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B-Day Camping Trip 2014

One of my newest traditions has been to go camping on my birthday or the weekend of it. It’s a great time of the year to camp, the seasons have definitely changed to fall with the colors and cooler temperatures. It is also around the time I switch over from bass to trout fishing, and in particular brown trout on this trip. Me and my friend arrived to the campground an hour or before sun down, which left us enough daylight to build our tents and to get a fire going.


We fished pretty hard Thursday. We both got skunked, but we were fishing in the bright sun and the water is really cold and clear so the fish were real spookish. We didn’t fish the morning or evening bite Thursday… another excuse for the skunking that day. We did do some sight seeing though. My friend hadn’t been through this area much before, there’s lots to see around this part of Oregon. Rivers, lakes, forebays, hot springs and waterfalls!


The next day we got on the road and decided to skip the lake and fish one of the forbays for the day and see if our luck would change on a different body of water. I had fished here once before, but just from the bank and had no luck.


This time I had brought my pontoon boat, which I figured would put my odds up a bit. Fishing was still tough like the day before. If we hadn’t kept on seeing some really decent sized fish jump I’m sure we would have moved on a lot sooner. 


I did eventually get a few strikes and landed two little brown trout the first fish from the trip. Not big but felt good to get the skunk off of me! My buddy still went fish-less this day, but we were still having a good time. And his luck would change the next day. 


The next day was actually my B-Day and I woke up feeling quite shitty as we had drank pretty heavily the night before. This day it took us awhile especially me to get around and get on the lake. The two previous mornings the clouds and fog burned off quite early, not too long after the sun had raised. On this morning the clouds were down low and it was misting most of the morning, and when we finally got on the lake we got rained on for a half hour or so.


So without any sun on the water the trout were rising quite a bit and actually biting! We were getting them either trolling or casting spoons and spinners. My friend out fished me this day 8 to 3 if I remember right, we kept the biggest one and split it for dinner. She was quite good, either that or we were quite drunk. Probably both!


The next morning was Sunday, and instead of just packing up and leaving when we got up. We decided to kill off the few beers we had left and go hike along the river and fish some new areas. We didnt land anything but had a couple decent sized trout follow our lures, none the less it was a good way to end the trip! Only bad thing was driving home on the freeway at night, and got into a construction zone, with stop and go traffic. When I just wanted to get home and rest from a crazy B-Day weekend!


Thanks for reading. I think ill start posting more, especially now that I can type with both hands once again.


Camping at Medco Pond

Friday the 3rd day of June I headed up to Medco Pond to camp and fish. The next day, Saturday was free camping day at state parks in Oregon. So my plan Friday evening was to stop by Joseph H. Stewart State Park at Lost Creek Reservoir, and try to reserve a free spot for the next day. Apparently they weren’t taking reservations for the free camping day unless you were staying the night before. I asked what time to come back the next day and left for Medco Pond. Got to the old logging pond late in the evening and found a nice little spot not far from the pond to set up my tent and construct my pontoon boat. By the time I got my toon together it was dark, and the stars very bright. I wanted to have my boat put together the night before so I could be on the water really early. But I slept in. Being outdoors is a better environment to sleep I don’t know why lol. By the time I got on the water there were already some people fishing, from shore, and other small boats. Also an Osprey was fishing all morning, I could watch him from my tent hitting the water was very cool.

Ospreys gotta be my favorite bird, always putting on a show. At this Pond a big Bald Eagle lived nearby too, you would see him chase after the osprey sometimes after a meal I assume. I started out fishing the half of the pond that is covered in weeds. You don’t see anyone fishing this side usually because of the thickness of the weeds. But I know fish are in there. Early in the morning most of the time the Osprey dove into the water it was on the weeded side. And id imagine huge bass are sitting in there and loving it. I didn’t fish the weeds for long and had to get out into water that didn’t have near as much weeds. I got out there and put away my bass jigs and worms for most of the time. I brought my Ultra Lite spinning rod and tied on a couple flys. Almost all the fish came on the green wolly bugger, but a few hit the dry fly i was using too. I caught tons of trout, but they were all under 8″. Still put up a fight on my little 4ft UL rod. I started out trolling while rowing forwards, mostly because iv always rowed forward while in my pontoon. This makes it kind of  difficult when you get a fish on while trolling, your facing forward and the fishing is behind you. So I quickly learned to troll while rowing backwards. This made it a lot easier when i got a fish on, usually they stayed on.

Fishing here was an absolute blast! The tip of my rod was always bouncing from fishing hitting the flys, a lot of the time they didn’t stick to the hook. But watching my rod tip go crazy was really fun, almost as fun as running plugs for steelhead in a drift boat. If i hadn’t got a little bite on my flys in more then a few minutes i knew i had some weeds on my line and it was time to reel in and check. It was constant fish action! Got a few little Crappies which are sweet looking and fight hard! Also caught a few tiny bass. One I thought was gonna be bigger because he took for the cover of the weeds after swiping my fly! People on the banks were mostly catching bluegills but i seen some catch an occasional trout. One bass boat was out and he didnt have anything good to report, said he couldn’t believe it was June because we were both wearing sweaters. Other boats out there were doing good catching the trout from what i seen.  Its a great place out and away from the city and anything. No cell service. Free Camping. Not many people. Great place!!!!

I ended up staying here Saturday night. Didnt feel like packing everything and going to a campground that isnt close to the lake, how it is at Stewart State Park. Medco was very fun. Didnt have to deal with water skiers or other types of speed boats. The bird watching was great. The peacefulness of this place is what really made me want to stay here instead of the big recreational Lost Creek Lake. I give this place two thumbs up if your looking to have a good time! Tight Lines my friends!