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I’m Back!! In More Ways Then One

I’m back to blogging as well as back to catching fish, and skunkings are back too. Had an accident with a slip and slide about a month back, my humerus ended being snapped in half. Wound up getting surgery five days later, the healing process seemed to go quickly and smoothly although im still rehabbing and have trouble doing some stuff still. But I can fish!!! Went bank fishing for bass a couple of times before the 29th, but on that day I rowed the boat around and managed to land a couple on a black 5″ senko type of worm made by Skirmish Baits. On the Texas rig with no weight.


The first one was no dandy at around a pound but it felt good my first fish in a month. I was fishing open pockets of water along the weed/algae mat and had a couple of bites before hooking into that lil guy. After landing him I rowed about twenty feet over to an open pocket of water that was right along the bush line which is also one my favorite spots of the pond and I refer to it as the honey hole. After a few casts I felt that familiar feeling of pressure on the line that only means one thing. Soon after setting the hook I knew I had one of the better sized fish on, and I had about of 10-15 feet of weed mat in between me and the bass. This wasn’t ideal as I was using a flimsy spinning rod that is older than me along with 8lb mono.At first things were going smoothly, I had enough pressure on the fish that it couldn’t go deep into the bushes and was also enough pressure to pull me closer to it through the weed mat. The bass swam back and forth along the bush then she wised up and headed toward me and the weed mat. At that point I thought it was over as I couldn’t keep the pressure that it takes to keep them pinned to the hook.


Some how I managed to keep the hook stuck into this bass while I rowed over to it and hand lined it while removing weeds from the line, the hook wasn’t even stuck very well to the lip as the hook came out real easily. Don’t know how I didn’t lose this one.


Same fish different photo. It was a dandy in my book coming in around four or five pounds so I took a few pictures before letting her go on her merry way. Always practice catch & release for these big bass especially if you want a fishery that will continue to have nice fish to catch over an over again. As always tight lines, and thanks for reading!!

Colby Pearson – Trick Cast

Trokar hooks which is part of Eagle Claw is doing a competition right now having people post videos online of them self’s doing trick shots with a fishing rod. My good friend and fishing buddy Colby Pearson put together a video that is awesome, sick, dope, out of this world etc etc. In other words it’s pretty dang cool!!!! Iv seen him make some great cast’s just fishing along aside of him but one day we stopped at a pond after a day of fishing and seen him do a cast that is indescribable. If I said the cast he made that day was epic I would be calling it short. But anyways that cast’s wasn’t part of this video but even without it, I can see my friend winning this competition. Enjoy the video. And good luck to Colby!

As always thanks for reading and watching the videos. Tight Lines!

Bass fishing on the 5th of July


Friday July 5th I met up with my good friends and fishing pals Ted, and Ben to float and fish the Calapooia River in the morning. We floated the river once last year and we had a good time and decided it was time to revisit the small river. This river runs through mainly private farm land so access is very limited, so id imagine there isnt much fishing pressure. It wouldn’t be surpring to hear dueling banjos while floating down this little piece of water.  There’s all sorts of fish that reside in the river but we were mainly after the Small Mouth Bass, but it would be fun to just use night crawlers and see what you come up with. Fishing could of been better but was still fun on the river this day!

On the way home from the river I decided to stop at my friends house and do some fishing in his back yard pond. My friends son Jesse was also out there and he had a decent bite that day on a top water frog. Was pretty fun watching that frog get hammered in the weed mat. It was a good bass right around five pounds. I caught one at the pond as well but it wasnt picture worthy. 


As always thanks for reading and tight lines. 

Couple Recent Bass Fishing Videos

Well I haven’t been in the blogging mood very much lately, iv still been fishing just haven’t taken the time to write about it. Guess that’s the cool thing about video, the words aren’t as important. 

The first two clips and picture on this video were from April 7th fished with my buddy and his grandson.  The rest of the clips and pictures are all from various trips earlier in the year. 

This video was filmed April 16th in my buddies pond. I caught five dinks that day and got four on video. 

BTW both songs have hiphop music playing so you were warned!

Tight Lines!

Bass Are Starting To Bite!!

Well Bass season has come here in Oregon, at least for now with the nice weather. I was able to get my first two bass of the year last Friday March 8th at a local Eugene area public pond. If this area wasn’t so populated id let the cat out of the bag as to where we were fishing. It is good though to have public places that have decent fishing and aren’t beat to death by other anglers.


