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3-20-10 Lake Selmac

I had a hard time waking up so i didnt get out there until around noon. And there was alot of people out there, a handful of bass boats and even a sail boat. I fished for about 2 hours with out any bites, so i decided to go sight seeing. I drove south and stopped at a state park on the Illinois River, took some pictures and met some hitch hikers who had some interesting names, Buzzard and Wild Irish Rose. I didnt give them a ride but i gave them some smoked trout which made the old guys day it seemed like. I ended up going into California for a bit, I took Oregon Mtn. road which is nice paved road that goes around a mountain right near the border. Got back on 199 and stopped at another park area on the Illinois river, this area was so beautiful i walked along the bank and took some pictures and picked up a couple handfuls of dutch brothers cups. I then went back to Lake Selmac to fish again, and most of the crowd was gone by then, stopped by the spillaway for some pictures then went over to the playground area for some fishing. I had one rod out with worms and powerbait and the other rod i was tossing a yellow and red dotted panther martin. It didnt take me long to get my limit all on that panther martin.