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Umpqua River

Iv realized I have nothing from any of my Umpqua River trips from this Summer on here and I don’t know why!!!. The Umpqua River has one of the best Small Mouth Bass Fisheries in country I believe, and so iv heard. It also boast some really great Salmon and Steelhead fishing too. The River also has Trout, Shad, and Stripers, among some other species. Me and some buddies head there to fish for the Smallies though aka Small Mouth Bass. They have fight in them like no other on this Umpqua River.


I floated the Umpqua five times this year in my 8 foot Creek Co. Pontoon. First time was around June 11th with Ted and Jon. We went from the bridge before the Kellog Bridge and took out at the Slide Hole. And I must say Ill never put in at this bridge again. It was hell carrying our boats down a steep ass embankment under the bridge. There were two different sections that had ropes so you could walk yourself either down or up, the ropes were in a middle of a trail that went through black berries and poison oak.That first float didn’t take long at all because the water was so high, we decided to float it a week after some heavy rains. The water was murky so we fished blindly not know where to cast because we could not see the bottom structure. I only caught around ten that day almost all came on a white tube. Fishing was super tough but it was still a good experience for my first time on the Umpqua.


Second trip of the year was around August 17th. I rode down from Eugene with Jon, and we met up with my friend Colby and his buddy Danny who came up from Southern Oregon. We floated the river for three days and two nights, doing a stretch of river that is known as the Big K Loop. It was a first over night trip on this river for any us, but Jon had done this float  many times before in just one day. This section is said to have the best Small Mouth fishing on the river and I could see why. Almost no body fishes it since it’s surrounded by private property and its a super long float to do unless you have access to the Big K. This just so happen to be the first of four epic trips where we camped along the river and brought only what we could fit on our pontoons. As you can tell from the first picture I was kind of loaded down.


You could catch the bass on a variety of lures which was really fun! Had a blast using a spoon in the quicker water. Id get out of my boat in some of the quick ankle to knee deep water and cast the spoon like i would for steelhead and wait for a  pissed off little fish to attack! Smallmouth are good fighters in general, but put them in current and WOW!  Some great fun is to be had with light gear, caught my biggest one on a UL rod with 4lb mono.


This was our camp on the first night, what you can’t see is the deer carcass not too far away. Colby was the smart one and brought an actual air mattress, Jon brought a blow up mat you would use for a swimming pool. I brought my sleeping pad which you can see in the first pic rolled up on the back of my Toon. Danny burrowed himself a nice little hole in the sand which I think kept him quite warm, ha. Dinner for me consisted of cold hot dogs, candy bars, and some smoked Salmon. You can see me preparing something, boy was I hungry after fishing all day!

Part 2 of this trip will be in the next post. Thanks for reading. Tight Lines.

Some Recent Bass

Bass fishing has been slow lately for me, but here’s a report anyways! A couple Wednesdays ago I took my pontoon boat to Triangle Lake for the first time, it’s a pretty sweet lake that isn’t too far from Eugene. I fished it for about five hours before taking my pontoon out and leaving. The bass were not cooperating there, I found a 3-4lber swimming around and it didn’t want anything to do with my offerings, even after 20 casts right to it. I should of brought my trout/kokanee gear because I seen quite a few of them jumping, oh well.

Mermaid of Triangle Lake

After leaving the lake I called my friend Dave and seen if I could come over and fish his backyard pond. Fishing there was even slow. We fished longer then we usually do and we only ended up with one small bass a piece. Mine came on a senko and he got his on a flying squirrel. I got both on video. And also got a little bit of video of my friends personal best small mouth bass that he got at Dorena Lake.

Fishing at Dorena was super slow, we only had a couple bites a piece. It wasn’t looking good for Ben’s first time there, until we started to head back to the boat ramp. Ben spotted a downed tree and decided to try one more spot before heading home. Luckily he did stop because he hooked into his biggest Small Mouth Bass ever! That one fish made up for the lousy day of fishing, crazy how just one fish can turn around a day. Here’s the fish just in case you don’t feel like watching my cool video.

Last week me and Ted went to a small reservoir to try to catch bass and some cutthroats. The fish weren’t cooperating on this day, but I did manage to catch on small bass. And Ted got skunked. But we still had a good time in our pontoon boats. The bass ate a Melon Pie Yum Dinger that day Texas Rigged with no weight.

