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Medco Pond and more 3-27-10

Yesterday my plan was to fish Willow Lake, it was recently stocked and im sure theres lots of hold overs. Well i decided to check out Lake of the Woods and fish lake before hand then when i got to willow the parking wasnt that great since the resort is closed. Lake of the woods is still froze pretty good, some big rocks didnt go through it, i threw them like Randy Johnson. Fish Lake looks good no ice and its almost full, i didnt fish there though, its still probably too cold for the trout. I had never fished Medco Pond before and had only been by there a few times years ago. I fished the north end i think, were theres a walkway that goes into the lake. I probably caught around 30 fish, 2 bass, a couple crappie, about 10 tiny rainbow trout, and the rest were bluegill ranging in size. It was real fun caught all the fish on a few differnt spinners, couple panther martins and a blue fox. I didnt even use bait today lol.

This is Lake of the Woods froze over

Those are rocks that i threw at the ice lol.

The next ones are of the rear of Willow Lake.

And now for Medco Pond, where i fished.

All of the trout were this size.