in the 10-12 pound range a real HAWG!

Rogue River February 8th and 9th

Tuesday i arrived in the afternoon around 1pm, once again to the Denman Wildlife area. On this day i used a new product from Eagle Claw, some mono line called Bioline. I guess it’s 100% biodegradable, regular mono takes hundreds of years to decompose, and on the packaging of Bioline it says it only takes 5 years for bioline to decompose. On facebook they did a little give-a-way and i happen to win, so i choose the 10lb line so i could try it out in the river for Steelhead. The line worked great, has alot of stretch to it and not a whole lot of memory.  But if you do happen to break off the line becomes very frail and you have to cut off a few feet. I probably should of got the 12lb because of all the snags where iv been fishing at. I fished my spoons the entire time, my sisters boyfriend came down later in the evening to try for a bit with spinners, their kids also tried some some spoons and spinners. No one from my party caught anything. But the fellow fishing right up river from us, only about 50 yards away caught 4, three of which i seen caught. I guess he was using some kind of nymph fly and bobber. Im gonna have to give that a try some time soon 😀

Wednesday i fished the same spot the guy in the photos above caught his fish at the day before. But my luck was the same as the two days before i didnt catch anything nor did i see anyone else catch any. Although my fishing buddy and his son came down for a hour or two before it got dark, and Jeremy had one on for a little bit, he said it was a 2-3lber but after a few head shakes it got off. I used spoons, spinners, and jigs with a bobber that day. I had a couple bobber downs but im not sure if they were fish or not, still learning on how to fish steelhead jigs. I only took 4 photos the past two days mostly because if your taking pictures your line isnt in the water where the fish are. So ill leave you with the only picture i took yesterday. Im almost positive that’s Jeremy in the photo, if not its his son Aaron. Great guys to fish with. Until next time… Tight Lines!

Rogue River 2-7-2011

I arrived at Denman Wildlife area around 1pm and fished hard for about three and a half hours before i started getting cold from the wind and my wet waders. I went to my car for some snacks and to listen to my favorite radio program for a bit. Went back to the river and the sun was starting to go behind some clouds so i took some pictures, might aswell catch a cool photo if i cant catch a fish. My friend George and his son came not too long after and started fishing with me until dark. No one caught anything. But was still a great day on the Rogue River. Tight Lines

Superbowl Sunday Steelhead

I woke up early today ate some grits for breakfest and called my buddy George and met him at the gate at Denman Wildlife area to do some winter steelhead fishing. We had been there for about 30-40 minutes, when i felt one of those magical tugs. I thought i had got snagged up on the bottom again because id kept on hitting the same thing but this time the snag fought back. It was alot shorter fight then the last one, mainly because i had my drag set really tight because i had forgotten to loosen it from a earlier snag. George netted the fish for me then we found out it was a wild steelhead, then we had to figure out if it was over 24 inches, if it was under i would have to set it free. Luckily it was over! I then bled it and got some pictures, tagged it and continued fishing until about 2pm when we decided to head home to watch the superbowl. It was another awesome day on the water with a another new fishing buddy!

5lb 8oz Wild Rogue River Steelhead Hen

Tight Lines!

February 3rd and 4th on the Rogue River

Thursday the water was even lower at Denman. I only fished for a couple hours. Lost a few spoons to the bottom and after the 3rd one i called it a day. At one point i thought my skunk had ended but it turned out to be a stick. Wasnt a bad day on the river, was tee shirt weather until the sun went down.

Friday i came back to the Denman Wildlife area. I arrived around 245pm and the water was looking great. It was probably as low and clear as January 11th the day i caught my first steelhead in over 10 years. I got to the same spot i caught that steelhead at 3-4 weeks prior, and even tied on the same color of little cleo that i had caught that steelhead on. After about ten casts into fishing at my favorite hole i hook into what i thought was a snag on the bottom of the river. But this wasnt any ordinary snag, this snag did some head shakes and thats when i knew i had hooked into a steelhead! I fought this steelhead for what id guess about 4 or 5 minutes, it fought really hard, and peeled lots of line.I was finally able to tire it out a bit and beach it up on dry land. I then shoved my hand down its gills and carried it down to where a couple guys were fishing not too far from where i was. I talked with them and we became fishing buddys! He showed me how to bleed the fish and took a few photos of me and the fish. They were using bait, so me being a nice guy i gave them one of my spoons to use. My steelhead turned out to be the only one of the day, they caught some trout, and had some steehlead break them off. So it wasnt too bad of a day 😀 Tight Lines!

8lb 6oz  Wild Steelhead Buck

On the Rogue River we can keep 5 Wild Steelhead a year beginning in February. And only one a day.

I want to end this post by saying this. Luck, Plus Determination, Equals Success!

Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!

