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June 10th

The road to Four Mile Lake

Thursday came and i woke up early and wanted to fish a lake that i havent been to in about 10 years, Four Mile Lake. Its called Four Mile lake but its actually about 6 miles from the highway, I got about halfway and had to turn around due to the snow. Ill make it up there in a week or two, probably camp and bring a raft. So after i turned around i went out to Willow Lake, i wanted to see if the blue green algae was gone and see if i could get a bass or trout to bite my spinners. Well I fished there for only a half hour, and spent 15 minutes picking up beer cans and water bottles, didnt catch anything but a bunch of deposit. I then headed off in search of more water, i drove by Medco pond but decided not to stop, a few to many people. I then went to the Rogue River above Union Creek and stopped at the gorge for some pictures and lunch, i dont remember seein this section of river and it is amazing. Iv heard great things from more then a few people about Union Creek and have driven by it plenty of times and havent stopped, thursday i finally did. I immediately took the trail on the right side of the creek, where there was a trail sign, that said that Union Creek Falls is a 3 mile hike up the creek. So I took off on the trail for a couple of minutes then it stopped where it appears there used to be a log crossing the creek to the other side, i didnt figure this out right away and kept on walking through a bunch of vegetation trying  to find something resembling a trail, after ripping my pants on a barbed wire fence i decided to turn around and see if there was a trail on the other side of the creek. Fortunately there was another trail on the other side of the creek, I hiked it for about 3 miles then had a little something to eat in the woods just past the falls. It was a really great hike, the trail runs along the creek the whole way and all the fallen trees  makes the sceneray marvelous. Standing under all the big rootballs from trees that have fallen sure made me glad it wasnt windy that day. The Solitude was also great up there, I only came across one other group of people there and they appeared to be playing frizz-bee which was surprising because it looked like some grandparents that took there two grandsons hiking. I didnt do much fishing on the hike, after catching a bush more then a few times in the same area i got discouraged, i really need to learn how to fly fish, i think this area would be great. When i got back to the car i decided to try Medco Pond to try to kill my skunk for the day. First cast at Medco Pond fish on!!! was just a blue gill but still was a great way to end the day, i fished for a half hour longer and didnt get anything else besides a picture of a rainbow. Got the bluegill on a BlueFox Spinner, grey and pink with a silver blade with a few blue stipes on the blade. Was an interesting day of snow and sunshine, had fun except my feet were a little sore 😀

This is how far i got and had to turn around.

Willow Lake

I think that foam is from the blue green algae ?


Rogue River Gorge

More of the Gorge

Now for some pictures of Union Creek. BTW my panther martin is in that bush/tree in the creek

Next set of photos were taken at Medco Pond

Only fish of the day

Ill end my post with a rainbow 🙂


Thanks for reading/looking at my blog  😀   Tight Lines to all the fisher people out there!!