Friday was a swimbait type of day for me not only was it the first bass of the year for me but also my first bass on a swimbait. Although the first one was a dink.( If you click the above picture you can see the bait) The bait is 5.5″ So I’m pretty sure so that bass is only about 13″ It sure had eyes bigger then its stomach. The second fish of the day came shortly after, on the same bait. It was a tad bigger but not the monster we were looking for. My buddy Dave got skunked but he spent a lot of the time on the oars trying to position me into good casting distance along the banks.


The next day was another surprisingly nice March day and I had a couple hours to blow and found myself at my buddy Dave’s private pond he has in his back yard. Iv fished this piece of water at least a hand full of times already this year each time with out any luck. Since this pond is in Dave’s back yard hes been out there probably twice as much with out any luck either. But that all changed Saturday. I had some confidence in me since the day before I got my first ditch pickles of the year, so I made a bet with Dave soon after we had the boat in the water. I told him ” first one to get a bass to the boat out of this pond wins $5.00. Not twenty minutes later and about half way around the pond I got got the first one from the pond on a wacky rig Yum Dinger in Melon Pie color.


The next day, Sunday, Dave and myself went back to the public pond that i’m keeping undisclosed. We got there around 7 am and the air temp was around 33 degrees which made fishing not so fun. Also turned the bite off I think, we both got skunked that day but our buddy was there later in the day and reported a 6lber was caught and he had some luck as well. Guess we left before the bite turned on.


A couple of days later me and another buddy Ted went out there again, this time in his boat. Got there around noon, and not too long after I got the fish above on a wacky rig worm. I got another one on the same rig on the other end of the lake, but only a 1lber. Still fun to catch bass this early in the year even if they are dinks aka small fish. 


Ted didn’t get on the board until after I caught my two and after I talked a little shit. He wound up catching two but both were dinks, and smaller then the fish I got. Guess I should of made another bet, ha.  Fish or no fish it’s always a good time fishing with company like Ted and Dave. Here’s to more early season bass and good times! Thanks for reading.  Tight Lines!

Good ol’ Pond Fishing

You can probably tell lately iv been really enjoying doing little fishing videos, well here’s another one! This one starts off with me pulling a bass out of a bunch of crap. I caught it on 8lb mono and it went straight for the shit! It got hung up in it for a few minutes and when I finally decided to go over to where the line meets the water I found out the bass was on top of the water! Then its onto some more pond fishing but this time Ted and myself were fishing for carp but caught these squaw and sucker fish instead! Last clip is my friend telling a story about a encounter he had with a ‘friendly’ Nutria. 

Thanks for reading/watching! Tight Lines!!

Top Water Senko Bass and More

I have a lot of catching up to do on this here blog! About 2-3 weeks ago I went out to my buddies back yard pond for some good times.  I ended up catching one fish, it was a nice one and really surprised me! I was using a weight less Strike King worm in Key Lime Pie color. When I got this fish I was just retrieving my bait for another cast, when all of sudden a few feet out from the boat a nice bass gobbles the worm down, and the fight was on! One of the coolest bass bites iv had since I haven’t done a lot of top water fishing for them. The second clip on this video was a day or two earlier at the same pond. My friend Dave got into a nice bass, which you cant see but you can hear since the sun had just gone down. Feeling for a bite with a jig! Good times!

Thanks for reading/watching. 

Tight Lines!!!

Some Recent Bass

Bass fishing has been slow lately for me, but here’s a report anyways! A couple Wednesdays ago I took my pontoon boat to Triangle Lake for the first time, it’s a pretty sweet lake that isn’t too far from Eugene. I fished it for about five hours before taking my pontoon out and leaving. The bass were not cooperating there, I found a 3-4lber swimming around and it didn’t want anything to do with my offerings, even after 20 casts right to it. I should of brought my trout/kokanee gear because I seen quite a few of them jumping, oh well.

Mermaid of Triangle Lake

After leaving the lake I called my friend Dave and seen if I could come over and fish his backyard pond. Fishing there was even slow. We fished longer then we usually do and we only ended up with one small bass a piece. Mine came on a senko and he got his on a flying squirrel. I got both on video. And also got a little bit of video of my friends personal best small mouth bass that he got at Dorena Lake.

