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Good ol’ Pond Fishing

You can probably tell lately iv been really enjoying doing little fishing videos, well here’s another one! This one starts off with me pulling a bass out of a bunch of crap. I caught it on 8lb mono and it went straight for the shit! It got hung up in it for a few minutes and when I finally decided to go over to where the line meets the water I found out the bass was on top of the water! Then its onto some more pond fishing but this time Ted and myself were fishing for carp but caught these squaw and sucker fish instead! Last clip is my friend telling a story about a encounter he had with a ‘friendly’ Nutria. 

Thanks for reading/watching! Tight Lines!!

Basstastic Weekend!

I did four days straight of bass fishing, with most of it done up in private ponds on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th. The bassin weekend started out thursday night. My sisters boyfriend and I headed out to White City to fish the VA Domiciliary. This was my first time fishing there, but my friend has told me all about it. I guess its not a bad spot. I missed one fish, crappy hook set. But my friend caught a tiny one. I took a picture anyways. Just for shits and giggles lol.

Friday afternoon I picked my friend Colby Pearson the bass master up from his home because we had a weekend full of bass fishing planned, at private ponds up north! We stopped by the Umpqua Fish Ladder on our way up and seen a few steelhead going up the ladder, they have a viewing window there and it was my first time stopping, pretty cool to see the fish on the other side of the glass.  Then we stopped in the town of Sutherlin to get some lunch and to fish a Lake i hadnt been to in a few years, Cooper Creek Reservoir.  We fished there for about an hour and decided to leave since neither one us got a bite, there were quite a few trout fishermen there and also a bass boat. Didnt unpack my camera so didnt get any photos of Cooper Creek, but ill fish there again some time this year and get a better report of the place done! We ended our day at our hosts house we were staying at for the weekend, Dave and his Wife Lisa aka Mr and Mrs Polebender. I met Dave last summer, we’re Oregon Fishing Forum members and last year he came down to Medford for work and wanted to do some bass fishing when he got off. So we met up and did some fishing and became fishing buddies! He’s from the Eugene area and has private pond access, so the past couple years he’s invited people from the forum over to one of the ponds for a day of fishing. He calls it the Polebender Invitational. This year he got prize donations for biggest bass and heaviest limits. I even brought up a couple prizes donated from Xfactor Tackle located in Grants Pass Oregon. The grand prize was an awesome custom made bait casting rod made by Ryan808 who is also a forum member. It was valued at over 300 bucks!

Saturday morning started out really slow. I met alot of the forum members and made some small talk, didnt really fish too hard because i seen the fish werent really cooperating. I witnessned my friend Colby catch the only bass from the event. I was about 75 yards away and could see it was about two pounds, turned out to be 1 pound 15oz. Id say thats the best fish under 2lbs my friend Colby might ever catch. It got him a sweet custom rod that he is using this weekend in the Oregon High School Bass Tourney. If he wins he would end up fishing in Arkansas against the best young fishermen in the country. When he competes in the local tournaments he’s up against adults and does very well. And hes been doing that since he was 11 and hes now a junior in high school. In todays local newspaper ‘the mail tribune’ Mark Freeman wrote an article about Colby and his buddy Jacob and their Tournament this weekend on the Columbia River for the high school state championship!

Thats the group of us that made out on that Saturday. We all ate rotisserie chicken that Dave cooked on the open fire, and cheese burgers on the grill, and i even brought some smoked steelhead! I counted and i think 18 of us are Oregon Fishing Forum Members. So it was really cool meeting these guys and gals in person. Jeanna Jigs made it out since trout opener got snowed out. I made a post about Jeanna and her walk for breast cancer a few weeks back. She had a donation jar and raised 100 dollars at the event this day!  Click right here if you would like to donate, anything will help! Since Colby caught the only bass of the day we ended up putting everyone’s name in a hat and letting one of Dave’s grand kids pick a name out of it. That way it was fair for who got the prizes except the grand prize went to the bass master himself ‘Colby Pearson’ for catching the only bass at the invitational, there was also couple sucker fish caught too but those dont count during a bass tourney. Not long after we took the group picture i started to gather my stuff together because Chris another forum member invited Colby and myself to go over and fish his pond for a few hours. We had planned to fish most of Sunday there but we couldnt deny a offer of fishing there after a really slow day at the first pond.  Colby caught the first one right after we got into the water probably three cast into this new pond! It’s the first picture below. Id say he caught about four or five real nice 3-4lb bass to my zero. Then he said he would hand off the next one he caught. I said ok, just so i could feel a fish after fishing all day. Well he got one on soon after and landed it because it was near some heavy cover, i told him no worries because i wanted to catch my own fish anyways. Then not to long after i tossed my jig near some cover, let it sink, reeled and felt a fish and gave a little hook set and i had a real feisty large mouth bass on! Over 4lbs. Great first bass of the year and also my first bass on a jig!

We came back the next morning bright and early about 630am. This time Dave, TTFishon, and Ryan808 all came along. I rode along with Chris and Colby again and Ryan and Dave both brought their little boats. We all had a great day! Our boat probably boated 30 bass that day alone. Only one was under three pounds, the average was from 3 to 4.5 pounds with a few going over 5.