2-1-2011 Rogue River and a Heli

The water has been lowering on the upper Rogue River lately, they started to reduce the flows from the dam, thankfully. Now with the water lowering from over 5,000cfs coming out of the dam, Tuesday had about 3,600 I believe. Each day in the paper they have the flows printed from the previous night. So with the river going back into shape i wanted to fish it! I went to the Denman Wildlife area, it’s a short drive about 7 miles so its nice to come to even if its only for a couple of hours. I only fished for about a hour and half before i decided to pack up and go home, the water was still a little high for my liking. Im still only using spoons, im trying to master this technique before learning others for steelhead, but if i have some one to instruct me in person on how to do a different technique id gladly learn. So i was packing up my stuff when i noticed a big bright yellow helicopter coming my way. My first thoughts were “is it going to land where im standing?”  luckily i figured out what it was doing after i sprinted to safety. Turns out the helicopter was just doing practice maneuvers with sucking up water from the river and near by ponds and dropping it back to where he picked it up from. It was really cool to watch, he did about five fly arounds and put on a great show for me!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! Tight Lines!

1-26-11 – Pond, Rivers, Creeks! oh my…

Thursday i wanted to do some fishing but also wanted stay kinda local, so i decided to bass fish the Denman Ponds. The first couple ponds are so small and shallow that they probably dont hold any bass. The next of ponds down the road are nice sized and i hadnt fished them in a long time 10 plus years. I threw a yum dinger worm for a bit then tossed a floating rappala, no bites, probably because its cold out. I then went to the other side of the pond to check things out, and while crossing a flooded part of the trail, i lost my balance and stepped into the water, should of had my waders on. I ended up checking out a pond id never seen before then i headed down the road to the Rogue River just to check out the water level and to pick up some beer cans and stuff. While on my way back to my car i spotted a container under a shrub and did some investigating. I found a lock tight Tupperware container that had kid toys and a bar a soap in it, also there was a pen and  a small notepad. Turned out this container was a Geo-Cache. Id heard about these things before on tv and hadnt given it much thought until i stumbled upon this one. Its actually kinda cool. Might use my friends GPS to find some more in the future. I signed my name to the notepad, and also added the url to this blog and put my old car air freshener in the container and put it back where i found it under some leafs. I then took a trail id never been on, it follows Little Butte Creek. Turns out theres plenty of places to fish along this trail. Im gonna bring my trout gear next time and give the creek a try. Its lure and fly only, C&R of trout, except for no limit on brookie. And you can keep fin-clipped steelhead. Sounds good to me! Enjoy the pictures and Tight Lines!!!

Rogue River – 1-20-11

I went down to the river again today, but this time to Denman Wildlife/Tueville area. Its a short ride to this part of the river, only about 7 miles away. The river was really high as i expected it would, water clarity was about a foot or less. I tried to fish my spoons at a few spots along the river, i even tried drifting a warm i found in the water. The water was much too high to be effectively fishing, i guess thats why i was the only one out there fishing today. Oh Well, it was a great day for photos…Until next time. Tight Lines!

Rogue River – 1-18-11

Me and the river met once again but this time exclusively at the Cheif Hole on the far side of Mcgregor Park. I threw just spoons, as im trying to get just this one technique down before trying to learn others. The river was up a little bit from the day before, i wasnt getting snagged on the bottom near as much. I think they were letting extra water out of the dam for some reason. I borrowed a camera until i find out if mine still works, it was off when it took a swim, so im hoping it’ll be good to go. So ill leave you with two pictures of the cheif hole. Next time is looking good though, gonna try different less pressured areas. I cant wait to feel a fish on the new rod. Until then…..Tight Lines!

1-13-11 Rogue River

The next day after catching that beatiful Steelhead, i decided i needed a new steelhead rod. I went to Bi-mart and bought a 9’6 Okuma Celilo. It’s a very affordable rod at $50, and apparently part of the proceeds goto the NorthWest Sportfishing Industry Association (NSIA). Thursday i went back to the spot i caught my steelhead two days earlier. But on this day the Rogue River didnt look the same, I noticed right away it was high, brown, and raging. I reluctantly stepped into the brown water, two days earlier i could see where i was stepping. Casting my spoon ended up with some type of debris on my hook almost every cast. After about a half hour i decided to leave and go up river where its alot calmer near the dam. I went up to Casey State Park and the water was much nicer but still had some brown to it. I fished up there for a couple hours until it got dark. Didnt have any luck, but did catch a snag and the bottom a few times 😀 until next time… Tight Lines!

