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And the winner is….

And in the infamous words of Charlie Sheen. “WINNING!!!” That’s what Jay Broad of the half dead Fishing Beaver Guy Blog said, i would imagine, when i told he had won the pink UV yarn. 😀  lol.

If you’ve visited this blog before then you probably noticed a major change in the appearance. The background is that picture above. St. Patrick’s day I was out on the Applegate River above the dam in California and came across this tree that i took a photo of. I uploaded it to facebook and my buddy Colby Pearson decided to edit it. I thought it looked awesome an added it on here for the background. And as you can see i have a header now too. My friend from Southern Cali made it for me over a year ago and i just now decided to use it, thanks Jessica Gotti! Well with the new look will come new content, such as more contests(better ones!) Gear reviews that i approve of (stuff I use) More Featured Reports from friends of my blog. More videos in the Youtube Friends section, and best of all, Moar Fish Porn!!!! Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!


Thursday at Applegate

Well i had this all wrote out then something happend and the draft wasnt saved so ill make this short and sweet. Thursday i had the urge to fish im sure you know what im talking about, so i decided to goto my favorite little area even though the weather man said it wasnt gonna be nice out. I first fished the Applegate River not too far above historic Mckee Bridge, the river opened to trout fishing last saturday so i thought id give it a shot. The spot i was fishing had quite a few trees along the shore and i managed to hook one with my panther martin, after that i didnt stay for much longer, i did pack out a bunch of stuff from there though about 20 cents in deposit, a raft ore, 1 flip flop, 1 ford hub cap, and a bunch of beer caps. I then went up to the lake, i fished the back end with a variety spinners i caught about 12 rainbow trout keeping 4. A few of the ones i released i wouldnt of mind keeping but they some how manged to get free right at shore, the biggest was about 15 inches, and the rest ranged from 11-13 inches and almost all were fatties. I was using my 4’6 Ultra Light rod and some of these little trout were peeling my four pound line and most were bending my rod pretty good. I fished off the dam before i left to try to get the fifth and final trout but by then it was quite rainy. Had a great day of fishing at a great place. Thanks for reading and tight lines!

The other side of the river looks like it might be nice to fish from, but i think its private property

My trout catching grounds

Took a few pictures at the dam

You can probably tell i forgot to change the date and time, i swear next time i go out ill have it fixed 😀