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July 27th

So i havent made a post in a loooong time, iv been fishing, just havent really had the urge to sit down and blog about it. Well today is July 27th and i went fishing for the first time in 2 weeks, i think i started having withdrawls. I met up with a fellow fisherman who is in town on business, we came in contact through my favorite fishing forum Finneus Polebender aka Dave has lots bass fishing knowledge but the both of us still managed to get skunked at Lost Creek Reservoir. But today is a differnt day and this evening we are gonna try the Expo Ponds in hopes of some large mouth bass, this time Dave will feel more at home on a smaller body of water.

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It doesn’t feel right making a post on my blog without at least one photo in it.

Heres my first bass caught on a rubber worm. This is at Lost Creek Lake about a month ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and dont think iv stopped my blogging madness 😀

Sunday Fishing Fun

Sunday was another great day here in Southern Oregon, lower 80’s gotta love it. I went out fishing with some of my family that also enjoys fishing, my step sister her boyfriend and the their kids Raymond and Tahleena. We first met up at catfish cove at Lost Creek Lake, since the lake recently  got full and the water is still pretty cold for bass, we decided to go up the road to where i fished Saturday at Rivers Bridge Campground on the far Upper Rogue River. Four of us fished for a couple hours there with out any takers, we were using spinners and Raymond was using powerbait. We still had a few hours of daylight left so we decided to go some where were we could catch fish, Medco pond was our destination. At Medco i didnt do near as well as last time i was there, i threw spinners for a couple hours and i only caught 1 small bluegill that felt like a monster because he had a bunch of weeds attached to him and the lure. After awhile i decided to switch up to what the kids were using worms and bobbers, this set up slayed the bluegills 😀 Their parents did ok fishing for bass, they didnt catch any that were real big but a couple 2 pounders, they went off and fished the other side of the lake so i didnt get any bass pictures this time. Thanks for stopping by and TIGHT LINES !! 😀

4-14 A day to forget…

Iv been putting this post off for some time now, but i guess ill write about what happened last Wednesday. I left my house around 1pm to fish Lost Creek Lake, on my way i should of known better, there was lots of rain and i even saw some lightening out toward highway 140.  I got to the hatchery and it was still raining, so  i parked my car and went to go watch the steelhead come into the hatchery. I forgot my steelhead rod at my house, so i didnt get to fish for them, i saw some nice ones and most were fin clipped. Eventually the rain stopped and the sun came out, i went and bought some trout pellets from the quarter machine, im gonna make my own powerbait one day, then i took off for the lake. I fished by the Takelma Boat ramp, im guessing on the dam would of been better where its deeper. I got skunked, lost a few spinners, and the worms are in the fridge and havent been touched since wednesay. By 6pm i had a enough of the wind, and i had picked up every bottle and beer can i could find in the area i was fishing, so i packed up and went to my car. My thoughts then were, “I still have some daylight left lets go down that dirt road and see if i can find some new fishing holes”  Well i found some new fishing spots, but i kept on driving up the road, ended up at the top of a hill and I could see the lake way down below. While up there i took a few pictures and took in the sights, was really beautiful and peaceful up there, didnt see a single soul while up there. Coming down the dirt road i was approching a corner while going around 20 mphs, hit my brakes and my tires locked on me and i ended up going straigt into a ditch on my side instead of taking the turn. This was the first major wreck iv been in while driving, i immediately climbed out of the passenger side and proceeded to call for some help. Thankfully i wasnt going fast and the area my car flipped wassnt that steep, and thanks to a tree that kept me on my side and only put a small dent on my roof. I made it out of the wreck with out any major injuries, a few scrapes and a bruise and a hurt thumb, i think all that happend when i jumped from the car, i dont know. Well heres the pictures, the one of my car was taken with my phone.

The lake is down there.

Next two were taken about 5 minutes before i flipped

Thanks for reading. Ill try to do one more blog post today, it’ll be about the local cage fights from last saturday night. Im looking forward to this saturday its trout opener and my plans are to camp at Hyatt Lake. My car’s been at the shop so hopefully it gets fixed in time.

Lost Creek Lake 2-28-10

Sunday was a really nice day down here in southern oregon so i had to go fishing. When i got my first look at the lake i knew everyone else had the same idea. There had to be atleast 20 boats out there, that i could see from the dam. Quite a few cars were parked at the spillaway too, i parked on the dam and fished from the rocks, which make great seats. I fished from 1pm to 630pm and had a few bites, i hooked into one trout that felt like a nice one but after a few seconds and a head thrash he got off. All my bites came on powerbait, i try’d worms, powereggs, and multiple lures. It was an awesome day to be out on the water, hope more sunny days follow.

The first few shots you can see a plane .







Random Pictures

So the past few days iv wanted to go fishing but iv put it off. Hopefully tomorrow i actually get off my ass and get to the water. So in the mean time ill post some pictures iv taken but haven’t added to the blog for one reason or another.

First few pictures are of Agate Lake in White City, Oregon. Its the closest lake to my house, and is a great warm water fishery.

Next set of photos are of Lost Creek Lake. This lake is 1 day gonna be final barrier of the Rogue river to the ocean.  Last year Savage Rapids dam was demolished, now we wait for Gold Ray Dam to end its terror on one of the most scenic and beautiful rivers in Oregon.

The next one was taken at Elk Creek. I wanted to take more but it was too cloudy.

Last 2 are of a local pond, Denman wildlife.