Rogue River 1-11-11

A new report!!! I hadnt gone fishing since Dec. 5th and that was only for a hour or so, up in Eugene at a private pond for bass, it was too cold!  Tuesday the 11th I needed to get out and do some fishing to get my mind off of the Ducks losing the National Championship. The day before I went to the department of fish and wildlife to turn in my blank 2010 steelhead/salmon tags and to get a key to the Denman Wildlife Area. The Denman Wildlife is a primarily hunting place for ducks and other birds, but there are also a bunch of warmwater ponds, and at the end of the dirt road is the Rogue River, right where Little Butte Creeks dumps in. Unfortunately my batteries died before i got to the river, but i did get some pictures of a couple helicopters doing some kind of practice, and one photo of a pond.

The photo above is one of the ponds, ill fish it this spring/summer for bass. I got down to the river around 230pm and started fishing spoons and jigs near little bute creek. I fished there for a bit and decided to move down the river, i have no idea how to read the water so i just kinda fished it all. At one point a steelhead ran up the river like a pissed off rocket, for a moment i thought i had hooked it with my spoon. I fished a few more different spots until i ended up where Denman Willdlife and Touville State Park meet. I fished there for about 15 minutes before i hooked into my first steelhead in over ten years!! The rod i was using was my dads from the early 90’s, a stiff red Abu Garcia and i had my drag set real tight so i just horsed it in. When i got my first look at and seen it had no fin that’s when i really got excited and walked up the beach and drug it up pretty far. Got my pocket knife out and cut the gills, made a few calls to brag. Then on my next cast i lost the Little Cleo spoon i was using, and for those wondering it was a 2/5 oz Mostly white with a little bit of red. While fishing I had no expectations of catching a steelhead, i primarily wanted to try out the new reel i bought recently a Shimano Symetre. And like the first time i took my pontoon boat out this past summer i had good luck!! A beatiful bright 5lb 26inch hatchery steelhead hen is whats for dinner tonight!  It was a great day on the water topped off with a great fish. One thing that made it a even more specail day was i seen no one on the river except for a otter and some birds. Thanks for reading and tight lines to everyone!

June 10th

The road to Four Mile Lake

Thursday came and i woke up early and wanted to fish a lake that i havent been to in about 10 years, Four Mile Lake. Its called Four Mile lake but its actually about 6 miles from the highway, I got about halfway and had to turn around due to the snow. Ill make it up there in a week or two, probably camp and bring a raft. So after i turned around i went out to Willow Lake, i wanted to see if the blue green algae was gone and see if i could get a bass or trout to bite my spinners. Well I fished there for only a half hour, and spent 15 minutes picking up beer cans and water bottles, didnt catch anything but a bunch of deposit. I then headed off in search of more water, i drove by Medco pond but decided not to stop, a few to many people. I then went to the Rogue River above Union Creek and stopped at the gorge for some pictures and lunch, i dont remember seein this section of river and it is amazing. Iv heard great things from more then a few people about Union Creek and have driven by it plenty of times and havent stopped, thursday i finally did. I immediately took the trail on the right side of the creek, where there was a trail sign, that said that Union Creek Falls is a 3 mile hike up the creek. So I took off on the trail for a couple of minutes then it stopped where it appears there used to be a log crossing the creek to the other side, i didnt figure this out right away and kept on walking through a bunch of vegetation trying  to find something resembling a trail, after ripping my pants on a barbed wire fence i decided to turn around and see if there was a trail on the other side of the creek. Fortunately there was another trail on the other side of the creek, I hiked it for about 3 miles then had a little something to eat in the woods just past the falls. It was a really great hike, the trail runs along the creek the whole way and all the fallen trees  makes the sceneray marvelous. Standing under all the big rootballs from trees that have fallen sure made me glad it wasnt windy that day. The Solitude was also great up there, I only came across one other group of people there and they appeared to be playing frizz-bee which was surprising because it looked like some grandparents that took there two grandsons hiking. I didnt do much fishing on the hike, after catching a bush more then a few times in the same area i got discouraged, i really need to learn how to fly fish, i think this area would be great. When i got back to the car i decided to try Medco Pond to try to kill my skunk for the day. First cast at Medco Pond fish on!!! was just a blue gill but still was a great way to end the day, i fished for a half hour longer and didnt get anything else besides a picture of a rainbow. Got the bluegill on a BlueFox Spinner, grey and pink with a silver blade with a few blue stipes on the blade. Was an interesting day of snow and sunshine, had fun except my feet were a little sore 😀

This is how far i got and had to turn around.

Willow Lake

I think that foam is from the blue green algae ?


Rogue River Gorge

More of the Gorge

Now for some pictures of Union Creek. BTW my panther martin is in that bush/tree in the creek

Next set of photos were taken at Medco Pond

Only fish of the day

Ill end my post with a rainbow 🙂


Thanks for reading/looking at my blog  😀   Tight Lines to all the fisher people out there!!