Fishing at Dorena was super slow, we only had a couple bites a piece. It wasn’t looking good for Ben’s first time there, until we started to head back to the boat ramp. Ben spotted a downed tree and decided to try one more spot before heading home. Luckily he did stop because he hooked into his biggest Small Mouth Bass ever! That one fish made up for the lousy day of fishing, crazy how just one fish can turn around a day. Here’s the fish just in case you don’t feel like watching my cool video.

Last week me and Ted went to a small reservoir to try to catch bass and some cutthroats. The fish weren’t cooperating on this day, but I did manage to catch on small bass. And Ted got skunked. But we still had a good time in our pontoon boats. The bass ate a Melon Pie Yum Dinger that day Texas Rigged with no weight.

I fished Foster Reservoir for the first time a couple weekends ago with Ben in his nice smoker craft boat. We were fishing for Small Mouth Bass and the bite was kinda tough, but we did manage probably around a dozen bass for each of us. Most came on tubes and small senko worms. But I did get one on a spinner when I decided to try to catch a trout, we could see the trout swimming on the bottom of the lake and they would chase our  bass gear some times, it was cool to watch. Here’s a picture of the smallie that hit the spinner.

Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!!!

Melon Pie

Saturday morning I went over to Dave’s house, he’s my friend with a killer bass pond in his back yard, lucky guy!  Anyways, the fishing for me was great! I brought five nice bass to the boat, got all but one of them on video. I missed a couple bites too, Dave got skunked, he missed a few bites too. But luckily for him he can go down and redeem himself when ever he pleases. All my fish came on a Texas rigged 5″ Melon Pie colored Yum Dinger worm with a 1/16th bullet weight. Had a blast catching these bass! The only bad part of the day was when I missed the best action shot. The one bass I didn’t get on film jumped a few feet out of the water right after I ripped its lip, it was very sweet! Oh well, Ill get one jumping on video real soon at this pond! Check out the video I put together.

Thanks for reading. Tight Lines!!

Fishing Dorena For The First Time

I recently moved to Eugene from Medford, and iv been loving  all the new waters I can fish! Iv heard many great thing about Dorena’s bass fishing, and its fairly close to Eugene. So Thursday morning I took my pontoon boat there at O’dark thirty. Finding a spot close to the lake in the dark was fairly hard but I managed to find a good spot to put my boat together and it was a short distance to the waters edge, I hate carrying my boat a long ways, especially if its steep. Didn’t get my first bass until 2-3 hours on the water, but it was a good one for my standards. I came upon a older man and his grand daughter I assume, fishing on the bank. I always give bankies plenty of room because I used to be one. After I made it back to casting distance from the shore I hooked into a nice Large Mouth Bass, it went for 3lbs 9oz on my digital scale. Not long after that the wind picked up, so I let it drift me back to where my car was parked. I proceeded to catch two more decent fish! The first being a Small Mouth Bass probably in the 1lb range.

The last fish of the day was kind of a fluke, it got me by surprise. Like I said earlier I was letting the wind drift me back to my car, and I was casting toward the grass. I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was pretty happy for the day catching a couple nice bass. Well I made a cast and some how the line got underneath my foot rest, so I proceeded to free it and once free I felt something on the other end of the line, and I set the hook! Turned out to be the nicest fish of the day, a nice 4lb 2oz Large Mouth Bass. All fish on this day came on a 5inch Melon Pie color Yum Dinger worm, the last two came on the wacky rig, and the first one was Texas rigged with a bullet weight. Check out the short little video I put together, you can see all three bass in it!

Thanks for reading and watching the video! Tight Lines!!!

Favorite Bass Pond

Last night my Friend Dave called me, he had a issue with his computer. He tried to explain the problem over the phone and I couldnt get it figured it out. But it’s easier to fix something when it’s in front of you rather then over the phone, so I said Ill come over and have a look and fish his back yard pond while over there, kill two birds with one stone! I made it over shortly after we talked and it turned out I couldnt fix the problem, but luckily when I woke up today I seen it was fixed. The fishing wasnt great but it wasnt bad either. I had two bass on that came unbuttoned when I took one hand off the rod and proceeded to try to turn my camcorder on, which is mounted on my hat. I lost about three bass on the texas rigged Senko Baby Bass color, with a small bullet weight. I threw a jig for about five casts then put it away and put on another worm. I finally got one to stick and got the camera rolling when I put on a X-Factor Bass Slayer Worm, which is actually a locally made Worm. Made in Southern Oregon in the town of Grants Pass. I rigged it the same way as the senkos, Texas with a small bullet weight. And this was the result.

