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Camping at Medco Pond

Friday the 3rd day of June I headed up to Medco Pond to camp and fish. The next day, Saturday was free camping day at state parks in Oregon. So my plan Friday evening was to stop by Joseph H. Stewart State Park at Lost Creek Reservoir, and try to reserve a free spot for the next day. Apparently they weren’t taking reservations for the free camping day unless you were staying the night before. I asked what time to come back the next day and left for Medco Pond. Got to the old logging pond late in the evening and found a nice little spot not far from the pond to set up my tent and construct my pontoon boat. By the time I got my toon together it was dark, and the stars very bright. I wanted to have my boat put together the night before so I could be on the water really early. But I slept in. Being outdoors is a better environment to sleep I don’t know why lol. By the time I got on the water there were already some people fishing, from shore, and other small boats. Also an Osprey was fishing all morning, I could watch him from my tent hitting the water was very cool.

Ospreys gotta be my favorite bird, always putting on a show. At this Pond a big Bald Eagle lived nearby too, you would see him chase after the osprey sometimes after a meal I assume. I started out fishing the half of the pond that is covered in weeds. You don’t see anyone fishing this side usually because of the thickness of the weeds. But I know fish are in there. Early in the morning most of the time the Osprey dove into the water it was on the weeded side. And id imagine huge bass are sitting in there and loving it. I didn’t fish the weeds for long and had to get out into water that didn’t have near as much weeds. I got out there and put away my bass jigs and worms for most of the time. I brought my Ultra Lite spinning rod and tied on a couple flys. Almost all the fish came on the green wolly bugger, but a few hit the dry fly i was using too. I caught tons of trout, but they were all under 8″. Still put up a fight on my little 4ft UL rod. I started out trolling while rowing forwards, mostly because iv always rowed forward while in my pontoon. This makes it kind of  difficult when you get a fish on while trolling, your facing forward and the fishing is behind you. So I quickly learned to troll while rowing backwards. This made it a lot easier when i got a fish on, usually they stayed on.

Fishing here was an absolute blast! The tip of my rod was always bouncing from fishing hitting the flys, a lot of the time they didn’t stick to the hook. But watching my rod tip go crazy was really fun, almost as fun as running plugs for steelhead in a drift boat. If i hadn’t got a little bite on my flys in more then a few minutes i knew i had some weeds on my line and it was time to reel in and check. It was constant fish action! Got a few little Crappies which are sweet looking and fight hard! Also caught a few tiny bass. One I thought was gonna be bigger because he took for the cover of the weeds after swiping my fly! People on the banks were mostly catching bluegills but i seen some catch an occasional trout. One bass boat was out and he didnt have anything good to report, said he couldn’t believe it was June because we were both wearing sweaters. Other boats out there were doing good catching the trout from what i seen.  Its a great place out and away from the city and anything. No cell service. Free Camping. Not many people. Great place!!!!

I ended up staying here Saturday night. Didnt feel like packing everything and going to a campground that isnt close to the lake, how it is at Stewart State Park. Medco was very fun. Didnt have to deal with water skiers or other types of speed boats. The bird watching was great. The peacefulness of this place is what really made me want to stay here instead of the big recreational Lost Creek Lake. I give this place two thumbs up if your looking to have a good time! Tight Lines my friends!

June 10th

The road to Four Mile Lake

Thursday came and i woke up early and wanted to fish a lake that i havent been to in about 10 years, Four Mile Lake. Its called Four Mile lake but its actually about 6 miles from the highway, I got about halfway and had to turn around due to the snow. Ill make it up there in a week or two, probably camp and bring a raft. So after i turned around i went out to Willow Lake, i wanted to see if the blue green algae was gone and see if i could get a bass or trout to bite my spinners. Well I fished there for only a half hour, and spent 15 minutes picking up beer cans and water bottles, didnt catch anything but a bunch of deposit. I then headed off in search of more water, i drove by Medco pond but decided not to stop, a few to many people. I then went to the Rogue River above Union Creek and stopped at the gorge for some pictures and lunch, i dont remember seein this section of river and it is amazing. Iv heard great things from more then a few people about Union Creek and have driven by it plenty of times and havent stopped, thursday i finally did. I immediately took the trail on the right side of the creek, where there was a trail sign, that said that Union Creek Falls is a 3 mile hike up the creek. So I took off on the trail for a couple of minutes then it stopped where it appears there used to be a log crossing the creek to the other side, i didnt figure this out right away and kept on walking through a bunch of vegetation trying  to find something resembling a trail, after ripping my pants on a barbed wire fence i decided to turn around and see if there was a trail on the other side of the creek. Fortunately there was another trail on the other side of the creek, I hiked it for about 3 miles then had a little something to eat in the woods just past the falls. It was a really great hike, the trail runs along the creek the whole way and all the fallen trees  makes the sceneray marvelous. Standing under all the big rootballs from trees that have fallen sure made me glad it wasnt windy that day. The Solitude was also great up there, I only came across one other group of people there and they appeared to be playing frizz-bee which was surprising because it looked like some grandparents that took there two grandsons hiking. I didnt do much fishing on the hike, after catching a bush more then a few times in the same area i got discouraged, i really need to learn how to fly fish, i think this area would be great. When i got back to the car i decided to try Medco Pond to try to kill my skunk for the day. First cast at Medco Pond fish on!!! was just a blue gill but still was a great way to end the day, i fished for a half hour longer and didnt get anything else besides a picture of a rainbow. Got the bluegill on a BlueFox Spinner, grey and pink with a silver blade with a few blue stipes on the blade. Was an interesting day of snow and sunshine, had fun except my feet were a little sore 😀

This is how far i got and had to turn around.

