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6-9 :D

Wednesday i wanted to get out and try to find some Morels by my self , and do a little fishing. Went up to Hyatt Lake to hunt for mushrooms, took me awhile to find the real ones, i found a couple false ones before i got some of the real deal. Found my first one right after i looked up and seen a  pack of deer walking by in the distance, must of been good luck. After 2-3 hours of hunting and only coming up with 6 morels i decided it was time for some fishing, so i went down the road to Howard Prairie. I first went over by the dam, fished there for a little over an hour, with no bites, i was using powerbait on the bottom and spinners on my second rod. I had enough of the wind there so after packing out a bunch of cans and bottles i packed up and went over to the spot i usually fish by Grizzly Campground, by the cove. At the cove i got my skunk killed, caught  a little bass on a spinner and not too long afterwards i took off for home. Was another awesome day in the woods and at the lake.

This is where i seen the pack of deer.

This is near the dam at Howard Prairie

Back by the cove

First and only fish of the day



June 6th

Sunday me and my pal Sunny wanted to find more Morels and do a little more fishing so we went up to Hyatt Lake. On our way to the fishing spot on the dam we ran into some other morel hunters who had some success, so that got Sunny pretty excited, we got to the dam and sunny put his fishing gear down and scampered down the dam in search of mushrooms. I stayed on the dam and threw all the spinners i had, on my other rod i had a bobber and night crawlers, caught nothing on the spinners and 2 small bass on the bait. After a couple hours i gave sunny a call, luckily we had phone reception, i guess he found a nice patch of shrooms because he had about a few pounds in the bucket when he returned. I decided i wanted in on the mushroom action so we packed up and went over to the area we were the day before, but this time we searched different areas. We ended up finding quite a bit of morels, probably some where around 5-6 pounds, I ate them for the first time ever the next day and i must they are quite delicious. After we decided we had enough mushrooms we went over to Howard Prairie for a little bit of fishing before we left. I ended up catching a few small bass on spinners, and sunny got a little bluegill on a worm. Was another good day of fishing and mushroom hunting 😀

This is where I fished at Hyatt Lake

These are only some of the Morels we found


Finally got one on a spinner


I got 2 of these guys before heading home, they are fighters!!



6-5 at Howard Prairie

I got a call Saturday from my buddy Sunny again and he wanted to hit the water. This time we went to Howard Prairie. We fished the same area i did a few weeks ago where i caught a nice rainbow and a small large mouth bass. This time all we caught were Large Mouth Bass, about 18 of them, all of them but one came on Panter Martin Spinners. Since i have the two rod permit i was also using night crawlers under a bobber, which brought in the biggest bass of the day and earned me 5 dollars in a friendly wager. We kept our limits of bass, which should help the populations of rainbow trout at the this wonderful lake. While fishing my friend talked to some other anglers who said they had been out hunting for Morels, so after putting a dent in the bass, we decided to head over to Hyatt Lake in search of mushrooms. I surprisingly found the first two, was my first time hunting for them, Sunny found two more and then it started to rain so we went home. Had another great day of fishing ! 😀

I took a picture of the first fish just incase it was the last

Im not a bass fisherman so this is big for me lol.

These are Morel Mushrooms