We didnt get a weight on it but im guessing it’s in the four or five pound range. Definitely not a bad fish! Big thanks go to Dave for having me out fishing his back yard pond. Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!

The Senko Bandit

I had the pleasure yesterday of fishing with my buddy Dave in his back yard pond. I must say, fishing private water is some of the best fishing for Large Mouth Bass there is. Dave was throwing primarily top water baits, things like frogs and and a mouse bait, and he had a bass attack his frog shortly after we got there but it didnt stick. I kept my white tube on that I was using the day before on The Umpqua River, and ten or less minutes into fishing I got a really nice bass on it. It started pulling quite a bit of drag so I tightened it up, and soon after that my knot failed on me. I guess yesterday I didnt take my time tying up my knots for the little Smallies we were catching. After that i rigged up a baby bass color senko worm with a sliding weight, texas rigged, which is weedless.

Shortly after this was the result. This fish blew up out of the water and was pretty sweet to see.

The senko is my go to bait for bass, usually in any shade of green.

This one really took me for a ride. Like the other bass this day it did some acrobatics, then I got it near the boat but it decided to go under it bending my rod near the breaking point because it came so close to touching the boat. Dave had a real good time watching all this happen.

I ended up catching a few over three pounds and one or two that was over four. About five that were between one and two  pounds. And I missed quite a few bites as well, plus the big one that broke me off on the tube. I had an absolutely awesome time, catching big bass is super fun. Also ill put my stamp of approval on the baby bass color senkos! Dave missed a couple fish but he still had a great time telling me where the bass were and where to cast to, and most the time when I did cast to where he pointed out Id hook one lol.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!!

Lost Creek Reservoir

Back in June we had some some nice weather and my Brother Louis and my niece Tahleena were heading to Lost Creek Reservoir for some Bass fishing. So of course I went along too. We got their in the evening around 4-5. Louis has a nice bass tracker boat, and after we put the boat in he took us to his favorite little cove. I tied a 3″ Yum Dinger bass worm on wacky style. Not long after I got the first small mouth bass of the day, not big, little under a pound probably. Still fun to catch! I got one more from the same cove on the wacky rigged dinger. I was using my Shimano Symetre spinning reel with my bass worms, it was really nice to finally get some use on my reel after John from The Reel Tech took it apart and cleaned it recently. Make sure to keep on an eye on where you sit your fishing reels, especially if they’re expensive. In February I had caught a nice Steelhead and the excitement came over me and i didnt pay attention to where i set my reel. I set it right on the beach at the river. Not long after I noticed a grinding while reeling, not a good feeling on a reel you spent $100 dollars for. Reel Tech did a great job with my reel and I recommend him to anyone.

The bass and my niece are both smiling.

It was a good evening of fishing. We each caught around 5-7 small mouth bass. It took Tahleena a little bit to hook one. But after some smack talk by me and Louis about not catching one, she started bringing them to the boat! I caught the weirdest looking small mouth. Two tone with claw marks. Pretty interesting.

Thanks for reading! And I plan on bringing more reports to the light of day! Tight lines!

Basstastic Weekend!

I did four days straight of bass fishing, with most of it done up in private ponds on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th. The bassin weekend started out thursday night. My sisters boyfriend and I headed out to White City to fish the VA Domiciliary. This was my first time fishing there, but my friend has told me all about it. I guess its not a bad spot. I missed one fish, crappy hook set. But my friend caught a tiny one. I took a picture anyways. Just for shits and giggles lol.