Willow Lake

I think that foam is from the blue green algae ?


Rogue River Gorge

More of the Gorge

Now for some pictures of Union Creek. BTW my panther martin is in that bush/tree in the creek

Next set of photos were taken at Medco Pond

Only fish of the day

Ill end my post with a rainbow 🙂


Thanks for reading/looking at my blog  😀   Tight Lines to all the fisher people out there!!

Sunday Fishing Fun

Sunday was another great day here in Southern Oregon, lower 80’s gotta love it. I went out fishing with some of my family that also enjoys fishing, my step sister her boyfriend and the their kids Raymond and Tahleena. We first met up at catfish cove at Lost Creek Lake, since the lake recently  got full and the water is still pretty cold for bass, we decided to go up the road to where i fished Saturday at Rivers Bridge Campground on the far Upper Rogue River. Four of us fished for a couple hours there with out any takers, we were using spinners and Raymond was using powerbait. We still had a few hours of daylight left so we decided to go some where were we could catch fish, Medco pond was our destination. At Medco i didnt do near as well as last time i was there, i threw spinners for a couple hours and i only caught 1 small bluegill that felt like a monster because he had a bunch of weeds attached to him and the lure. After awhile i decided to switch up to what the kids were using worms and bobbers, this set up slayed the bluegills 😀 Their parents did ok fishing for bass, they didnt catch any that were real big but a couple 2 pounders, they went off and fished the other side of the lake so i didnt get any bass pictures this time. Thanks for stopping by and TIGHT LINES !! 😀

Medco Pond 5-4

Tuesday I fished Medco Pond for the third time, and had the best luck so far. I didnt catch any warm water fish like i did the first time out there, but i caught plenty of trout. I estimate i caught about 30 trout in the 3 hours i was there, all but one came on a holographic Panther Martin spinner size 6 i think, the paint is coming off of it but its green and pink and the blade is like a rainbow trout. The couple next to me were catching them on worms and powerbait under bobbers and they seemed to be doing well. I brought the first one in on the second or third cast which is always nice. I also caught a couple while the spinner was falling before i could even retrieve it. The weird thing that day was the ospreys couldnt seem to catch the fish very well, i think i seen them come up with a fish once, and they were trying quite often. Thanks for stopping by my little blog 🙂 Tight lines to all my fishermen/women out there.

Lately iv noticed birds have shown up in my blog along with fish lol. The guy fishing near me thought the birds were owls LOL i had to inform him that they were Ospreys 😀 The date is still messed up on the camera i promise u these were taken yesterday not two years ago haha.

Medco and Expo Ponds 4-4-10

I spent saturday helping some of family move into a new house so i didnt get to fish, and it didnt rain the whole day. Sunday i didnt care it was easter i wanted to fish. I was gonna fish Lost Creek Lake it was recently stocked with 25,000 legal rainbow trout, and they say the hold overs are around 16′ inches, when i got up there it was raining pretty good. So instead i kept on driving and ended up at Medco Pond. I fished there for a little more then an hour, when i got there it was barely raining and a littly windy. I fished with just 1 rod and used a few differnt spinners, i caught one small rainbow trout about 6’inches on a panther martin, may of had other bites or may of been the bottom. Then the snow started to come down hard, i watched the snow for a little bit to see if it would stop and i could continue fishing, nope. I dont have chains or studs so i took off, the road were fine for the first 5 miles then the snow was sticking to the road, i had no problem except for once i locked up my tires right before u come to Butte Falls. I got to the Jackson County Expo Ponds at around 5pm and ended up catching 3 keepers. first one came on a blue fox spinner, red body with a gold spinner, other 2 came on powerbait under a bobber. I hooked one on a gold kastermaster had him on for a couple seconds then it jumped and the lure came flying out, was quite cool to see.

Next two are of the Expo Pond

Medco Pond and more 3-27-10

Yesterday my plan was to fish Willow Lake, it was recently stocked and im sure theres lots of hold overs. Well i decided to check out Lake of the Woods and fish lake before hand then when i got to willow the parking wasnt that great since the resort is closed. Lake of the woods is still froze pretty good, some big rocks didnt go through it, i threw them like Randy Johnson. Fish Lake looks good no ice and its almost full, i didnt fish there though, its still probably too cold for the trout. I had never fished Medco Pond before and had only been by there a few times years ago. I fished the north end i think, were theres a walkway that goes into the lake. I probably caught around 30 fish, 2 bass, a couple crappie, about 10 tiny rainbow trout, and the rest were bluegill ranging in size. It was real fun caught all the fish on a few differnt spinners, couple panther martins and a blue fox. I didnt even use bait today lol.

This is Lake of the Woods froze over

Those are rocks that i threw at the ice lol.

The next ones are of the rear of Willow Lake.

And now for Medco Pond, where i fished.

All of the trout were this size.