I fished Foster Reservoir for the first time a couple weekends ago with Ben in his nice smoker craft boat. We were fishing for Small Mouth Bass and the bite was kinda tough, but we did manage probably around a dozen bass for each of us. Most came on tubes and small senko worms. But I did get one on a spinner when I decided to try to catch a trout, we could see the trout swimming on the bottom of the lake and they would chase our  bass gear some times, it was cool to watch. Here’s a picture of the smallie that hit the spinner.

Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!!!

Fishing Dorena For The First Time

I recently moved to Eugene from Medford, and iv been loving  all the new waters I can fish! Iv heard many great thing about Dorena’s bass fishing, and its fairly close to Eugene. So Thursday morning I took my pontoon boat there at O’dark thirty. Finding a spot close to the lake in the dark was fairly hard but I managed to find a good spot to put my boat together and it was a short distance to the waters edge, I hate carrying my boat a long ways, especially if its steep. Didn’t get my first bass until 2-3 hours on the water, but it was a good one for my standards. I came upon a older man and his grand daughter I assume, fishing on the bank. I always give bankies plenty of room because I used to be one. After I made it back to casting distance from the shore I hooked into a nice Large Mouth Bass, it went for 3lbs 9oz on my digital scale. Not long after that the wind picked up, so I let it drift me back to where my car was parked. I proceeded to catch two more decent fish! The first being a Small Mouth Bass probably in the 1lb range.

The last fish of the day was kind of a fluke, it got me by surprise. Like I said earlier I was letting the wind drift me back to my car, and I was casting toward the grass. I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was pretty happy for the day catching a couple nice bass. Well I made a cast and some how the line got underneath my foot rest, so I proceeded to free it and once free I felt something on the other end of the line, and I set the hook! Turned out to be the nicest fish of the day, a nice 4lb 2oz Large Mouth Bass. All fish on this day came on a 5inch Melon Pie color Yum Dinger worm, the last two came on the wacky rig, and the first one was Texas rigged with a bullet weight. Check out the short little video I put together, you can see all three bass in it!

Thanks for reading and watching the video! Tight Lines!!!

Green Peter Kokanee

I know it’s been a looong time, but i might do a blog post once and awhile in the upcoming future! Iv been fishing and camping quite a bit lately but with out bringing a camera, also the internet the hasn’t been too available lately for me (no i wasn’t locked up lol). The past week and a half iv been staying up in Eugene, OR. I Came up for Mothers Day and haven’t left yet, so of course iv been fishing around these parts and iv been loving all the new water!

This past Saturday, May 19th I had a great opportunity to fish for Kokanee with member Combat Chuck, as you can tell from the tittle of the post we fished Green Peter Reservoir. It just so happen that a Kokanee derby was being held the same day we fished this big lake, so for that reason we arrived a little later then usual so we could avoid a mess of boats all trying to launch at the same time. We got there around 7am and the parking lot was full of trucks and trailers but the ramp was free of boats so our plan was a success. He put the boat on plane and we zoomed off to his honey hole, he had done very well the week before getting his limit one day and came close to a two person limit on a different day. The limit at this lake for Kokanee is 25 per person, and you can also keep and additonal 5 trout but we let ours go because the Koke’s are so damn tasty and theres really no point in keeping a stocker trout when you have so many koke’s to eat! Fishing was slow at first, but it didnt take long for the bite to become hot! We were trolling Hoochies and we had countless doubles! It was a real blast, Combat Chuck has the fishing dialed in at this lake, we got about 40 Kokanee into the cooler and we lost at least half that many. Kokanee have real soft lips this time of year and its perfectly normal to lose 2 for every 1 you catch. After the bite died off we switched over to bass fishing. Chuck caught a few little Small Mouth’s but for me i struck out. I used a 5″ Senko worm and i think it may of been to big for the little small mouths, missed a bunch of bites and you could even see them fallow the baits some of the time. We cleaned our Kokanee at Foster Lake which is just right down the road, we did this because Foster had a cleaning station and Green Peter did not. After we cleaned all the fish it dawned on Chuck that we forgot to take a picture of all of them, opps oh well. But he did manage to get some of the Koke action on video, and he edited up a really cool little video, so enjoy the video, and ill enjoy the Koke’s for dinner! 

Thanks again Chuck for having me come along and reel in some of the Kokanee!

So here’s to more blog posts and Tight Lines!

One last thing, if this color is too hard to read please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!