Friday afternoon I picked my friend Colby Pearson the bass master up from his home because we had a weekend full of bass fishing planned, at private ponds up north! We stopped by the Umpqua Fish Ladder on our way up and seen a few steelhead going up the ladder, they have a viewing window there and it was my first time stopping, pretty cool to see the fish on the other side of the glass.  Then we stopped in the town of Sutherlin to get some lunch and to fish a Lake i hadnt been to in a few years, Cooper Creek Reservoir.  We fished there for about an hour and decided to leave since neither one us got a bite, there were quite a few trout fishermen there and also a bass boat. Didnt unpack my camera so didnt get any photos of Cooper Creek, but ill fish there again some time this year and get a better report of the place done! We ended our day at our hosts house we were staying at for the weekend, Dave and his Wife Lisa aka Mr and Mrs Polebender. I met Dave last summer, we’re Oregon Fishing Forum members and last year he came down to Medford for work and wanted to do some bass fishing when he got off. So we met up and did some fishing and became fishing buddies! He’s from the Eugene area and has private pond access, so the past couple years he’s invited people from the forum over to one of the ponds for a day of fishing. He calls it the Polebender Invitational. This year he got prize donations for biggest bass and heaviest limits. I even brought up a couple prizes donated from Xfactor Tackle located in Grants Pass Oregon. The grand prize was an awesome custom made bait casting rod made by Ryan808 who is also a forum member. It was valued at over 300 bucks!

Saturday morning started out really slow. I met alot of the forum members and made some small talk, didnt really fish too hard because i seen the fish werent really cooperating. I witnessned my friend Colby catch the only bass from the event. I was about 75 yards away and could see it was about two pounds, turned out to be 1 pound 15oz. Id say thats the best fish under 2lbs my friend Colby might ever catch. It got him a sweet custom rod that he is using this weekend in the Oregon High School Bass Tourney. If he wins he would end up fishing in Arkansas against the best young fishermen in the country. When he competes in the local tournaments he’s up against adults and does very well. And hes been doing that since he was 11 and hes now a junior in high school. In todays local newspaper ‘the mail tribune’ Mark Freeman wrote an article about Colby and his buddy Jacob and their Tournament this weekend on the Columbia River for the high school state championship!

Thats the group of us that made out on that Saturday. We all ate rotisserie chicken that Dave cooked on the open fire, and cheese burgers on the grill, and i even brought some smoked steelhead! I counted and i think 18 of us are Oregon Fishing Forum Members. So it was really cool meeting these guys and gals in person. Jeanna Jigs made it out since trout opener got snowed out. I made a post about Jeanna and her walk for breast cancer a few weeks back. She had a donation jar and raised 100 dollars at the event this day!  Click right here if you would like to donate, anything will help! Since Colby caught the only bass of the day we ended up putting everyone’s name in a hat and letting one of Dave’s grand kids pick a name out of it. That way it was fair for who got the prizes except the grand prize went to the bass master himself ‘Colby Pearson’ for catching the only bass at the invitational, there was also couple sucker fish caught too but those dont count during a bass tourney. Not long after we took the group picture i started to gather my stuff together because Chris another forum member invited Colby and myself to go over and fish his pond for a few hours. We had planned to fish most of Sunday there but we couldnt deny a offer of fishing there after a really slow day at the first pond.  Colby caught the first one right after we got into the water probably three cast into this new pond! It’s the first picture below. Id say he caught about four or five real nice 3-4lb bass to my zero. Then he said he would hand off the next one he caught. I said ok, just so i could feel a fish after fishing all day. Well he got one on soon after and landed it because it was near some heavy cover, i told him no worries because i wanted to catch my own fish anyways. Then not to long after i tossed my jig near some cover, let it sink, reeled and felt a fish and gave a little hook set and i had a real feisty large mouth bass on! Over 4lbs. Great first bass of the year and also my first bass on a jig!

We came back the next morning bright and early about 630am. This time Dave, TTFishon, and Ryan808 all came along. I rode along with Chris and Colby again and Ryan and Dave both brought their little boats. We all had a great day! Our boat probably boated 30 bass that day alone. Only one was under three pounds, the average was from 3 to 4.5 pounds with a few going over 5.

Thats the rod Colby won and put to immediate use

That’s our host Chris holding a nice bass from his awesome pond

The last picture was probably the most memorable fish of the day. I had been recording video on a few different occasions trying to get the hook set on video. Well id film for about a minute or so when we came up to a good looking submerged tree. This time i turned it off after recording almost 2 minutes then 20 seconds later Colby and Chris had a double! Bad timing for video. But a good picture! Id like to thank Dave and Lisa for letting me and Colby stay at there place and fish their pond! Also big thanks to Chris for letting us come over and catch some nice fish from his bass mecca, cant wait to go back during the summer for some top water action! Thanks for reading and tight lines!

