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Hyatt Lake 10-29

Friday i went back up to Hyatt Lake. This time the weather was much nicer and alot of the snow had melted in the two days since i was there last. I got out onto the lake around 2 in the afternoon, and threw out some powereggs and used a spinner on my other rod. It took me roughly 2 and a half hours to get my first fish, and i got it right when i was having thoughts of being skunked. I ended up catching two really nice rainbows on powereggs floated two feet off the bottom. Both trout came within 10 minutes of each other, it was real quiet other then a little bass that fought like a big trout, got him on a panther martin spinner. The wind was real calm and at times not there at all, which was great. I fished til dark, and so did the only other boat that was on the lake. Just a weird side note. The only other boat on the lake decided to fish right next to me for most of the time. Oh well i still had a good time. Tight Lines! and GO DUCKS!!

That is Mount Mcloughlin glowing in the background



Hyatt Lake 10-27

Well Trout season is about to close at a few of my local lakes, Hyatt, Howard Prairie and Diamond. So Wednesday i went to Hyatt, i planned on going to Diamond but its over two hours away and its higher in elevation. I got out on the water around 230pm and on my 2nd cast with a panther martin i had a real nice rainbow on. The funny thing is, i wasnt even retrieving the spinner, i was looking down at my reel at a loop that was in it when i heard a nice fish jump and splash. Thats when i knew i had a fish on, it was a nice trout that i accidentally released had to be 17 inches. That was the only trout i caught on a spinner the whole day, caught a little LargeMouth Bass though on a Panther Martin. I caught 3 more nice sized rainbows on power eggs floated 18″ off the bottom before i got blown off the lake a little after 5 in the evening. I was anchored up and had waves splashing over my pontoons and i was getting a little wet, thats when i finally decide to pull anchor. I made it to shore and it started snowing sideways.

I got the bass right by the log sticking out there

Great way to keep the trout cold and fresh

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you noticed the color scheme change iv done, its for my #1 ranked in the AP Oregon Ducks football squad.

Expo Pond 10-22

Today i needed to do some fishing so i went to the local watering hole, the Jackson County Expo Ponds. These ponds are nice since they’re so close at about 2-3 miles away, and offer trout and warm water fishing. I myself dont prefer one fish over another so this place is great for me in the spring and now the fall.  Well today i fished for a couple hours from the bank, i threw senkos and panther martins. Caught and released one 12 inch trout and released a little one pound bass. Trout fishing is probably better then the bass bite right now with the cold weather, but you can still manage a few bites.

To my surprise they scraped out alot of the vegetation with a tractor.

Birthday Fishes and a blog update

*****Some of  you may of already noticed that all my posts on the blog have no pictures now. Well the good news is i still have the pictures on my laptop but the website that was hosting them switched servers and lost them. So now iv got to go through and fix everything. Which isnt all bad, ill get the chance to resize the photos so they are easier to view. Also iv given thought into switching over to blogger. I do the like the simple look of my blog, and some of my regular readers do too, i think? If any of you want to give some input id appreciate it. I do attend to get more blogging done then i have been lately. Im coming up on 4,000 site views and i want to thank all of u who visit this blog whether you, subscribe, got here by google, message board, or know me personally.*****

Now to the good stuff! Monday 10-11 was my birthday, and honestly for me there isnt a better way to spend it then going fishing. The last 2-3 months iv just been targeting Bass, so it was time for change and the trout at Fish Lake were in for it! Fish Lake was originally a natural lake that was enlarged in 1906 with a 50ft dam. The Lake covers 440 acres when full, which is about three times its original size. Located on highway 140 about 35 miles from my town Medford, elevation 4700ft so it gets cold!

I got out on the water around noon, and almost immediately started to get bites on chartreuse Power Eggs. Then not long after i caught a little rainbow on a panther martin. This wasnt too far from where i put in at, so i decided to go out further and test out my home made anchor. While anchored out there i caught the third fish of the day and it was a dandy. There was a father and son in a boat anchored parallel to me about 75ft away and i could hear the kid say “hes got one on” must of heard my drag screaming. It made a couple runs on me when i got it near the toon, it put up a hell of a fight on my little Ultra Light rod. After that one i spent a couple hours catching a small rainbows here and there. I caught around 10 rainbow trout all together, and one juvenile Chinook Salmon, on a panther martin. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are stocking these little salmon in the lake in hopes of them getting big and eating the exotic tui chub and fathead minnows in the lake. Im sure when these baby chinook salmon get bigger they’ll taste like kokanee.

