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Lake Selmac 8-21-10

Another trip to Selmac was in order, but this time my buddy wanted to come along after hearing about the big bass i caught. This time i didnt get to be on the water at first light like the last two times, we arrived around 11am and we immediately started to inflate the pontoon and raft. My buddy had a hard time rowing his raft but after awhile he got the hang of it when he took the paddles off the oars, guess they wouldn’t clamp down. It took awhile to get the first bass to the boat, probably over an hour and half. I got my picture with this bass just in case it were the only one of the day. I also got to test out my new Berkley digital scale on the little guy, he weighed exactly 1 pound.

That isnt fog or clouds, its smoke from a nearby fire in the Illinois Valley, when we first got there it wasnt that bad but the wind must of shifted and brought it our way. Later on in the day the wind picked up the smoke again and the sky was blue again,  kinda cool, unless the smoke bothers your breathing. After i caught that one it seemed that i would pick up a couple bass every hour. My friend started to get discouraged seeing me bringing them, but finally he got into one. I happen to look over at him in the raft and noticed his rod tip bending and asked ” You got one on?” he said “no its weeds” i knew better. So i rowed over to him and assisted him getting the hook out and took the picture of his first ever bass.

He ended up catching about 3 bass  none of them big ones. I ended up with around 12 for the day, no big ones but two of them were over 2 pounds.

That one wiggled off the scale as i was trying to weigh him. The other one i didnt get a picture of, my friend was on the bank, but i did weigh it, 2lbs 7ounce.  They both seemed to be the same size.

This was the last fish i caught, right before dark. I brought it up and thought it was the ugliest bass id ever seen, but then i realized it was was a catfish, a very slimy one. This is the first catfish iv caught in over 10 years. I got him on a 5inch  Yum Dinger rubber worm. Was really surprising. All fish were catch and released. No real big ones but still a fun day on the water.

Thanks for reading and TIGHT LINES!!

Lake Selmac Sunday the 15th

So two days after my maiden voyage i had the urge to get back to Lake Selmac for some more Large Mouth Bass action. Got to the lake real early and started tossing my Yum Dingers. Not too long after i got a nice bite and set the hook, this fish was HUGE, but after about 10 seconds she managed to snap my line. I guess it was my fault for not having the drag set looser and i was trying to muscle this hog up. After a few naughty words said, which i felt bad afterward, because a boat not too far away from me had an older guy and his mom who had to be in her 70’s and they had to of heard me. For some reason i didnt loosen my drag after that, looking back i should of. Because not even 30 minutes later i hooked into another big ol bass, you can probably guess what happened next… SNAP. This time i didnt curse afterward, i had the second one on for probably twice as long as the first, it had my rod tip under water when the 8 pound line snapped. After that all i could manage to catch were little dinker bass, but about 5 hours after hooking into those large bass, i finally managed to get a decent bass to the boat. Not long after that i was fishing the middle of the lake and the boat that i thought heard me curse earlier in the day asked me how i was doing. I told them about the 2 that broke me off and said that id caught about 8 bass since then. I found out he was up here visiting his father in the hospital and all they were catching were bluegills. So i offered him a couple worms a couple bass hooks, and they gave me a few bucks and some cold bottles of water. I showed him how to rig the worms, texas and wacky style, we said or thanks and i kept on fishing. Not 10 minutes later i caught a little bass that ate the hook and was bleeding when i brought him up, so i rowed over to their boat and seen if they wanted to keep it, luckily they did and the bass didnt become osprey food. After that i noticed i was starting to get burned so i started to fish in the shade but after a half hour or so and no more bites i decided to call it a day. When i got home that night i went over to my buddys house who is a avid bass fisherman, told him what happened, he had a big spool of 12lb Stren that we put on my reel. So hopefully next time i hook into a monster bass ill be ready 😀

This is the only decent one that i got to the boat.

Thanks for reading. And tight lines to all the fisher people out there 😀

Lake Selmac: Friday the 13th

Long time, no post, i know i know… Well this last week i bought my first boat, a 80 dollar craigslist special. Friday i took it on its maiden voyage to Lake Selmac. Before i go on with my fishing report, id like to share to you a couple facts about Selmac. Its a small lake about 160 acres, it is stocked early in the year with legal sized trout (had some post earlier where i caught the trout) but the main attraction is Large Mouth Bass. They are HUGE in this lake, it has actually held the Oregon state record for LM bass twice in the past.

I arrived at the lake right when it started to get light out, and quickly assembled my boat.  I think i may of been the first boat on the water, seen another pontoon on the other side of the lake shortly after i got to part of the lake i wanted to fish. I hooked up my green senko texas style and began tossing the the worm. Not more then 30 minutes later i noticed a subtle bite and i set the hook like a real bass master, thankfully i did. This fish bent my shakespeare trout rod like iv never seen before, and luckily i had my drag set really tight or else im sure it would of spooled me. After a little battle i finally managed to muscle him up to the surface and grab him by the lip. This was the most excited id been about catching a fish in a long time. So with that said i was shaking pretty hard while trying to take pictures of this hog, i took 10 photos of this fish and only 2 of the photos have the fish in it, and those 2 pictures arnt the greatest. But here folks is the biggest bass iv ever caught.


After releasing that hog it took me a few minutes to settle down and regain my composure, i also made a quick phone call to my bass fishing buddy, had to tell some one. I then hooked into 2-3 smaller bass that werent photo worthy, but i must say there were still really nice bass. By then my senko was tore up pretty bad, so instead of texas rig i went to wacky style and not to long after i hooked into another hog. This one was a tad bit smaller but seemed to put up a harder fight, he had my rod tip under water when he decided to go under my boat. You know the fish is big when he/she can tow you around the lake. This one must of been down in the weeds because when i brought him up he still had some on him.


After that guy, i landed a couple more bass and decided to call it a day around 130 in the afternoon. I must say this was one of the best days fishing ever for me. Also i gotta say i wish i would of started bass fishing a long time ago 😀