Agate Lake 11-2

Agate Lake is a little warm water lake only a few miles from where i live, and the past two falls they have stocked it with trout. Tuesday i fished for few hours, there was one other boat on the water and they were taking out when i put in, didnt look like they caught anything. I had Power eggs set up on my Ultra Light rod and with my other rod i used Senkos and Spinners. I fished for a few hours with no bites, then the sun set behind the hills and ALOT of fish started to surface. I’m pretty sure the fish were perch and sunfish, so i tied on steelhead jig (they are similar to a crappie jig with a bigger hook) and a bobber. I got a few hits on that but still no fish, yep skunked, i dont think i was the only one though the trout fishermen on the bank didnt do well either. And a report i seen from the next day was slow as well but they caught 1 trout between a couple people trolling. Thanks for stopping by and tight lines!!

My boat 😀

Hyatt Lake 10-29

Friday i went back up to Hyatt Lake. This time the weather was much nicer and alot of the snow had melted in the two days since i was there last. I got out onto the lake around 2 in the afternoon, and threw out some powereggs and used a spinner on my other rod. It took me roughly 2 and a half hours to get my first fish, and i got it right when i was having thoughts of being skunked. I ended up catching two really nice rainbows on powereggs floated two feet off the bottom. Both trout came within 10 minutes of each other, it was real quiet other then a little bass that fought like a big trout, got him on a panther martin spinner. The wind was real calm and at times not there at all, which was great. I fished til dark, and so did the only other boat that was on the lake. Just a weird side note. The only other boat on the lake decided to fish right next to me for most of the time. Oh well i still had a good time. Tight Lines! and GO DUCKS!!

That is Mount Mcloughlin glowing in the background



Hyatt Lake 10-27

Well Trout season is about to close at a few of my local lakes, Hyatt, Howard Prairie and Diamond. So Wednesday i went to Hyatt, i planned on going to Diamond but its over two hours away and its higher in elevation. I got out on the water around 230pm and on my 2nd cast with a panther martin i had a real nice rainbow on. The funny thing is, i wasnt even retrieving the spinner, i was looking down at my reel at a loop that was in it when i heard a nice fish jump and splash. Thats when i knew i had a fish on, it was a nice trout that i accidentally released had to be 17 inches. That was the only trout i caught on a spinner the whole day, caught a little LargeMouth Bass though on a Panther Martin. I caught 3 more nice sized rainbows on power eggs floated 18″ off the bottom before i got blown off the lake a little after 5 in the evening. I was anchored up and had waves splashing over my pontoons and i was getting a little wet, thats when i finally decide to pull anchor. I made it to shore and it started snowing sideways.

I got the bass right by the log sticking out there

Great way to keep the trout cold and fresh

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you noticed the color scheme change iv done, its for my #1 ranked in the AP Oregon Ducks football squad.

Expo Pond 10-22

Today i needed to do some fishing so i went to the local watering hole, the Jackson County Expo Ponds. These ponds are nice since they’re so close at about 2-3 miles away, and offer trout and warm water fishing. I myself dont prefer one fish over another so this place is great for me in the spring and now the fall.  Well today i fished for a couple hours from the bank, i threw senkos and panther martins. Caught and released one 12 inch trout and released a little one pound bass. Trout fishing is probably better then the bass bite right now with the cold weather, but you can still manage a few bites.

To my surprise they scraped out alot of the vegetation with a tractor.

Friday at Hyatt – 8-30-10 old report

***This is an old report from August I had started but didnt finish. So here you go!***

Friday the 30th I got my car back from the shop and wanted to take it on a little test drive, so i went up to the mountains to Hyatt Lake. Hyatt early in the year is good to great  for rainbow trout. It opens on trout opener on the 4th Saturday of April every year, but some years its still covered in ice by then and not safe to fish on, and closes to fishing on October 31st.  But this time of the year its hard to keep the Large Mouth Bass off what ever you use. This Lake used to hold some BIG bass but the past few years its been infested in small stunted bass, that are all the same size. Although my step sister Brandy caught a nice 3-4 pounder ealrlier this year its very rare, they’ve actually re-located over 5,000 of these little bass this year alone. Also this lake holds the un-offical state record Large Mouth bass record caught by Colby Pearson, read the story here. I met Colby earlier this year at the local expo ponds, and recently we’ve fished Lake Selmac together from our pontoons.