Thats the rod Colby won and put to immediate use

That’s our host Chris holding a nice bass from his awesome pond

The last picture was probably the most memorable fish of the day. I had been recording video on a few different occasions trying to get the hook set on video. Well id film for about a minute or so when we came up to a good looking submerged tree. This time i turned it off after recording almost 2 minutes then 20 seconds later Colby and Chris had a double! Bad timing for video. But a good picture! Id like to thank Dave and Lisa for letting me and Colby stay at there place and fish their pond! Also big thanks to Chris for letting us come over and catch some nice fish from his bass mecca, cant wait to go back during the summer for some top water action! Thanks for reading and tight lines!

Pond Action

Before i get to the fishing reports I want to announce the new page on my blog. The new page is dedicated to my friends who make youtube fishing videos. So if you got some time and want to see some cool videos check out the new page! It’s at the top titled “YOUTUBE FRIENDS” enjoy!

Saturday i had some shopping to do at Big R in White City, needed to spool up my new reel and get some fishing supplies. After shopping i decided to do some bass fishing at the pond located behind the store. I had never been there, you can see part of the pond from the road and until i got to the pond i had no idea how big it really was.

As you can see the pond is a really nice sized one. I dont know how the bass fishing is there, as i think it was too cold. Also bank access is very limited, which means im gonna have to bring my pontoon. I didnt fish for very long did more exploring, and after i got my brand new buzz bait stuck in a tree i didnt feel like doing much fishing. Gonna have to come back in the spring.

This is a different pond in the back end of the bigger one.

The next day i met up with Colby Pearson at the Expo ponds to do some bass fishing. We’ve been getting rain lately so the river is really high and brown, so thats’s why i ended up at these ponds if anyone was wondering. At the pond i got a strikes on my first two casts with my 5″ yum dinger bass worm. I told Colby and he said it was probably the trout hitting it. Before i came to the pond i had stopped at Sportsmans Wharehouse, and i bought a few things including my two rod license. So i rigged up my Ultra Light rod with a worm i found the night before after it rained. I put a simple rig on, 2 split shots about 2 feet above a treble hook that held the worm. Caught my first trout not too long after, and since it was gut hooked i kept it. Not too long after that i put away the bass worm and put on a Wyld Edge Berzerker Spinner, Cutthroat color in size three, 1/8 oz. First cast hooked up with a nice little feisty stocked rainbow trout. I kept that spinner on for the rest of the time i was there. Caught countless trout on it. Only kept the fish i was catching with my worm on the UL rod, since most were gut hooked. After my 5th trout, i just used my spinner and let the wind drift me back to where I put in at. Called it a day not too long before dark, was a much needed day of catching, getting skunked day after day at the river can take a toll on you. I got some confidence in me and ill be ready to slay the steelhead midweek, after all steelhead are only big rainbow trout that went to sea and came back. It was also my first time using Wyld Edge spinners in still water, and the one spinner i did use this day worked marvelously! The single hook was great as it was much easier to release the fish with, and i released alot of fish that day. Your gonna have a hard time finding a better trout spinner for 2.50 in my opinion. Small local company from Bend Oregon, i know i like spending my money locally so make sure you guy’s check their stuff out! One last thing i almost forgot to add. Colby made a video that day a hour or so before i got there, so you can kinda get a feel on how the fishing was through video. Check it out here Stocker Trout Mania.

Until next time… Tight Lines!

1-26-11 – Pond, Rivers, Creeks! oh my…

Thursday i wanted to do some fishing but also wanted stay kinda local, so i decided to bass fish the Denman Ponds. The first couple ponds are so small and shallow that they probably dont hold any bass. The next of ponds down the road are nice sized and i hadnt fished them in a long time 10 plus years. I threw a yum dinger worm for a bit then tossed a floating rappala, no bites, probably because its cold out. I then went to the other side of the pond to check things out, and while crossing a flooded part of the trail, i lost my balance and stepped into the water, should of had my waders on. I ended up checking out a pond id never seen before then i headed down the road to the Rogue River just to check out the water level and to pick up some beer cans and stuff. While on my way back to my car i spotted a container under a shrub and did some investigating. I found a lock tight Tupperware container that had kid toys and a bar a soap in it, also there was a pen and  a small notepad. Turned out this container was a Geo-Cache. Id heard about these things before on tv and hadnt given it much thought until i stumbled upon this one. Its actually kinda cool. Might use my friends GPS to find some more in the future. I signed my name to the notepad, and also added the url to this blog and put my old car air freshener in the container and put it back where i found it under some leafs. I then took a trail id never been on, it follows Little Butte Creek. Turns out theres plenty of places to fish along this trail. Im gonna bring my trout gear next time and give the creek a try. Its lure and fly only, C&R of trout, except for no limit on brookie. And you can keep fin-clipped steelhead. Sounds good to me! Enjoy the pictures and Tight Lines!!!