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Bass Are Starting To Bite!!

Well Bass season has come here in Oregon, at least for now with the nice weather. I was able to get my first two bass of the year last Friday March 8th at a local Eugene area public pond. If this area wasn’t so populated id let the cat out of the bag as to where we were fishing. It is good though to have public places that have decent fishing and aren’t beat to death by other anglers.


Friday was a swimbait type of day for me not only was it the first bass of the year for me but also my first bass on a swimbait. Although the first one was a dink.( If you click the above picture you can see the bait) The bait is 5.5″ So I’m pretty sure so that bass is only about 13″ It sure had eyes bigger then its stomach. The second fish of the day came shortly after, on the same bait. It was a tad bigger but not the monster we were looking for. My buddy Dave got skunked but he spent a lot of the time on the oars trying to position me into good casting distance along the banks.


The next day was another surprisingly nice March day and I had a couple hours to blow and found myself at my buddy Dave’s private pond he has in his back yard. Iv fished this piece of water at least a hand full of times already this year each time with out any luck. Since this pond is in Dave’s back yard hes been out there probably twice as much with out any luck either. But that all changed Saturday. I had some confidence in me since the day before I got my first ditch pickles of the year, so I made a bet with Dave soon after we had the boat in the water. I told him ” first one to get a bass to the boat out of this pond wins $5.00. Not twenty minutes later and about half way around the pond I got got the first one from the pond on a wacky rig Yum Dinger in Melon Pie color.


The next day, Sunday, Dave and myself went back to the public pond that i’m keeping undisclosed. We got there around 7 am and the air temp was around 33 degrees which made fishing not so fun. Also turned the bite off I think, we both got skunked that day but our buddy was there later in the day and reported a 6lber was caught and he had some luck as well. Guess we left before the bite turned on.


A couple of days later me and another buddy Ted went out there again, this time in his boat. Got there around noon, and not too long after I got the fish above on a wacky rig worm. I got another one on the same rig on the other end of the lake, but only a 1lber. Still fun to catch bass this early in the year even if they are dinks aka small fish. 


Ted didn’t get on the board until after I caught my two and after I talked a little shit. He wound up catching two but both were dinks, and smaller then the fish I got. Guess I should of made another bet, ha.  Fish or no fish it’s always a good time fishing with company like Ted and Dave. Here’s to more early season bass and good times! Thanks for reading.  Tight Lines!