The Mountain in the background is Mount Mcloughlin by the way, just encase you’ve seen it on my blog before. I arrived to the lake around 4 in the afternoon. I fished for a few hours, before i got too cold (forgot my jacket). But i did mangage to catch ALOT of bass in that little amount of time. At one point i was getting a bite every cast and hooking up two thirds of the time, only manged to use one Yum Dinger worm the whole time too.

Tight Lines!

Lake Selmac 8-21-10

Another trip to Selmac was in order, but this time my buddy wanted to come along after hearing about the big bass i caught. This time i didnt get to be on the water at first light like the last two times, we arrived around 11am and we immediately started to inflate the pontoon and raft. My buddy had a hard time rowing his raft but after awhile he got the hang of it when he took the paddles off the oars, guess they wouldn’t clamp down. It took awhile to get the first bass to the boat, probably over an hour and half. I got my picture with this bass just in case it were the only one of the day. I also got to test out my new Berkley digital scale on the little guy, he weighed exactly 1 pound.

That isnt fog or clouds, its smoke from a nearby fire in the Illinois Valley, when we first got there it wasnt that bad but the wind must of shifted and brought it our way. Later on in the day the wind picked up the smoke again and the sky was blue again,  kinda cool, unless the smoke bothers your breathing. After i caught that one it seemed that i would pick up a couple bass every hour. My friend started to get discouraged seeing me bringing them, but finally he got into one. I happen to look over at him in the raft and noticed his rod tip bending and asked ” You got one on?” he said “no its weeds” i knew better. So i rowed over to him and assisted him getting the hook out and took the picture of his first ever bass.

He ended up catching about 3 bass  none of them big ones. I ended up with around 12 for the day, no big ones but two of them were over 2 pounds.

That one wiggled off the scale as i was trying to weigh him. The other one i didnt get a picture of, my friend was on the bank, but i did weigh it, 2lbs 7ounce.  They both seemed to be the same size.

This was the last fish i caught, right before dark. I brought it up and thought it was the ugliest bass id ever seen, but then i realized it was was a catfish, a very slimy one. This is the first catfish iv caught in over 10 years. I got him on a 5inch  Yum Dinger rubber worm. Was really surprising. All fish were catch and released. No real big ones but still a fun day on the water.

Thanks for reading and TIGHT LINES!!

Lake Selmac Sunday the 15th

So two days after my maiden voyage i had the urge to get back to Lake Selmac for some more Large Mouth Bass action. Got to the lake real early and started tossing my Yum Dingers. Not too long after i got a nice bite and set the hook, this fish was HUGE, but after about 10 seconds she managed to snap my line. I guess it was my fault for not having the drag set looser and i was trying to muscle this hog up. After a few naughty words said, which i felt bad afterward, because a boat not too far away from me had an older guy and his mom who had to be in her 70’s and they had to of heard me. For some reason i didnt loosen my drag after that, looking back i should of. Because not even 30 minutes later i hooked into another big ol bass, you can probably guess what happened next… SNAP. This time i didnt curse afterward, i had the second one on for probably twice as long as the first, it had my rod tip under water when the 8 pound line snapped. After that all i could manage to catch were little dinker bass, but about 5 hours after hooking into those large bass, i finally managed to get a decent bass to the boat. Not long after that i was fishing the middle of the lake and the boat that i thought heard me curse earlier in the day asked me how i was doing. I told them about the 2 that broke me off and said that id caught about 8 bass since then. I found out he was up here visiting his father in the hospital and all they were catching were bluegills. So i offered him a couple worms a couple bass hooks, and they gave me a few bucks and some cold bottles of water. I showed him how to rig the worms, texas and wacky style, we said or thanks and i kept on fishing. Not 10 minutes later i caught a little bass that ate the hook and was bleeding when i brought him up, so i rowed over to their boat and seen if they wanted to keep it, luckily they did and the bass didnt become osprey food. After that i noticed i was starting to get burned so i started to fish in the shade but after a half hour or so and no more bites i decided to call it a day. When i got home that night i went over to my buddys house who is a avid bass fisherman, told him what happened, he had a big spool of 12lb Stren that we put on my reel. So hopefully next time i hook into a monster bass ill be ready 😀

This is the only decent one that i got to the boat.

