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Undisclosed Water

B-Day Camping Trip 2014

One of my newest traditions has been to go camping on my birthday or the weekend of it. It’s a great time of the year to camp, the seasons have definitely changed to fall with the colors and cooler temperatures. It is also around the time I switch over from bass to trout fishing, and in particular brown trout on this trip. Me and my friend arrived to the campground an hour or before sun down, which left us enough daylight to build our tents and to get a fire going.


We fished pretty hard Thursday. We both got skunked, but we were fishing in the bright sun and the water is really cold and clear so the fish were real spookish. We didn’t fish the morning or evening bite Thursday… another excuse for the skunking that day. We did do some sight seeing though. My friend hadn’t been through this area much before, there’s lots to see around this part of Oregon. Rivers, lakes, forebays, hot springs and waterfalls!


The next day we got on the road and decided to skip the lake and fish one of the forbays for the day and see if our luck would change on a different body of water. I had fished here once before, but just from the bank and had no luck.


This time I had brought my pontoon boat, which I figured would put my odds up a bit. Fishing was still tough like the day before. If we hadn’t kept on seeing some really decent sized fish jump I’m sure we would have moved on a lot sooner. 


I did eventually get a few strikes and landed two little brown trout the first fish from the trip. Not big but felt good to get the skunk off of me! My buddy still went fish-less this day, but we were still having a good time. And his luck would change the next day. 


The next day was actually my B-Day and I woke up feeling quite shitty as we had drank pretty heavily the night before. This day it took us awhile especially me to get around and get on the lake. The two previous mornings the clouds and fog burned off quite early, not too long after the sun had raised. On this morning the clouds were down low and it was misting most of the morning, and when we finally got on the lake we got rained on for a half hour or so.


So without any sun on the water the trout were rising quite a bit and actually biting! We were getting them either trolling or casting spoons and spinners. My friend out fished me this day 8 to 3 if I remember right, we kept the biggest one and split it for dinner. She was quite good, either that or we were quite drunk. Probably both!


The next morning was Sunday, and instead of just packing up and leaving when we got up. We decided to kill off the few beers we had left and go hike along the river and fish some new areas. We didnt land anything but had a couple decent sized trout follow our lures, none the less it was a good way to end the trip! Only bad thing was driving home on the freeway at night, and got into a construction zone, with stop and go traffic. When I just wanted to get home and rest from a crazy B-Day weekend!


Thanks for reading. I think ill start posting more, especially now that I can type with both hands once again.


I’m Back!! In More Ways Then One

I’m back to blogging as well as back to catching fish, and skunkings are back too. Had an accident with a slip and slide about a month back, my humerus ended being snapped in half. Wound up getting surgery five days later, the healing process seemed to go quickly and smoothly although im still rehabbing and have trouble doing some stuff still. But I can fish!!! Went bank fishing for bass a couple of times before the 29th, but on that day I rowed the boat around and managed to land a couple on a black 5″ senko type of worm made by Skirmish Baits. On the Texas rig with no weight.


The first one was no dandy at around a pound but it felt good my first fish in a month. I was fishing open pockets of water along the weed/algae mat and had a couple of bites before hooking into that lil guy. After landing him I rowed about twenty feet over to an open pocket of water that was right along the bush line which is also one my favorite spots of the pond and I refer to it as the honey hole. After a few casts I felt that familiar feeling of pressure on the line that only means one thing. Soon after setting the hook I knew I had one of the better sized fish on, and I had about of 10-15 feet of weed mat in between me and the bass. This wasn’t ideal as I was using a flimsy spinning rod that is older than me along with 8lb mono.At first things were going smoothly, I had enough pressure on the fish that it couldn’t go deep into the bushes and was also enough pressure to pull me closer to it through the weed mat. The bass swam back and forth along the bush then she wised up and headed toward me and the weed mat. At that point I thought it was over as I couldn’t keep the pressure that it takes to keep them pinned to the hook.


Some how I managed to keep the hook stuck into this bass while I rowed over to it and hand lined it while removing weeds from the line, the hook wasn’t even stuck very well to the lip as the hook came out real easily. Don’t know how I didn’t lose this one.


Same fish different photo. It was a dandy in my book coming in around four or five pounds so I took a few pictures before letting her go on her merry way. Always practice catch & release for these big bass especially if you want a fishery that will continue to have nice fish to catch over an over again. As always tight lines, and thanks for reading!!

Christmas Day 2013 Fishing Trip


This is another trip from my back log, got quite a few more that ill get to.

Christmas to me is just like any other day of the year. Also my family has celebrated the holiday on Christmas Eve for many years so me leaving to go fish on X-Mas day was no big deal. Me and my friend Ted decided to fish a small river that feeds into a near by reservoir in the Eugene area. This was my first time fishing here and the first time Ted fished here in many years. This section of river is very cool especially at the level we floated it at, we could row up and down steam of where we put in at without any difficulty. And not long after we put in I had caught a nice little trout on a Rapala.


