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McKenzie River Fishing 7-12

Old report that I never got to blogging about on here. Did write about it on the Forum that the three of us post on, that’s where I’m copying and pasting some of it from enjoy! Jeanna and Ted are both members @ The Oregon Fishing So the three of us went fishing one Thursday morning in July, the 12th.

Jeanna’s first fish of the dayMy only fish of the day

My day started out at 2am with the alarm waking me up after about 4-5 hours sleep. Made a quick stop at Winco grocery store for snacks and drinks and got yelled at for walking in an area where a guy was cleaning the floor, but I needed some cold tea. Met up with Ted and I followed him up to the boat ramp, I’m still new to the area of Eugene. We all met up at the Greenwood boat ramp then headed up to the Leaburg dam. The water was super low and even back rowing to the other side of the river resulted in lots of rocks being hit. But it sounded like most boats were hitting bottom too. On to the good parts. Jeanna tagged 2 Springers and had a really sweet Steelhead come unbuttoned after about 45 second fight, I got video of that fish and the 2nd springer. Couldnt find my camera in time for the first Salmon so no video of that one. I only caught a hatchery trout, it hit a plug in the last hole we fished, and Ted got skunked! Thanks for the boat ride Jeanna!!!

Jeanna with a couple nice Springers.

And here’s the video I made from this trip, you can see the nice Steelhead she lost too.

Thanks for reading and watching the video! Tight Lines!

Day 3

May 17th: The third day started out with me picking up Phil from his house well before sun rise. We were meeting Charlie at the take out to go Spring Chinook Salmon fishin for my third day in a row. When we arrived to the boat ramp i said something along the lines of ” oh damn, we got beat to the boat ramp” Luckily it was Brady and he’s our friend and he was waiting for clients so we were first anyways! We made it down to the first hole even before we could start fishing, legal fishing time is one hour before sun rise. So we waited a few minutes then put our lines in the water when it was legal time. Not long after Brady made his way to the hole with his late arriving clients. Then soon after we were greeted in the hole with a couple bank anglers. But all of that was fine becasue soon after the bankies got down there Charlie hooked into a real feisty Jack Salmon. Eggs were the goto bait once again. It was a nice keeper fish and Charlie got to reel one in for him self for a change!

That’s a Jack Salmon. Jacks are Salmon but are under 24inches. You can keep 5 Jacks a day, that’s the only difference with their bigger counterparts. The limit for full size Salmon is two, which is ALOT of meat. But on this day we only got the one jack. It was some what slow but the weather was super nice! On a side note. When we got done fishing I talked to Charlies rafting boss about the Rafting Guide School that was happening a couple days later. He confirmed that I was going and i had and absolute blast for five days. So thanks again Charlie!!!! Book a trip with Charlie to go fishing on the beautiful Rogue River, or book a rafting trip with the bussiness I did Guide School for, it is summer after all! and for some Rafting fun goto Rogue Klamath River Adventures. Thanks for reading and be safe out on the water!

Monday the 18th Rogue River

Met Phil and his buddy from Happy Camp CA, Mario to do some fishing on the Rogue River. We met at the hatchery around 11am. We got down to the first hole and wouldnt you know Charlie Brown was anchored up in it plugging away. Before he seen us I yelled out ” Get out of our hole!!”. We anchored up 40 yards away so we could get our rods ready and chat and wait for him to leave the hole. He said he would get out shortly. But about 4 minutes after he said that they had hooked up on a nice chrome hatchery hen! Phil was pissed, i thought it was funny!  They netted it and got out of the hole so we could fish it, they tagged it and took pictures and that was the last we saw of them that day. We stayed in the hole for over an hour then we finally had a take down. It came on my rod and I fought the beast for about 15 seconds then handed the rod over to the guest Mario, iv been catching alot lately so i dont mind when other people get to catch them too! This fish was pulling out a ton of line, it was a hawg. It went almost all the way down the rapid but then stopped. It must have seen the tree. I told Mario to try to pull it away from there then it was all over. Oh well. The big ones are hard to catch some times. After that all we could bring to the boat were half pounders and trout. I lost a great opportunity at a big one on our 3rd run of the day. Guess next time we’ll have better luck! No pictures this time. But i did do my first ever fishing video! I Used Windows Movie Maker to edit some clips i took with my camera. Since it also does ok  video along with great pictures im gonna start making fishing videos! Gives you a better look into our fishing then just a picture. So enjoy and tight lines!


Opps I meant Sunday. Me and Phil met up at 630am sunday to float the river and hopefully catch some steelhead. He had seen how well me and charlie did on Friday and wanted to go out again but he wanted to do the stretch we did, from the hatchery to Rogue Elk Park. He had never done it before and wanted just me in the boat so it would be lighter and easier to take the rapids. We made the float twice and both times werent too bad, the first time down we did wear life jackets though. We had a good time fishing, no catching though. We had two take downs and both didnt stick, the second one was only a half pounder we seen it come out of the water right before it came off. It was a good day of learning though for both of us.

Thanks again Phil! We’ll knock them dead next time.

Until next time… Tight Lines and be safe!