Camping !!!!!!!!!! part 2

Friday i woke up and set off to see more sights on Highway 138 and the surrounding areas. For those that are not familar with the area Highway 138 runs along the North Umpqua river from the town of Roseburg to Diamond Lake, along the way there are signs that mark different waterfalls and some of them have campgrounds you can stay at. Also the day before i drove to Toketee Ranger station and picked up some maps and pamphlets about the area, one of papers i got was about the hot springs. I woke up ate some bacon and smoked trout, and decided to see a couple more waterfalls that i had drove by yesterday on my way to Toketee lake. The First one was White horse falls, this one has a nice wooden deck that u can walk out on for a good look at the water fall.

This one is Clearwater Falls

This is the top of Clearwater Falls

And this is below Clearwater Falls

I came back and fished Toketee Lake some more.

From what iv read, there is only brown trout in the lake. I didnt catch any though, next time though ill be prepared and have some Tasmanians with me.

I then decided to go to the Umpqua Hot Springs Geologic Area. The trail to the springs is less then a half mile, but part of it is very steep. But first you must cross the North Umpqua on this log.

When you see this you know your there

This was the covered tub, which was nice to keep the cloths dry because while i was there, it hailed, snowed, rained, and then the sun came out.

There are about 6-7 other tubs along the side of the cliff, the North Umpqua river is at the bottom, you can watch it while u soak.

This is a waterfall right down the trail from the hot springs, If i remember right its called surprise falls

On my way home saturday i stopped at the Natural Bridge on the Rogue River

This is the natural bridge, the rogue river runs through old volcanic tubes.

This is what its like above the natural bridge, i should of brought my rod with me.

Upper Rogue River

Saturday was another beautiful day in Oregon, so i had to go enjoy it. My thoughts were to goto Medco pond and fish spinners where i usually do there, but as i arrived there and seen all the people fishing/camping i decided to go some where else. So i kept on driving and decided to fish the far Upper Rogue above Lost Creek Lake, I had never fished the upper river before so i decided to give it a go. The first place i went to was Rivers Bridge Campground, its a beautiful little area about a 1/4 mile from the highway, first time on a dirt road for me since i flipped my car about a month ago, felt a little uneasy at first but all was well. Im a rookie at river fishing so at first i felt a little discouraged when didnt get any bites or see any sign of fish, but i was casting my spinner downstream and i think that may be the wrong way to fish it. I then decided to walk upstream about 100ft from the bridge and try my luck, started casting my spinner upstream and when i got it in the right pocket i could see the trout chase after it, after a couple casts from this spot i caught my first and only fish of the day, a beautiful redband rainbow trout, he was about 6-7 inches, pretty sure he was a wild fish. After catching that guy i hooked a couple more in the same area but they got off, went a little further up river with out any luck, and decided to goto my car for some lunch, after eating a few of my smoked trout and some chips i took off down the highway for another spot. I ended up at Abbot Creek, what an awesome area, another place id never been to, and the rapids were magnificent!  I walked up river about a mile with my rod in hand stopping and fishing every now and then but since the water was so high, fast and cold the fishing wasnt so great. But i did i have a great hike through the wilderness, not seeing a single soul until on my way back and they were on the other side of the river, i love the solitude out there. I had a great day of fishing/exploring and i plan on fishing this part of the river much more espically once the water gets warmer and when the water isnt as high. Thanks for stopping by my blog and tight lines!!!

I didnt mention it but i did catch a couple of these too, they  were released unharmed 😀

I thought about going out on this log and fishing but that water is awfully cold and fast.

After hiking around Abbot Creek i decided to head back to Rivers Bridge campground where i had some success earlier, after a few casts i had a decent trout on but he got free after some head shakes.

2-4-10 Upper Rogue River and more

Well i bought my Steelhead tags and headed to Casey park on the upper Rogue for some steelhead action. The flows from the dam were reduced so the water was really low, maybe that was why i got skunked? Well i wasnt the only one who didnt catch fish, a couple fly fisher men were having the same luck as i, and the trout were rising quite a bit. I seen one fish caught while i was there,  on a spoon, a nice little rainbow trout, i would of been happy catching it. I left right around 2pm after getting very frustrated losing my gear and tangling my line. So i headed up the road to the hatchery and the holy water for some pictures and relaxation. I cant fish the holy water yet because i havent learned how to fish fly fish yet, after watching the old guys yesterday i sure do want to learn. After leaving their i noticed i still had some day light left and some extra gas so i decided to take a drive to Willow Lake just to see what it was like, havent been there in ages. What an awesome lake even though the water was really low it still looked great. Next time im out there im definitely gonna drown some worms. Enough with all these words time for some pictures 😀  First two are of Casey park on the Rogue, the place i lost all my gear.

Next few are of the Holy water and the dam

Next two are of Willow Lake, near Butte Falls, Or.