Thanks for reading. And tight lines to all the fisher people out there 😀

Lake Selmac: Friday the 13th

Long time, no post, i know i know… Well this last week i bought my first boat, a 80 dollar craigslist special. Friday i took it on its maiden voyage to Lake Selmac. Before i go on with my fishing report, id like to share to you a couple facts about Selmac. Its a small lake about 160 acres, it is stocked early in the year with legal sized trout (had some post earlier where i caught the trout) but the main attraction is Large Mouth Bass. They are HUGE in this lake, it has actually held the Oregon state record for LM bass twice in the past.

I arrived at the lake right when it started to get light out, and quickly assembled my boat.  I think i may of been the first boat on the water, seen another pontoon on the other side of the lake shortly after i got to part of the lake i wanted to fish. I hooked up my green senko texas style and began tossing the the worm. Not more then 30 minutes later i noticed a subtle bite and i set the hook like a real bass master, thankfully i did. This fish bent my shakespeare trout rod like iv never seen before, and luckily i had my drag set really tight or else im sure it would of spooled me. After a little battle i finally managed to muscle him up to the surface and grab him by the lip. This was the most excited id been about catching a fish in a long time. So with that said i was shaking pretty hard while trying to take pictures of this hog, i took 10 photos of this fish and only 2 of the photos have the fish in it, and those 2 pictures arnt the greatest. But here folks is the biggest bass iv ever caught.


After releasing that hog it took me a few minutes to settle down and regain my composure, i also made a quick phone call to my bass fishing buddy, had to tell some one. I then hooked into 2-3 smaller bass that werent photo worthy, but i must say there were still really nice bass. By then my senko was tore up pretty bad, so instead of texas rig i went to wacky style and not to long after i hooked into another hog. This one was a tad bit smaller but seemed to put up a harder fight, he had my rod tip under water when he decided to go under my boat. You know the fish is big when he/she can tow you around the lake. This one must of been down in the weeds because when i brought him up he still had some on him.


After that guy, i landed a couple more bass and decided to call it a day around 130 in the afternoon. I must say this was one of the best days fishing ever for me. Also i gotta say i wish i would of started bass fishing a long time ago 😀

July 27th

So i havent made a post in a loooong time, iv been fishing, just havent really had the urge to sit down and blog about it. Well today is July 27th and i went fishing for the first time in 2 weeks, i think i started having withdrawls. I met up with a fellow fisherman who is in town on business, we came in contact through my favorite fishing forum Finneus Polebender aka Dave has lots bass fishing knowledge but the both of us still managed to get skunked at Lost Creek Reservoir. But today is a differnt day and this evening we are gonna try the Expo Ponds in hopes of some large mouth bass, this time Dave will feel more at home on a smaller body of water.

In other news. I came across a cool blog today and it turns out they are doing a giveaway that ends today. So i suggest you hurry up and enter before Midnight tonight pacific standard time, for your chance at a $40 dollar gift card at

It doesn’t feel right making a post on my blog without at least one photo in it.

Heres my first bass caught on a rubber worm. This is at Lost Creek Lake about a month ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and dont think iv stopped my blogging madness 😀

6-9 :D

Wednesday i wanted to get out and try to find some Morels by my self , and do a little fishing. Went up to Hyatt Lake to hunt for mushrooms, took me awhile to find the real ones, i found a couple false ones before i got some of the real deal. Found my first one right after i looked up and seen a  pack of deer walking by in the distance, must of been good luck. After 2-3 hours of hunting and only coming up with 6 morels i decided it was time for some fishing, so i went down the road to Howard Prairie. I first went over by the dam, fished there for a little over an hour, with no bites, i was using powerbait on the bottom and spinners on my second rod. I had enough of the wind there so after packing out a bunch of cans and bottles i packed up and went over to the spot i usually fish by Grizzly Campground, by the cove. At the cove i got my skunk killed, caught  a little bass on a spinner and not too long afterwards i took off for home. Was another awesome day in the woods and at the lake.

This is where i seen the pack of deer.

This is near the dam at Howard Prairie

Back by the cove

First and only fish of the day