I ended the day around 6 when the sun disappeared over the hills it got quite chilly. I had 3 fish on the stringer and 2 of them were really nice, the 3rd was a average 11-12 incher. I didnt take many photos this trip, my batteries died after i took six pictures. Doh.

Now for the sink shot 😀

Applegate Lake

Saturday i fished my favorite lake once again, but this time it is at full pool. I arrived around 330pm, and stopped at the water outtake peir thing for some pictures of the lake, didnt see any fish jump or else i would of fished off the dam. I ended up fishing the back end of the lake again, i like it because its deep there and its in between where carberry creek and applegate river come into the lake, also all the rocks could mean some bass, and i plan on trying some bass this year from the clean lakes. When i got to my spot i immediately started throwing a holographic panther martin spinner i had on my rod from thursday at the pond, third or fourth cast and i catch a freshly stocked trout, back he went. I ended up releasing about 4 more of his twins, also had about 5 LDR’s Long Distance Release 🙂 I brought home 2 trout. Caught all trout on panther martin spinners, used powerbait on my second rod but didnt have any luck with it. All n all was a wonderful day at the lake, plenty of bites and plenty of sun. I plan on camping up there soon and going to Miller Lake which iv heard u have to hike into, iv never been there but it looks beautiful from pictures iv seen and its not far from Applegate Lake. Thanks for reading and tight lines!! 😀

Tight Lines!!

4-23 Applegate Lake Revisited

Friday i got my car back from the shop and the weather was nice so i went to my favorite place Applegate Lake. I arrived around 4pm and was suprised to see how full the lake is, hasnt been like this for awhile it seems like. I fished the back end of the lake as you’ll see from the pictures. While walking down to my spot, i luckily looked down at the rocks and seen 2 snakes coiled up to eachother on a big flat rock, i yelled some obscenities and walked down a little ways from them and set up my rods. I fished with nightcrawlers on one rod and spinners on the other, spinners out fished bait 3 to 1 that day.  I also had a double hook up for the first time in months, i noticed i was gettting a bite on the bobber with worms, so i reeled in my blue fox spinner extremely fast and i got one surprisingly, picked up my bait rod and set the hook and had 2 rainbows back 2 back 🙂 was a great day for fishing, glad to be back on the water after what happened last wednesday.

I guess the date reset when i put new batteries in… oh well lol. thanks for taking a look, tight lines!

Applegate Lake 4-7

Wednesday was an awesome day, the weather felt like summer i could of worn shorts. I didnt plan on fishing but since the sun was out and i had some stuff on my mind, i took a drive. First i drove to the town of Applegate, i went up the hills a little bit then turned around no pictures from up there.  Then i drove to another place iv never been, i always  like to travel new roads and see new places. I went up the little Applegate road past historic Buncom and up a dirt road on the side of a hill. I got to Tunnel Ridge Site, im not sure how it got that name but you can take a trail down to the Little Applegate River. This area will be great during the summer when we have those triple digit days, you’ll see in the pictures a little rock dam with a pool behind it. I walked up and down the river didnt see any fish nor any large chunks of gold. Ended up with a hand full of cool rocks and some splashes to the face with the cold water. I got to Applegate Lake around 6pm and fished for about an hour. The lake is filling up quite nicely and you can now fish in the rear of the lake for the first time in months. The trout are up there, but im thinking most are still near the dam. I seen quite a few jump but didnt catch any, i didnt see the Ospreys catch any either. I used powerbait on one rod and spinners on the other, the boat 150yd out from me wasnt catching anything that i seen. Still was a good day, nice to see the lake filling up.

To anyone that reads/looks at my blog, i want to know if you have any suggestions, tips, or comments on how to improve or make the site look better? April 24th is coming up and that is trout opener here for us, ill be fishing some awesome lakes that have been closed to fishing since oct31st. Mainly Hyatt, Howard Prarie and Diamond Lake, also the rogue river above lost creek opens. So look forward to some pictures of new places and fat trout real soon.