The trout on this stream are real beauties, nice and scrappy too, that’s a wild trout for ya. I caught a few on this day all on  that Rapala and sent them all back on their merry way. Ted landed a couple as well think he got them on a Thomas Buoyant Spoon. It’s a real interesting piece of water that I definitely want to come back to in the summer and see if I can’t pull some bass out of here.


This river is in a metropolitan area even though the pictures look like it may suggest different. It’s also not stocked at all with any type of fish, so for those two reasons I’m not disclosing the name of the water. Would hate to see see this river fished out and full of people. We explored quite a bit of water and some of it we had to go over logs, and even portaged once. But we did get to one point of the river where we could go no further. A big ole log jam, we probably could of gone around if put in some work and got out on some private property. But that wasn’t worth it for us, so we turned around.


As always thanks for reading and tight lines!

Swimbait Bass Sept. 21st!

Going to start blogging once again, yeah I know… lol. I figured Ill start back in with my latest outing. My friend Dave called me up to have me come out and help him get fire wood cut and stacked for the winter coming up.  So I sweated my ass off for a couple hours then we decided to head out back to the little pond on his property. The weather lately has been quite damp so instead of walking in the mud we had his grandson give us a ride on the quad to the pond, pretty fun way to get there! I had been fishing a spot on the bank for five minutes or so and Dave and his grandson just pulled up on the quad and were getting ready to fish. I started telling them the fish must be on the other side of the pond, and said I was about to head over there and try. Not long after a nice one just hammered my swimbait 10 feet from the end of the retrieve! Lots of fun! I dont have working scale right now but id say its right around 5lbs, good one for Oregon!


Thanks for reading, and Tight Lines!

Bass Are Starting To Bite!!

Well Bass season has come here in Oregon, at least for now with the nice weather. I was able to get my first two bass of the year last Friday March 8th at a local Eugene area public pond. If this area wasn’t so populated id let the cat out of the bag as to where we were fishing. It is good though to have public places that have decent fishing and aren’t beat to death by other anglers.


Friday was a swimbait type of day for me not only was it the first bass of the year for me but also my first bass on a swimbait. Although the first one was a dink.( If you click the above picture you can see the bait) The bait is 5.5″ So I’m pretty sure so that bass is only about 13″ It sure had eyes bigger then its stomach. The second fish of the day came shortly after, on the same bait. It was a tad bigger but not the monster we were looking for. My buddy Dave got skunked but he spent a lot of the time on the oars trying to position me into good casting distance along the banks.


The next day was another surprisingly nice March day and I had a couple hours to blow and found myself at my buddy Dave’s private pond he has in his back yard. Iv fished this piece of water at least a hand full of times already this year each time with out any luck. Since this pond is in Dave’s back yard hes been out there probably twice as much with out any luck either. But that all changed Saturday. I had some confidence in me since the day before I got my first ditch pickles of the year, so I made a bet with Dave soon after we had the boat in the water. I told him ” first one to get a bass to the boat out of this pond wins $5.00. Not twenty minutes later and about half way around the pond I got got the first one from the pond on a wacky rig Yum Dinger in Melon Pie color.


The next day, Sunday, Dave and myself went back to the public pond that i’m keeping undisclosed. We got there around 7 am and the air temp was around 33 degrees which made fishing not so fun. Also turned the bite off I think, we both got skunked that day but our buddy was there later in the day and reported a 6lber was caught and he had some luck as well. Guess we left before the bite turned on.


A couple of days later me and another buddy Ted went out there again, this time in his boat. Got there around noon, and not too long after I got the fish above on a wacky rig worm. I got another one on the same rig on the other end of the lake, but only a 1lber. Still fun to catch bass this early in the year even if they are dinks aka small fish. 


Ted didn’t get on the board until after I caught my two and after I talked a little shit. He wound up catching two but both were dinks, and smaller then the fish I got. Guess I should of made another bet, ha.  Fish or no fish it’s always a good time fishing with company like Ted and Dave. Here’s to more early season bass and good times! Thanks for reading.  Tight Lines!

Good ol’ Pond Fishing

You can probably tell lately iv been really enjoying doing little fishing videos, well here’s another one! This one starts off with me pulling a bass out of a bunch of crap. I caught it on 8lb mono and it went straight for the shit! It got hung up in it for a few minutes and when I finally decided to go over to where the line meets the water I found out the bass was on top of the water! Then its onto some more pond fishing but this time Ted and myself were fishing for carp but caught these squaw and sucker fish instead! Last clip is my friend telling a story about a encounter he had with a ‘friendly’ Nutria. 

