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Boat Troubles at Fall Creek Reservoir

Well here’s a older report that I never finished and published, will have quite a few more of these. So keep your eye out! 

Saturday the 4th of May I fished with TTFishon in his boat and GraphiteZen came along too. These are a couple of cool guys I met on the OregonFishingForum a few years back. The day started out real nice weather wise, a little windy but we didn’t mind that is until… We had motor problems and had to row back to the ramp, as you can see in the video. You can also see in the video a helicopter dunking a bucket for a near by fire that was going on. It sure helped to pass the time as I waited at the boat ramp with the boat. The other guys went into town to get tools to fix the motor. A Hour or two later we go the boat up and running and we managed to get a few trout to the boat. Only one being a hold over. But was still a great day on the water with some awesome company.

Thanks for reading/watching the video, and as always, Tight Lines!!!

Boater Exam Oregon

With Trout season just starting up and the weather finally becoming consistently good for us in Oregon, more and more boats will be out on our local lakes fishing or just having fun in the sun. So id like to remind everyone that if you intend to use your boat that has a motor that is over 10hp (if it doesn’t have a motor or is under 10hp its not a bad idea either) on our public waters, you need to get your boaters safety card. Is the place to get this card online. Boaters Exam offers a fully animated and narrated study guide, and over 300 detailed illustrations. In addition, BoaterExam is the ONLY online boating safety course where you will see visual aids in every exam question (a must for visual learners!) One cool thing about this course is you can study online before plunging into the test. Also whats really great is you dont have to pay until you’ve passed the test!

I’m not sure if this person had their boaters safety card or not. But its very important to get your card, if you dont want to end up like this person or even worse hurting other people while out boating and enjoying the water. So please help in doing your part in making sure that we’re all safe our there in the water. Its a terrible way to end a great day at the lake by having a mishap that could of been easily avoided. One last thing that isnt probably in the course, i want to point out. Id hope everyone with a real nice speedy boat would be some what courteous to boaters like my self, with inflatable boats or small kayaks. Your big wakes aren’t exactly fun for us, especially when the waves are breaking out in the middle of the lake. Fines in Oregon for not having your boats safety card is $142. So id say its definitely worth spending 30 for the Boaters Exam instead of getting a fine or even worse…