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Camping Trip – Wickiup, East Lake, and Hills Creek Res.

Went on a camping trip on Wednesday (7-25-12) and got back earlier today (7-31) . Spent Wednesday through Sunday at Wickiup, Sunday night at East Lake, and Monday night at Hills Creek Reservoir. Fishing wasn’t spectacular but the weather and two fish made up for the lack of catching. I got to Wickiup Wednesday afternoon and put together my camp site and pontoon boat, by the time I had all the boat and tent stuff put together I had drank a few beers and the wind let up so it was time to get out there! I trolled around until my stomach told me it was times for brats and more beer! While trolling back to my camping spot my Ultra Lite rod goes down and stays down, if i hadn’t known I was in some pretty deep water I would of thought it was snagged up! After picking my rod up out of the holder and a few turns of the reel the fish comes flying out of the water completely and I then knew I had a sweet trout on! After a couple more jumps and runs when it got near the boat I was finally able to net it! 22″ inch and around 3lbs of great meat! I ended up up having a fillet for dinner instead of the brats, and the next night I ate the other fillet, bacon wrapped with onions, garlic and lemon juice.

I thought fishing would be great considering the first days fish, but that wasn’t so. Didnt catch any fish at wickiup Thursday – Saturday. Left for Lava Lake on Sunday, but after taking the wrong road I ended up in Sun River. After buying more ice, beer and a corn dog I decided to head to East and Paulina Lakes instead. East was a very sweet lake except for the fact I couldn’t find any free camping. Ended up staying at Cinder Campground, very nice campground. Fishing at East was a lot better then at Wickiup, I was getting a lot more bites. Once the wind picked up Sunday evening I went back to camp and picked up my anchor and headed back out and sat on anchor and fished a whole worm on the bottom with no weight. About 45min later I started to get bit and picked up a real nice feisty 15″ Rainbow. The next morning the fish were eating off the surface like crazy! But they weren’t real interested in my offerings only got a couple bites Monday morning before leaving the lake. Got to see a poodle with a life jacket on out there though, pretty funny seeing a mid sized poodle on a pontoon boat! Monday I camped out in the back of Hill Creek Res. near the back where the creek comes in, was really nice scenery and very peaceful but no fish for me at this lake. Great weather everyday made for some sweet camping and the mosquitoes weren’t bad at either lakes! 

Thanks for reading, and ill add more details and pictures when I get back from camping.

Tight Lines!!

Small Reservoir Cutthroats

This past week I went on an adventure! For a couple of the days I prospected with a couple of cool dudes. We didnt find much gold but still had alot of fun. Ill probably make a post and video about prospecting on the Molalla River, we also did some fishing but the fish did not cooperate. Then after leaving the river behind I found a small lake that looked super bassy and also holds some beautiful trout! I camped there for a couple days in the rain and only caught a couple nice cuttys. If it werent for the damn rain I’m sure I would of caught quite a bit more trout and at least would of caught a small bass. Here’s the little video I made of the lake fishing.

Next time I find some of these little buggers ill use them for bait, didnt think about until I got back and looked at the photo.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Tight lines to all!

Agate Lake 11-2

Agate Lake is a little warm water lake only a few miles from where i live, and the past two falls they have stocked it with trout. Tuesday i fished for few hours, there was one other boat on the water and they were taking out when i put in, didnt look like they caught anything. I had Power eggs set up on my Ultra Light rod and with my other rod i used Senkos and Spinners. I fished for a few hours with no bites, then the sun set behind the hills and ALOT of fish started to surface. I’m pretty sure the fish were perch and sunfish, so i tied on steelhead jig (they are similar to a crappie jig with a bigger hook) and a bobber. I got a few hits on that but still no fish, yep skunked, i dont think i was the only one though the trout fishermen on the bank didnt do well either. And a report i seen from the next day was slow as well but they caught 1 trout between a couple people trolling. Thanks for stopping by and tight lines!!

My boat 😀

Hyatt Lake 10-29

Friday i went back up to Hyatt Lake. This time the weather was much nicer and alot of the snow had melted in the two days since i was there last. I got out onto the lake around 2 in the afternoon, and threw out some powereggs and used a spinner on my other rod. It took me roughly 2 and a half hours to get my first fish, and i got it right when i was having thoughts of being skunked. I ended up catching two really nice rainbows on powereggs floated two feet off the bottom. Both trout came within 10 minutes of each other, it was real quiet other then a little bass that fought like a big trout, got him on a panther martin spinner. The wind was real calm and at times not there at all, which was great. I fished til dark, and so did the only other boat that was on the lake. Just a weird side note. The only other boat on the lake decided to fish right next to me for most of the time. Oh well i still had a good time. Tight Lines! and GO DUCKS!!

That is Mount Mcloughlin glowing in the background