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Cinco De Trouto at the Expo

I spent a few hours yesterday at the local Expo Ponds, its nice coming here because its right down the road pretty much just a couple miles. Talked to a high school kid and he said his class just went on a field trip to the hatchery, and the hatchery worker told them when they were stocking the pond this week and they accidentally left the gate open and they over stocked the pond lol. Looking at the stocking schedule it says the pond was due to have 1,300 legals stocked and the kid said they put in 5,000. But for some reason the fish werent really biting, i caught and released 4-5 smaller trout about 8-9 inches is my guess. The other day Colby was fishing the ponds and did quite well catching a 6 and half pound bass and a few other ranging from 4 to 2 pounds, i recommend checking out his you-tube channel for some bass videos from southern oregon and northern california. My plans are to learn how to catch bass some time this year, iv been talking to my step sisters boy friend for a long time about going fishing with him and hes a great bass fisherman. But as of now trout is just fine and what ever else that decides to take my offerings 🙂