Thanks for reading/watching! Tight Lines!!

Top Water Senko Bass and More

I have a lot of catching up to do on this here blog! About 2-3 weeks ago I went out to my buddies back yard pond for some good times.  I ended up catching one fish, it was a nice one and really surprised me! I was using a weight less Strike King worm in Key Lime Pie color. When I got this fish I was just retrieving my bait for another cast, when all of sudden a few feet out from the boat a nice bass gobbles the worm down, and the fight was on! One of the coolest bass bites iv had since I haven’t done a lot of top water fishing for them. The second clip on this video was a day or two earlier at the same pond. My friend Dave got into a nice bass, which you cant see but you can hear since the sun had just gone down. Feeling for a bite with a jig! Good times!

Thanks for reading/watching. 

Tight Lines!!!

Some Recent Bass

Bass fishing has been slow lately for me, but here’s a report anyways! A couple Wednesdays ago I took my pontoon boat to Triangle Lake for the first time, it’s a pretty sweet lake that isn’t too far from Eugene. I fished it for about five hours before taking my pontoon out and leaving. The bass were not cooperating there, I found a 3-4lber swimming around and it didn’t want anything to do with my offerings, even after 20 casts right to it. I should of brought my trout/kokanee gear because I seen quite a few of them jumping, oh well.

Mermaid of Triangle Lake

After leaving the lake I called my friend Dave and seen if I could come over and fish his backyard pond. Fishing there was even slow. We fished longer then we usually do and we only ended up with one small bass a piece. Mine came on a senko and he got his on a flying squirrel. I got both on video. And also got a little bit of video of my friends personal best small mouth bass that he got at Dorena Lake.

Fishing at Dorena was super slow, we only had a couple bites a piece. It wasn’t looking good for Ben’s first time there, until we started to head back to the boat ramp. Ben spotted a downed tree and decided to try one more spot before heading home. Luckily he did stop because he hooked into his biggest Small Mouth Bass ever! That one fish made up for the lousy day of fishing, crazy how just one fish can turn around a day. Here’s the fish just in case you don’t feel like watching my cool video.

Last week me and Ted went to a small reservoir to try to catch bass and some cutthroats. The fish weren’t cooperating on this day, but I did manage to catch on small bass. And Ted got skunked. But we still had a good time in our pontoon boats. The bass ate a Melon Pie Yum Dinger that day Texas Rigged with no weight.

I fished Foster Reservoir for the first time a couple weekends ago with Ben in his nice smoker craft boat. We were fishing for Small Mouth Bass and the bite was kinda tough, but we did manage probably around a dozen bass for each of us. Most came on tubes and small senko worms. But I did get one on a spinner when I decided to try to catch a trout, we could see the trout swimming on the bottom of the lake and they would chase our  bass gear some times, it was cool to watch. Here’s a picture of the smallie that hit the spinner.

Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!!!

Carp Fishing

Friday I fished a private pond with my friend Ted and his buddy Dale. We have access to a few private ponds, and we were fishing for bluegills on that day so we could relocate them to a different private pond so the bass could have some food. While fishing for the bluegills something big ate Teds night crawler, turned out to be a carp, it put up a great fight on 4lb line. Later that day we fished for bass and it was super slow. So the next day Ted and my self went back to the pond where he caught the carp at, and we targeted them! I had never caught one before, and I think iv only fished for them once before with out any luck. We were just using night crawlers with little to no weight. And the carp were hammering the worms! Check out the video I made.

Ted had the hot rods for the day. Every Carp bite came on his two rods, while my two rods didnt have a single carp bite, it was strange. But I did fight two of them on his rods. The first I broke off after it got snagged up on something under the water. The second one which I landed and was my first ever carp was a very light bite, Ted was re tying and we both watched the carp nibble at it and I asked him if he wanted to see if it was a bluegil or carp doing the nibble nibble, he said go for it. Turned out to be a carp, and my first one to boot!

Thanks for reading! And Tight Lines!!!

Melon Pie

Saturday morning I went over to Dave’s house, he’s my friend with a killer bass pond in his back yard, lucky guy!  Anyways, the fishing for me was great! I brought five nice bass to the boat, got all but one of them on video. I missed a couple bites too, Dave got skunked, he missed a few bites too. But luckily for him he can go down and redeem himself when ever he pleases. All my fish came on a Texas rigged 5″ Melon Pie colored Yum Dinger worm with a 1/16th bullet weight. Had a blast catching these bass! The only bad part of the day was when I missed the best action shot. The one bass I didn’t get on film jumped a few feet out of the water right after I ripped its lip, it was very sweet! Oh well, Ill get one jumping on video real soon at this pond! Check out the video I put together.

Thanks for reading. Tight Lines!!