Fishing Adventures

Feautured Reports

This section is for those special days on the water when we happen to catch something that is photo worthy.

4-11-2011 Rogue River – Keepers!

4-7-2011 Rogue River – Awesome aerial steelhead footage

4-5-2011 Rogue River – Nice Wild Buck

3-31-2011 Rogue River – 10lb hawg steelhead buck

3-30-2011 Rogue River – Double Chromers!

3-28-2011 Rogue River – 30 Inch Chrome Hen!

3-25-2011 Rogue River – Thank God It’s Steelhead

3-23-2011 Rogue River – Kenji’s Steelhead

3-3-2011 Willamette River – Monster Catfish – Caught by Drew9870

2-14-2011 – Rogue River – Steelhead

2-6-2011 – Superbowl Sunday Steelhead

2-4-2011 Rogue River Steelhead

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