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April 10th Agate Lake & Gregory Pond

Saturday i fished for a couple hours before the UFC ppv came on. I first went to Agate Lake in White City, the lake is full and was really windy. I used some lures for a little while then gave up. I parked on the wrong side of the lake because of the wind was coming directly at me, i was the only one fishing this side of the lake, except for the lakes caretakers dog. After only reeling in some weeds and some clear eggs i snagged with my spinner i decided to try my luck at a pond. I went to a pond me and my family have called Gregory Pond, but looking online at the ODFW site its name is Whetstone Pond. Iv been fishing this pond for many years, mainly for catfish and bluegill, but saturday i fished for bass and carp. I didnt catch any fish here either but i picked up plenty of trash, some one left one of the cloth grocery bags so i filled it half way with garbage from around the pond. Made it home just in time to see one of the worst UFC’s iv seen.. Good thing i didn’t pay any money to see it. Next Saturday we have some local cage fights here in my town Medford. Ill bring my camera so that should be my first non outdoors post on the blog.

The next are of Gregory Pond, aka Whetstone pond at the Denman Wildlife area.

I cant believe i used to swim in this duck pond lol 😀

Thanks to all my readers for commenting and leaving suggestions 😀 Ill be buying a pontoon boat and some waders this week so im pretty excited, look forward to some pictures out on the water instead from the shore 🙂